Chapter 53- Astrid’s Week Off (Day 2)

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Astrid7Astridcharacter then bought the kid a few basic magic items and other stuff; a cheap wand, some potions, some armor, and two spells called ‘magic missile’ and ‘scan’.

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After buying the basic stuff that cost less then what Astrid usually paid for her dinner, she dragged the young man back into the woods. Astrid came up with a few gameplans for today though. She decided that he’ll try gathering before she acts as a ‘tank’ and he shoots a rabbit with a ‘magic missile’. She then happily skipped forward while thinking about what the youth was made off because the people that have poor melee skills normally do well in magic.


In a clear field among the trees, there was a place called the herb garden where beginners gather herbs. In truth, she’s been wanting to come here for some time because she wanted to gather rare plant seeds and start her own herb garden. She then left the youth alone in the monsterless field to start gathering plants. She was finished with her task after an hour had passed, so she looked around for the youth and saw that he was nowhere to be found. She had to use all her senses other than sight before she could find the youth in a batch of poison weed. She then sighed in annoyance as she grabbed by the scruff of his neck and pulled him out before casting a fire purify spell on him. At least he wasn’t dead.


After a short break for lunch. Astrid took the youth out for magic practice that entailed grabbing a rabbit by the ears so the youth could shoot it. It was simple enough. Even if his aim sucked and he critically hit one of her vital spots because he missed, there was no way that he could kill her. She then caged several dozen rabbits so she didn’t have to catch them over and over, and also because she could take the leftovers to the town to sell them or start a farm.


“All right, listen. A magician takes aim by picturing a target. Magic missiles are easy enough. All you have to do is activate the trigger for your magic while taking aim and hoping your enemy doesn’t dodge.” (Astrid)

Astrid then picked up and held a bunny by the ears as it wiggled and tried to escape. She knew that a beginner level magician will need at least two shots to finish off a bunny, and because it was only moving around in her iron grip, a critical hit was rather doable.

“Missile!” (Youth)

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When the youth said this, a shard of magic that looked like glass appeared and flew in Astrid’s direction. To her shock, it landed on the tip of her breast. Even though she didn’t take any damage, she could still feel it, so she had to take a moment to calm down.

“Try again!”


Even after being taught how to aim, attack, and using scan to increase his accuracy, he only had an accuracy rating of three out of ten. Worse of all, most of his missed shots hit her in the chest or her lower body. It was still progress though. She then sighed and walked over to one of the rabbits that just escaped from the cage.

“Missile!” (Youth)

She stayed bent over the cage to see if the young man would hit the moving target, but she instead felt a slap on the butt.

“YOU GODS D*** PERVERT!” (Astrid)

Not three seconds later, Astrid had her fist in the ground up to her elbow as a dead body faded away and left behind several starter items.

“Oops.” (Astrid)


The magician class was among the hardest class for the average player to master. While they’re good in the beginning stage of the game, their spells continue to get increasingly harder and harder to cast. Since essentially a glass cannon is also their first spell, their obviously among the first people to be targeted in pvp.

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