Chapter 48- Leadership

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There was no real notice or event when KMega6KMegacharacter took over Jork fortress. He had already been delegating the people there and sending them to the local towns to help with monster defense because their birth rates increased for some time during and after the war. In return, they gave them food or other necessary things. In truth, the soldiers felt helpless in their current situation.

If it wasn’t for KMega single handedly winning the war, then there would no Eastguard right now. This gave them the drive to help the people they serve in a meaningful way.

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After talking with Yirk, KMega left with Astrid7Astridcharacter to take official command of the fort and the politics associated with it.

Yirk was left alone in the room with a complex look on his face because of this.

“It’s natural that he chose his wife over me, but what he said….” (Yirk)

What Yirk was thinking about was the fact that KMega would like him to continue to be his mentor, even in other worlds. In his youth, Yirk wanted to be a magician, but he was a knight’s son, so he soon became a squire.


He still trained his magic when he could, causing his holy magic to be nearly on par a paladin’s, while his clairvoyance and other magic traited skills were high as well. His former wife was a librarian that he met when he was looking up tomes to read in his spare time. She regretfully died after giving birth to their only son.

Ever since that day, he had no more time for such things in his spare time.

“If he wants to have me as a mentor, then maybe….” (Yirk)

This is the beginning of a legendary npc who will later become the basis of most of the npc teachers in the future.


KMega went into the courtyard of the fort where a half dozen men were training against practice dummies, while those remaining were either in the stable, the smithy, or guarding on the wall. KMega then puckered his lips before letting out a high pitch whistle that was a call to attention skill that Yirk taught him while he was a squire. He learned to recognize it more than actually use it though. The people that weren’t on guard started to gather over to him, while the others started to pay attention.


After everyone seemed to have gathered, KMega focused on what he was going to say.

“With the blessings of the gods over the country, the rebuilding and repopulating has been proceeding smoothly. However, there is less than eleven months left of the blessing. Once it’s ends, it’s very likely that the empire will attack again.” (KMega)

There was a solemn silence amongst the soldiers. The recent war had destroyed Eastguard so much that there was only less than a thousand soldiers left throughout the kingdom that used to have over fifteen thousand.

“We need to consolidate what we can. The people being sent on monster subjugation missions will be into two teams. Team one will go around to any military power of the country and gather here, while team two will go to other towns and population centers. Have them send a representative here as well.”(KMega)


Astrid, who was at KMega’s side, looked at him with amazement while remembering that he once commanded ten thousand pirates. Back then, the rule of power let him command such numbers even though he was only ten years old. He learned how to rule because of it, but he never had to use it in Sword Kingdom because he had something even better; loyalty.

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