Chapter 47- Expansion Pack and Update

“What do you mean the prince is making me commander of the fortress?” (Young Man)

This is what a young eighteen year old man said to an older looking npc with disbelief in his voice.

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“Ah, you don’t have to worry about the eyes of the beyond KMega6KMegacharacter. Jork Fortress is a low importance stronghold, so no Eastguard secrets will be lost.” (Old Npc)

The youth looked at the man puzzled. First of all, he never wanted this, and he didn’t remember meeting the ‘prince’ he was talking about either. Second of all, the eyes of the beyond, or what the npc’s called video streams, was more about content than worrying about secrets being leaked. The youth and the man had been living in the fort and helping the people rebuild their region for a month now.


“Besides, I heard that Eastguard is turning into a republic. Why would a monarch have the authority to give such a gift?” (KMega)

Yirk, the man that the youth was talking to, smiled humorously. Yirk was also a knight of the nation of Eastguard, but he held no loyalty to the nobles who abused their power and hoarded their wealth. Just like the majority of the people of Eastguard, he shunned most of the surviving nobles. The nobles that were captured defending their lands or in other battles were the only ones to have any semblance of their positions being kept.

“Are you against a republic? I would think that you hold no loyalty to the prince either, especially how you acted so indifferent to him when you met him.” (Yirk)


A month ago in game time, a tournament was hosted by the gods at the end of the war where a youth won against all odds. He became the hero of Eastguard as a result. In fact, that is the exact title he received, but to be more accurate, ‘Legend of Eastguard’. The title stemmed from the fact that his actions and other titles such as ‘Last Knight’, ‘Fallen True Knight’, ‘Champion of the People’, and ‘Blessed by the Gods’ merged together. The title he then received before the tournament was ‘Hero of Eastguard’, but the title was hidden to do the fact that it wasn’t over yet, but it was still in effect. It was this title that let the youth withstand such a harsh beating. The cost wasn’t small for someone looking to play long term though, he permanently lost hundreds of stat points.


“I’m indifferent to politics and I have no formal training in statecraft. In truth, I’m not against ‘commanding’ the fortress. I just think that I’m too inexperienced.” (KMega)

Yirk smiled after hearing KMega knowing his own weaknesses.

He feared that he would become ignorant to his own ability, but his next words shocked him.

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“Yirk, I have given it some thought. You have been a mentor for me, but when I leave this world for the next, I don’t know what my new life will entail. Our positions may be different during that time, but I hope that you’ll be my friend at the very least.” (KMega)

Yirk went wide eyed in surprise before KMega looked him in sourily.


The companion system had been out for some time now, causing people to complain that you can only have one companion at the same time. After all, some people wanted to have a teacher and a fighting partner be carried with them to other games. More often than not though, the contents of complaints are as follows; ‘What do you mean you won’t let me have a harem!?’

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