Chapter 77: So What If You Were A Teacher

By capability, she herself was not poor, so what was there to be afraid of?

Ye Jian took her application form back and returned to her own seat before writing the other subjects down in the “Other Subjects” column other than her own native language.

It was recommended to participate in more than one, especially since one of her goals was to be admitted in!

There was still ten minutes before the morning self-study session, and Liao Jian, who had been sitting restlessly, suddenly stood up. He charged towards the door so wildly that the chairs and tables all rang loudly as they were pushed.

Ye Ying had arrived and was now outside the classroom door.

Even with Liao Jian’s wild actions, Ye Jian did not look up from her textbook on politics.

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The two met at the classroom’s door, and Ye Ying’s eyes instantly flashed a sign of panic. She quickly pursed her lips and whispered to him to go outside before leaving too, as if she was afraid to let others know.

Ye Ying now had an expression easier to read than when she became an official’s wife.

Ye Jian sneered slightly. In her previous life, she had only graduated from middle school whereas Ye Ying was able to study abroad and become the pride of Fu Jun Town.

As a result, when she returned to Fu Jun Town, not only did she have to leave, she also had to be on high alert in order to survive.

In this life, the biggest turning point had passed. Then, who shall rule over the other! Who shall emerge victorious!

“What are those two being so sneaky for? When had a poor student and a good student been able to get together?” An Jiaxin, who just happened to come over, sat on Zhang Bin’s seat, and she rubbed her throat. “I even saw Liao Jian grabbing Ye Ying’s wrist, and he seemed to be very excited.”

Ye Jian did not think so, but, that was out of her concerns.

“What use is there to care about them. Have you filled in your application form? The competition can give you a bonus, so you should go and discuss with Zhou Liao and the few of them.” Ye Jian did not look up from her textbook when she spoke. Since the first page, she was now already on the eleventh page.

An Jiaxin sat no more than two minutes, and she had already turned to another page.

Watching Ye Jian as she casually flipped to the next page and swept a glance from the top of the page all the way to the bottom while pausing occasionally before flipping to the next, An Jiaxin looked at her and asked suspiciously, “Are you trying to kill time?”

Reading and memorizing should not be done like that—pausing at a page for no more than a few minutes before going to the next.

“And you shouldn’t be killing time like that. Study a bit.” Ye Jian smiled and took a glimpse of her. Without giving an explanation, she went on, “Have you finished memorizing? The section of the constitution is a little difficult to memorize, so if you haven’t familiarized yourself with it, you better go read it again because it might appear in the test.”

An Jiaxin was a top student in mathematics but had little interest in liberal arts.

Hearing her, she yawned and stood up lazily. “I’m not doing that, I’m not doing that. Also, Ye Ying and Liao Jian being close is not a good thing. You should be careful.”

Ye Ying had always directed her attacks at Ye Jian. And a few weeks before, Ye Jian had also made the narrow-minded Liao Jian lose face.

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Since they were now close with each other, then it would be best to be careful a little.

“I understand, don’t worry.” Ye Jian smiled without much thought and ended the idle chatting when the school bell rang.

In the city’s detention facility, Xia Jinyuan received a report from the police, and his line of sight paused for a long time at one of Liao Youde’s confessions. He asked with a deep voice, “How high is the authenticity?”

“About 95% or more. According to several other confessions by others, it indeed proves that Liao Youde was illegally in possession of a gun. Another suspect also said that Liao Youde previously told him he was returning to the town’s hospital to pick up something.”

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