Chapter 52- Astrid’s Week Off (Day 1)

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Astrid7Astridcharacter had an amazing amount of freedom compared to a normal companion. For starters, most companions were abused by their partners and treated essentially like slaves. To top it off, she was considered wed to KMega6KMegacharacter by dragon4dragonspecies standards. Since KMega was also the most protected individual in the country, she was given full reign to basically do anything she wanted. She was also an AI program that was both self aware and had access to IRL, which means that her intellect was nothing to laugh at. When KMega heard that she was going to go out for about a week, he didn’t give it a second thought because she never brought the fort any harm, and she was very trustworthy. She then took a pack animal worth of supplies and a youngster into the woods. Her frustrated yell could be heard merely an hour later after she came back to the fort to pick up the noob after his respawn timer was over. This process lasted the good part of a day. In fact, her expectations were extremely high. Her level was only a little bit more than one twenty, but she could easily fight a level two hundred plus with little difficulty, barehanded.

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On the flip side, she wasn’t pushing him to do something that wasn’t humanly possible. The very act of taking on more than one bunny shouldn’t be difficult. However, the youth died to two different bunnies, even when he was armed with equipment that should be able to one shot them. She lowered her standards to one bunny because of this, but he died once again. She then sighed as she turned around to fetch him and revised her plans once again. In fact, the bunny was the base level starter mob that everyone started with.

By dying to one of them repeatedly in single combat, you receive a title that gives you sympathy from npcs.


However, Astrid was as cold as a dragon father teaching his younglings how to fight because there’s no mercy in battle. She has seen it with her own eyes during the war and the tournament. The very fact that her mother, a near god level existence among mortals, died so easily to them tells her this much and more. It means that even the strong can’t handle big numbers, which is why she’s learning statecraft and other related skills when she can. Her current dream is to have KMega rule this land with her as his queen.


After a few more attempts at battling rabbits, Astrid walked to the town so they can camp for the night. They naturally slept in separate rooms in the inn, but before they turned in, Astrid went to the local guild and turned in all the materials she collected along her way. Except for a few pieces of prime meat that she saved for herself, she sold everything that she collected for what she considered a small sum. To a dragon, a bag of gold was little in comparison to the hoard they wanted. She had quite a few bags of gold already too. She then looked at the mission board to find a basic starting mission that wasn’t something that someone in the warrior class with more brawn than brains could complete because the idiot couldn’t even hunt one of the simplest beasts in melee combat. What she was looking for was the front line warriors that needed to have decent wit and a stout heart that the idiot didn’t have.

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In the end, you don’t need real skills to have fun because the game is also designed to evolve slowly as a player gets stronger and more experienced.

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