Chapter 49- Scouting

KMega6KMegacharacter was famous in Sword Kingdom. During the war, he was the sole streamer2streamerstory mechanic in the main conflict in the first battle of the servers first war. Tens of thousands of subscribers appeared overnight, and his mega debut as a star shook the foundation of the games rankings. His level was higher than anyone else’s and his skills were top notch. He also had a high class support companion that was actually a combat specialized one. He even had an npc mentor with a top rated teaching ability, but that is to be found out in the future.


He also had the first full set of soulbound armor in the game and had a legendary weapon. These things made the others envious of his achievements, but most of them were actually envious because of Astrid7Astridcharacter. The viewers that renewed their memberships after the war only amounted in the four digits, which KMega expected. This in itself equalled several tens of thousands of coins in his bank account for a month alone. It was more than enough for him to live a comfortable life without stressing over his financials. Since he was rather well off because of his steams, he began to work out more, eat real food, and start to enjoy playing Sword Kingdom again.


KMega logged into the game after some sleep the day after sending several dozen soldiers out on their mission that was rather simple to complete. KMega underestimated the weight his name as hero carried, because while he was eating a morning meal with Astrid, he received an announcement that were unexpected visitors. He naturally let them in under certain conditions, even if he knew what they had to say.

Dear Readers. Scrapers have recently been devasting our views. At this rate, the site (creativenovels .com) might...let's just hope it doesn't come to that. If you are reading on a scraper site. Please don't.


After accepting their invitation to meet, two men entered the dining hall. One of them was a burly man that had a two handed great ax on their back, while the other person looked nimble and seemed to be an archer. Astrid was a little nervous seeing other players, especially the archer that was eyeing her. In fact, the archer was member #2061 of her fan club. He was streaming their encounter, but his software wasn’t as high end as KMega’s that went into debt with his family to get the best.


The first to speak was the burly man.

“I’ll get straight to the point. I would like you to join the Orange Moon guild.” (Guild Leader)

This wasn’t the first time he’s been scouted by a guild, but he’s never heard of the orange Moon guild. It didn’t matter though because KMega liked being a solo player, and if he played with others, it would be with people he trusted unless he didn’t have a choice.

“What’s your plan for me in your guild exactly?” (KMega)

When KMega outright refused people before, in previous games particular, they would turn hostile.


When he played a necromancer, he would always have to fight whole armies because of a poor word choice. The burly man then smiled and took out a scroll of a base blueprint. KMega knew it. They were just going to use him. To skip the trouble, he brought out a blueprint of his own that was far more detailed and complex. The burly man looked at KMega in surprise before standing up. He instantly understood that he was outclassed and apologized for taking his time. This is the last time the two met, but he would see the archer again, much to Astrid’s dismay.

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