Chapter 55- Astrid’s Limit

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After they tried blacksmithing, she sent the youth to the alchemist where he discovered a new poison using basic healing ingredients that made even her sick. His attempts at cooking left the kitchen in the inn short on food, leading to the loss of most of her hunting spoils. Enchanting unleashed a mid tier curse, and skinning lead to the butchery of most of her rabbits being useless bait. The last place she could think of, the church, was her last straw.

She had lost a lot of her savings, so she had enough.

“Go there and pray. If you can’t be a clergyman, then there is no way you can help my mate!” (Astrid7Astridcharacter)

The youth swallowed hard. She didn’t mean to be so blunt, but they both knew that he hasn’t been doing so well. The sign of having so many negative titles showed this.


It was late at night before Astrid arrived back at the fort and sold her mule in town to recoup some of her losses. After the guards recognized her, she flew over the wall and went straight to where KMega6KMegacharacter slept. After becoming the lord of the fortress, he had been moved to the commanders chambers where his spouse also had access. He was looking over some paperwork when she came in, almost ragged looking. When she left, he was only told that she was scouting a potential volunteer. Without stopping, she walked over to KMega and kissed him before pulling him off his seat and putting him on the bed. She only finished stripping him halfway before she stopped and embraced his chest.

“I missed you a lot.” (Astrid)

KMega couldn’t help but twitch with a confused smile.

“I missed you too.” (KMega)

She then shed happy tears of joy.

“I’m so glad.” (Astrid)

He then wrapped his arms around her and kissed the crown of her head between her draconic horns.

“Why does your hair smell like you’ve been in a volcano?” (KMega)

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She blushed as she began to tell him about the week she spent with a very annoying youth she never even learned the name of. Halfway through the story, they found themselves in the bath where she got a good scrubbing.

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A week had passed as the representatives of the towns started arriving at Jork Fortress. In a church, there was a young man wearing starting gear and praying without having left or eating anything for a week. Since Astrid sent him off with a full stomach, he had been rather well with so little activity, but he had no money or any method of earning it. The accumulation of his titles would be best described to many as an unfortunate soul. In truth, the young man had never played vr games before. He was a top tier student in his school, and he had been following KMega’s streams since he was six. While he knew how to play the game, his actual ability was 0.


The youth woke up in a baren room after collapsing from starvation. There was a loaf of barley bread and some water on the table to his side. He looked at it and then turned to the ceiling with no more strength to move. He then began to pray while hoping for the best for KMega and Astrid. He recognized his faults when she tried to help him. He was slow, weak and his hands didn’t do well after he was giving instruction. He then saw a book on the table after looking at it again, so he reached for it because he was rather good with them.


This was actually a test in the game, but there was a small deviation to a certain degree. The part of the test was if he went for the food or the water without consideration. It was the church’s responsibility to help the needy, so if the people taking the test take the food, they leave with the church’s blessing. If they didn’t, a clergyman will arrive later on and offer the player shelter to help them grow into a lesser member of the church. However, if someone prayed instead before taking the food, your chances to be a common priest would be potentially higher.

The companion update added a hidden scenario to this; when someone prayed, a book will appear on the table that tests an individual’s sincerity and triggers a unique event.

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