Chapter 77: If A Woman Doesn’t Drink, Men Wouldn’t Have A Chance

Su Ke2Su KeMain Character finally remembered who this woman was. The last time he saw her, she was trying to seduce Tong Yan Ju.

His brain immediately conjured up images of the situation before he paused for a moment and stood up. “Sister Qin Zheng!”

“This brat still remembered Sister! I didn’t spoil you for nothing!” Qin Zheng swayed as she spoke. Su Ke gripped her arm tightly, and through the lace, he could feel her tender skin.

“Help Sister out a bit!” After smelling strong alcohol and a slight fragrance on her breath, Su Ke could tell that Qin Zheng had too much to drink.

“En!” Su Ke didn’t let go as he nodded at Lin Xiao Bai instead. “Sister Qin Zheng, I’ll help you up the stairs!”

After saying so, he held her arm and slowly started walking in the direction of the stairs.

As she walked, Qin Zheng’s steps were light like cotton; especially after she climbed the stairs and swayed even more.

Su Ke had to use a lot of strength to support her. If not, she would’ve already fallen.

“You’re the best!” Qin Zheng was still slightly awake as she put one hand on the wall to support her hard to control drunken body.

Just taking one step forward caused her body to sway.

The floor was very slippery and she then lost her footing.

Su Ke had already guessed that this situation would occur to Qin Zheng, so he quickly slipped an arm around her waist, while his other arm crossed his chest to clutch hers before twisting so that she was in his embrace.

Like this, if Qin Zheng relaxed, she would just be against Su Ke’s body.

At this moment, Su Ke felt his hand grab something soft, big, and full.

It was also really elastic before becoming flat as he pressed it with the back of his hand.

“Eh!” Su Ke was immediately stunned.

Even though he already knew what he was touching, he had to look to confirm.

It really was Qin Zheng’s left chest in his hand, and it was being pressed out of shape. Her lace dress would usually have an inner layer of pure cotton. Even though he couldn’t see inside, his heart immediately jumped.

His right hand, which was holding her waist, had moved to her soft abdomen. It had just a slight amount of fat, and as it followed her breathing, the feeling was even more intense.

Su Ke knew his actions were really embarrassing, so he pretended to glance at Qin Zheng by accident before realizing that she closed her eyes with flushed cheeks and flared nostrils as she mumbled under her breath.

“D*mn! This is just torture!” Su Ke cursed silently. The back of his hand kept feeling her chest as Qin Zheng’s entire body weight rested against him before the two of them tightly wound together.

He gulped audibly, feeling bitter. His adolescent body was actually trying to raise up, just like lighting a flame, causing him to be flustered.

“She really wants my life!” Su Ke then slightly twisted his body, willing his little brother to go down as low as possible before gritting his teeth and trying to get up.

Everyone said it was difficult to ascend to heaven, but Su Ke was supporting a woman upstairs, which was 3 times harder. Her chest was pressing insistently against his hand, while her behind was even closer. Every step had him salivating.

Fortunately, when they reached the second floor, Qin Zheng had started to sober up.

“Haha! Little boy, your arms are really strong!” Qin Zheng said, before tilting her head with glazed eyes as she smiled.

Su Ke didn’t know what to say, so he could only smile in reply.

He could only pray that he quickly made it to the third floor to soothe himself and his little brother.

The second floor of Fang Fei was not only a makeover area but also a lounge. At this time, one of the beauticians saw Su Ke struggling to help Qin Zheng up the stairs, so she walked towards them. After all, she was a customer and even one on the 3rd floor. Naturally, these beauticians would want to work for her.

“No need, I just want to drink today!”

Qin Zheng saw the worker dressed in a pink uniform and immediately waved her away.

“Eh!” Su Ke saw the beautician’s questioning gaze before staring at Qin Zheng’s disheveled state. He didn’t want to elaborate. “I’ll send her up to rest. I’ll find you if need be!”

Even though Su Ke wasn’t there for long, faced with the beauticians that he only vaguely remembered, he could only smile bitterly.

“En!” The beautician then nodded after hearing Su Ke’s words before returning to the lounge.

After seeing her leave, Su Ke let out a long breath. So he wouldn’t be found out, he carefully covered up his little brother just now. After that interaction, his tent seemed to have gone down.

Using the strength of 9 cows and 2 tigers, Su Ke finally reached the 3rd floor.

Su Ke then asked her a question as he looked at her drunken appearance. “Sister Qin Zheng, are you feeling better?”

Su Ke had placed Qin Zheng on one of the beds to lie down.

“Hehe! I’m fine! I just drank a bit too much!” While laying on the bed, Qin Zheng found a comfortable spot. Even though she said that her eyes were starting to close. He didn’t know why, but her long lashes looked a little bit moist.

“How about I play a song for you!? Sister Qin Zheng, you can go to sleep!”

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After Su Ke said so, he hurried over to the piano before Qin Zheng spoke up.

“Little boy, I’m a bit thirsty, so help me get that bottle of water!”

Qin Zheng’s eyes were tightly shut, and her voice was like a whisper.

“Okay!” Su Ke nodded. The bar on the 3rd floor was full of drinks, so Su Ke quickly had a bottle of water in his hands.

He had just opened the cap on the bottle before he became stunned widely opened his eyes in surprise.

While Qin Zheng had her hands on her abdomen, she slightly tilted her head and tightly shut her eyes.

Maybe it was more comfortable, but her right leg was raised, while her left was flat on the bed, causing her black stockings to shimmer slightly.

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Because of her current position though, her dress had slipped all the way down, exposing her thighs, even causing her triangle to be in full view.

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