Chapter 50- R&R

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Three more meetings like this happened throughout the day. It happened once during training, and two other times when he was delegating missions to the soldiers that remained in the fort.

He had a serious headache because of all the meetings, so he went into the forts bath that he constructed shortly after becoming a resident. Since he built the roman style bath with the blessing of the gods buff, it took mere hours instead of weeks or months to construct. Soldiers usually came here after a day of patrols and training, even before eating and in the middle of shifts. After cleaning himself off, KMega6KMegacharacter was enjoying the heat and recovery his stats when he heard the door open.


He was unsure who it was at this time, and he couldn’t tell either because of the mist and the dim lighting. After squinting his eyes, he saw a winged figure and immediately knew who it was.

Astrid7Astridcharacter!” (KMega)

KMega weakly called her name after seeing her completely nude. While his settings were now on adult, his streams were usually set to 14 and under. While he could clearly see her figure and bare parts, the streamer2streamerstory mechanics could only see her covered in scales in the sensitive areas.

On top of that, mist covered them even further.

“Wash my back.” (Astrid)

It was an unexpected development for KMega as Astrid moved over to his lap and sat down.

Her tail quickly wrapped around his waist as much as possible in order to be out of the way and trap him.


KMega was a virgin, homeschooled, and never had a girlfriend. In fact, when he was a kid, he slept through the sex ed classes because there were no tests. He also treated Astrid like a sister more than a lover. However, that doesn’t mean that he’s entirely ignorant. He has seen couples interacting before and watched some teenage appropriate movies. He then tried to hide and keep his bodily reaction under control after seeing Astrid’s blunt, but rather subtle attempt at being closer. In truth, she saw an opening and decided to try to have a steamy encounter in the bath, and since KMega was a teenager, she figured that she could get both.


KMega went back and forth as Astrid fidgeted around. She was so close she could feel it. She felt like a kid looking at their christmas presents but can’t open them until then. What she was feeling was a hundred times, no, a thousand times more intense. KMega then pulled away from her, leaving a thick hot white substance on her back between her wings before he grabbed a bucket and filled it with water before relentlessly pouring it on.

“There, your back is washed.” (KMega)

Astrid wondered for a moment how he escaped her bind with her tail. Her confusion magnified as he sat down again.

“Could you get my back?” (Astrid)

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At this point, her body was completely red in excitement and embarrassment because she couldn’t refuse him.

“That’s the kind of man he is.” (Astrid)

She said to herself, as she began to comply to the request before smiling.


“If only I could get this close. No woman will ever be able to touch my mate.” (Astrid to herself)

Astrid was talking to herself again as her dragon4dragonspecies nature kicked in.

As the mate to a dragon wife, she had an overbearing protective nature. In dragon society, the husband dragon was much stronger than the wife because he protects their living quarters while the wife cares for the young. This was a big part of the pride of a dragon’s spirit, and since nothing hurts a husband dragon’s pride more than to discover that another person was more prefered to do the task of protector, KMega couldn’t control the feelings that were overcoming him.


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Part of it came from the settings because romance in VR games wasn’t an unknown concept. However, he never experienced it personally before. At best, when he was a pirate, he understand that males liked kissing and hugging winches. When he was a bandit, he would have interactions with ‘call girls’ that acted like informants. That was it though.

After the water hit his back, he did the only thing he knew how to do; give her a gentle kiss and a hug. Astrid, who received this, was happy. KMega’s training to become a man had finally begun.

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