Chapter 54- Astrid’s Week Off (Day 3)

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When Astrid7Astridcharacter met up with the youth back in town, they didn’t speak about the incident. She didn’t sell their spoils this time because planned to in the next few days. She decided to do things unrelated to hunting this time since he might be a diamond in the rough when it came to production classes.


The first stop was the blacksmith’s shop, her favorite place. Being who she was, they let her use a spare forge and some tools without question. She then bought a bunch of materials to help their cause. Since she was a dragon4dragonspecies, she could also understand the characteristics of fire from just a glance. She can even supplement her magical power into the fire and metal to create greater products. The twin to her mate’s sword that she currently equipped was called ‘Dragon Bond Lesser Fang’, and it was forged from melting her own scales and her mates fangs. Since it nearly destroyed her after seeing the state her mate’s sword wound up in after the tournament, she decided that she would essentially reforge it from scratch. This time though, she will have to use a few of her own fangs and the scales she shed that he had grown when he went into a bloodrage during the tournament.


“It’s rather hard so pay attention. First material we’re going to use is iron. If you follow the directions that the worlds voice gives you, then it should be easy.” (Astrid)

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Just to be sure, she showed him how to make a very simple item that almost every owned; a dagger. After the iron was melted, she poured the molten metal into a mold. After letting it set, she grabbed the proper tools and took it out of the mold before starting to pound the edges to make it thinner and sharper. You should be able to make an uncommon blade with such basic knowledge, but Astrid made an epic, a rating that was two levels higher. After setting it down to cool even further, she moved aside so the youth could try. The first process of putting the iron into the crucible went well enough. As it started to melt though, she heard something behind her. “Can you give me a hand little miss?” (smithy owner)


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Less than five minutes passed before Astrid was walking out of the smoking building and the father/son blacksmiths were coughing while on their hands and knees. One of her hands carried the unconscious youth, while the other held one of her bags of gold. She then dropped the bag of gold in front of the two before speaking.

“For the loss of your business and the damage. If you feel like you deserve more after you assess what you lost, feel free to send word to the fort and I will pay it then. I do sincerely apologize. I’m trying to see if this young man is any use to KMega6KMegacharacter since he’s still new.” (Astrid)

The elder of the two stood up.

“No apologies needed mamn. Such things aren’t uncommon in a smithy, but to have a fire go that far is a first.” (Smithy Owner)


After Astrid left to help the owner, the youth had the bright idea that more fire will make the iron melt faster, so he put on more fuel. Since he used the liquid igniter instead of coal or wood though, the fire quickly spread to the ladle. He then tossed it away right into the rest of the igniter and caused an explosion. Since the smithy was fortunately made out of magic stone, most of the important devices were undamaged, but there might be damage to the products and resources.


Being a blacksmith was a crafting skill that at least one person in every adventurer party had. The people decided this because it’s statistically much better to poorly maintain a weapon during a large scale raid than to lose it because it broke or dropped during their death. Since a trade itself was needed, the basic levels that someone needed to be a blacksmith was fortitude, endurance, and intellect for the trade aspect. Someone that doesn’t know how to make a balanced sword, no matter how high their ability was, will likely fail 999 out of 1000 attempts.

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