Chapter 51- What To Do?

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Weise Blackshore is one of KMega6KMegacharacter’s biggest fans and one of the lead developers of Sword Kingdom. His programming and coding skills were also top notch. When he had a project, he would work endlessly to complete it. That is until KMega entered his life. The young man was the victim of a game breaking bug, which made Weise grateful that he didn’t let it become some big scandal. Ever since then, Weise watched KMega’s streams when he could, and we couldn’t, he watched previous videos. His once perfect concept of a game seemed to always be broken over and over again by this youth. Since KMega was there, the game has undergone maintenance to get rid of malicious hackers and cheats, while another update was worked on pertaining to a companion system.


During the tournament, a balance breaking bug was discovered from the combination of his equipment, titles, and sheer willpower. KMega was never meant to win the tournament, so when he did, it threw the whole games balance into disorder and needed to be immediately fixed. Naturally, KMega would be compensated, and the land grant was the system doing just that. However, a flaw occured because of this. The land grant was operating under the guise that Eastguard was still a Monarchy, while it was actually turning into a Republic.

In fact, it goes a step further because something entirely new was created with all meetings that KMega had.


Over the next three in game days, the soldiers of Jork fortress were getting really annoyed because of all the people that kept showing up and trying to use their savior. Word quickly spread around to the npcs and players about these occurrences. While KMega seemed to try to turn them down politely whenever he could, the townspeople in the area turned negative to those people. While the npcs would operate their businesses like normal, they wouldn’t give quests, discounts, or favoritism to the people that bothered KMega. As for the players, they enjoyed having KMega around because it was uncommon that a higher level npc could assist them with monster subjugations. They weren’t greedy about the spoils either. While it was rather hard to find work, there was too much for them to complete alone because of the war.


On the morning of the fourth day, among the first guild scouts arriving for the day was a young man that looked to be about fifteen and was obviously level one.

He was also the only one among them that stood out.

The guards looked at him curiously before he yelled at the top of his lungs.

Only allowed on


The gate sentries were dumbfounded as they stared at the youngster that demanded to be let in and meet god KMega.

“Hey, are you mad or something? Commander KMega isn’t a god.” (Sentry)

The youth then muttered to himself something before yelling back.

“Apologies, I’m a foreigner! I used the wrong word. I believe it’s called IRL? I watch the great one’s action. I wish serve.” (Youth)

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The soldiers looked dumbfounded once again.

However, one ran off to relay an update and a few minutes pass before the gate opened.

To the youth’s surprise Astrid7Astridcharacter was there in her usual dress with a short sword at her side.

“Are you strong?” (Astrid)

The youth looked at her and shook his head.

“Well, I joined today. I want to grow strong following Commander KMega.” (Youth)

Astrid eyes were cold.

“Are you sure that you won’t drag him down? There have been a lot of people among the souls and natural inhabitants of this world wanting to use my mate recently.” (Astrid)

The youth nodded as he walked closer. Astrid didn’t even put up her guard though because there was that big of a difference between them.

“I would have come sooner, but IRL held me back. I want to serve, so test me as you wish.” (Youth)

Astrid tilted her head to the side while thinking that she might be able to use him.

“Alright, I’ll give you a week. Show me during that time that your strength is worthy of my mate.” (Astrid)

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