Chapter 76: Ruffian Hero

Su Ke2Su KeMain Character tightly grabbed Wu Yi Ren’s shoulder as he tilted his head towards the door.

“Get out!”

His voice wasn’t loud and there was a gentle smile on his face, but he stunned Wu Yi Ren and made him doubt what he heard.

“What did you say?” Wu Yi Ren furrowed his eyebrows while flexing but he couldn’t throw off Su Ke’s hand.

He even started to feel a slight pain, causing his expression to change.

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“Nothing much, just asking you to get out!”

Wu Yi Ren was unruffled, but when he said his words, his eyes sharpened and his smile was edged in ice.

“Are you security here? Do you know who I am?!”

Wu Yi Ren was strong and calm while carrying a haughty tone.

Before he was finished speaking, Su Ke’s hand reached towards his face.  


A very lightly sound could be heard.

“Pah! Pah!”

Su Ke had slapped Wu Yi Ren three times in quick succession, causing his face to move in accordance to Su Ke’s slaps.

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To a long-standing leader like him, this was an insult he hasn’t received in many years.

With blazing eyes and his face coloured like a pig’s organ, Su Ke’s next words made him even angrier.

“Is a chief that good? If you don’t leave, I’ll beat you up until even your mother doesn’t recognize you! I’ll then take a picture and post it online when I’m in a good mood! Haha, you’ll be more famous than Sister Feng!”

What was even worse though was that Su Ke’s words and attitude were really careless as if he was only joking.

“You!” Wu Yi Ren abruptly sat up, his butt nearly leaving the seat before he was pushed back down. Prolonged acts of depravity had hollowed out his body.

Facing off against Su Ke who had trained in military boxing, he couldn’t even resist.  

“I’m not done!”

Su Ke then rubbed his nose and moved his mouth closer to his ear.

“It’s already dark outside, hurry up and go home. Be careful on your way out!”

With a tone that was mixed with concern and an underlying sense of danger,

Su Ke then slapped him on the shoulder before letting go.

“Heng!” Wu Yi Ren’s entire face went red, and he suddenly stood up. Not knowing if he was angry or anxious, his chest rose and fell as he glared at Su Ke before quickly making his escape.

Even after Wu Yi Ren had left, Lin Xiao Bai still didn’t react as she stood up with a stunned expression. She then gazed at him incredulously. This delicate and pretty, yet somewhat bashful young man was just like a hooligan, directly scaring the chief witless.

“Sister Xiao Bai!” Su Ke then saw Lin Xiao Bai’s stunned appearance and waved at her.

“Eh!” Lin Xiao Bai quickly returned to her senses. “Su Ke, you’re in trouble! That was the assistant bureau chief. The way you treated him, oh my god, you nearly scared me to death!”

After the surprise, Lin Xiao Bai was actually quite scared now.

He was actually the assistant bureau chief and held a lot of power.

While she thought that it was easy to make things difficult for a beauty salon, her face paled.

“Oh! Sister Xiao Bai, I didn’t have a choice! I wanted to throw him out as soon as I saw him!” Su Ke then sighed and scratched his head.

His anger from before had melted into a young and bashful appearance.

Su Ke wanted to take action just now, but thinking that it might cause more trouble, and be irreversible, he stayed his hand.

In his mind, these bureaucrats definitely paid special attention to their image. He only needed to appear like a gangster and the man probably couldn’t follow through.

What Lin Xiao Bai said immediately poured a bucket of cold water over his head.

He was able to get away with it this time, but what about next time?

Also, if this Wu Yi Ren wants to take revenge on Fang Fei, he would definitely use some dirty methods. His actions may have caused a big problem for Luo Fei Yan.

“Sister Xiao Bai, relax. If he finds out that I’m working here, I’ll resign immediately. I won’t bring you guys any trouble!” Su Ke then took a deep breath and gave a radiant smile.

“Let’s not think about that right now. I still need to thank you anyways. If you didn’t appear right then, I wouldn’t be able to refuse. That b*stard looks so cultured, but he’s definitely a pervert!” As Lin Xiao Bai spoke, her eyes were full of distaste.

“Don’t talk like that; I just couldn’t watch him bully you! Oh yeah, is there anyone on the 3rd level?” Su Ke knew that he would this place in the worst case scenario. Anyways, he had already done what he came here to do, so this place was now useless.

He now needed to settle his own work first.

She then frustratedly said. “Nobody. Since Sister Yan isn’t here, it’s not really crowded at all!” Lin Xiao Bai also knew why Luo Fei Yan went to Tian Jin.

Even though that’s the main outlet, this place had just gotten on the right track.

If there wasn’t an emergency, Luo Fei Yan wouldn’t leave.

Su Ke could only comfort her as he spoke,“Everything’ll be fine!” He looked at the clock and saw that it was already 7:30 pm.

The 3rd level would usually be getting customers by now, so he took a seat on the sofa.

At this time, a woman walked through the doors of Fang Fei.

The first thing that caught Su Ke’s eye was her black dress that looked like lace and chiffon. The lace flower patterns allowed her chest to stand proudly and for her skin to peek through;  it was a majestic sight.

Her hem ended mid-thigh, showing off her 2 long legs. Black stockings wrapped tightly around her slightly plump legs, but it made her more enticing. She was covered in black from head to toe except for a white-beaded headband that drew the eye.

Even though she was curvy, she had a typical oval face. Her face was also flushed and her eyes glazed. She looked to be around 30, and when she walked a few steps, she staggered and swayed.

Su Ke felt like this woman was really familiar, but he couldn’t remember exactly.

While he was thinking, the woman walked over to Su Ke and Lin Xiao Bai, smelling like alcohol.

She sounded drunk as she spoke,“Xiao Bai, where’s Yan Yan?”

“Sister Zheng, Sister Yan went to Tian Jin and won’t be back today!”

Lin Xiao Bai, as the receptionist, obviously knew the customers.

After she finished speaking, she wanted to go and help the woman.

“Eh! Not here! I’ll be taking a break upstairs right now!”

The woman then waved at Lin Xiao Bai before asking her not to come over as she turned to face Su Ke, “Oh? Little Brother Su, come help your Older Sister up the stairs!”

“Hong!” Su Ke finally remembered where he saw her. Wasn’t this the mature and sophisticated woman who had been taking his liberties? It seems like she’s called Qin Zheng.

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