Chapter 13: Business Party (Part 3)


“Su Le, what a coincidence.” Zhuang Wei sat on the sofa opposite of Su Le, instead of sitting next to Lin Qi.

Su Le did not feel like it was a coincidence. To come across Lin Qi, she would have called it bad luck, but to see both of them at the time, Su Le thought her luck was terrible.

In this world, people could suffer a certain type pain which occurred when a person you hated kept constantly appearing in your life. This was commonly known as an ill-fated relationship. Su Le kept repeating in her mind that she was a sophisticated person before she replied to Zhuang Wei. “Yes. Such a coincidence.”

“Did you come to this party as Wei Chu’s companion?” Zhuang Wei’s tone had a hint of interrogation.

Su Le blinked while considering how she should answer the question, “You’re interested in my personal matters?” Ridicule flashed across her eyes. What qualifications did he, Zhuang Wei, have to come here and ridicule her?

Whatever Zhuang Wei wanted to say was stopped since Lin Qi took the initiative, “Su Le, I know you hate me in your heart, but hurting someone behind their backs is too much.”

“Why would I hate you?” sneered Su Le. She also didn’t hide her ridicule and despise while saying, “What does it have to do with me when other people don’t like you?” Su Le looked Lin Qi up and down before turning to speak to Zhuang Wei, “Your tastes are really not bad.”

Zhuang Wei’s expression changed multiple times. How Lin Qi was dressed and the way her makeup was done was not suitable for tonight’s occasion. But hearing Su Le say this to him, he felt like he was losing face.

Su Le laughed lightly for a second when she saw the changes in Zhuang Wei’s expression. Then she looked coldly at Lin Qi and for the first time tonight, Su Le said something harsh, “Don’t think you’re anything special. In the end you’re just a plaything, and since you don’t even respect yourself, don’t ever appear in front me again. You won’t be able to be Zhuang Wei’s wife, and even if you were, you’re still not better than me.” The two seniors in the Zhuang family would never let someone like Lin Qi enter the Zhuang family. Su Le was much more clear on this matter than Lin Qi.

Su Le cursed both Zhuang Wei and Lin Qi. It was like throwing Zhuang Wei’s face on the ground and stamping on it. The expression on Zhuang Wei’s face became extremely unsightly.

Lin Qi couldn’t bear it anymore. “You think you’re so amazing, relying on Wei Chu?!” Lin Qi said in a shrill voice.
“Different types of people will see things differently. You think everyone is the same as you, being the mistress, destroying other people’s relationships, and relying on rich men?!” Su Le snorted coldly, “Don’t bring your shallowness and ignorance out to embarrass people.” Su Le stood up and prepared to leave.

With a dark face, Lin Qi raised her hand to slap Su Le, but Su Le managed to react on time and grabbed onto Lin Qi’s wrist. Adding pressure into her grip, Su Le successfully made Lin Qi’s face pale. Su Le calmly looked at Zhuang Wei, who stood up immediately, and said, “Control your woman properly. Don’t let her come out and act crazily. Since, it would not be me who loses face, but your Zhuang family.” Su Le flung Li Qi’s wrist away, causing her to stumble.

In her anger, Lin Qi raised her hand again to slap Su Le, but she was stopped once again. This time, it was actually Wei Chu who stopped her….

Wei Chu was someone who always had other people’s attention on him, so Wei Chu’s actions were already noticed by others. Seeing the woman who was causing a scene was Zhuang Wei’s companion who was also dressed up like an escort, all their feelings were self-evident.

Tang Yao, who stood besides Liang Quang, wrinkled her eyebrows and said, “That woman’s manners are not dignified. A moment ago, when we were talking to each other, she was not polite at all. Why is she trying to slap someone like Su Le who is very easy to get along with?”

All the other guests had their own thoughts when they heard what Tang Yao said, and they all looked at Lin Qi and Zhuang Wei strangely.

Zhuang Wei, who is used to living in this social circle, naturally understood what was going on, so he looked at Lin Qi coldly, “You’re drunk. Go home!”

Lin Qi turned to face Zhuang Wei, “Zhuang Wei, I’m the one who’s currently your girlfriend!”

Everyone immediately had a look of understanding, but when they looked at Su Le’s calm expression, they also doubted themselves and thought that they have guessed wrong.

Wei Chu did not give the slightest attention to the play that was occurring and reached out a hand to hold Su Le’s shoulder. Then he used his other hand to lift up a plate of fruits to Su Le, “You mentioned you wanted to eat fruits before, so I brought some over for you.”

Su Le smiled and took a piece of kiwi to put into her mouth, “Thank you.”

Wei Chu checked that Su Le’s mood was still good before turning to look at Zhuang Wei. “Young master Zhuang, I’m not sure how my companion has offended your girlfriend to the point of causing her to slap people?”

Zhuang Wei replied with a long face, “I’m really sorry. She’s actually my secretary. I never thought this would actually happen. I will dismiss her tomorrow. I let CEO Wei see a joke.”

“So it’s like that. I actually thought this Miss with an unusual temperament was your girlfriend,” after speaking Wei Chu’s sight fell onto Lin Qi. “Su Le’s has a mild temper, so if there was anything that offended you, I hope this young Miss will be generous and forgive her.”

Retreat to advance. Defend to attack. Although it was Wei Chu who apologised, but no matter who heard the apology, they would think that it was Zhuang Wei’s companion who was being unreasonable. Tang Yao sighed internally. It was obvious that Wei Chu did not plan to leave Lin Qi a way out. It seemed Su Le was very important to him.

“What’s the relationship between Su Le and Wei Chu?” Liang Guang asked Tang Yao quietly.

“I’m not very clear about it, but it’s certain that Wei Chu likes Su Le.” Tang Yao frowned, “Also, I don’t know what on earth Zhuang Wei was thinking, bringing such a woman would only cause him to lose face. It’s also breaking the peace of this party.”

“He was willing to bring that person to lose face. We can’t stop him,” Liang Guang smiled with ridicule. “It appears that the Zhuang family is just like this.”

Lin Qi understood Wei Chu’s words had other meanings. She glanced at Su Le and smiled coldly, “If she did not have a mild temper, then she wouldn’t have been dumped.”

Those words were extremely disgraceful and it gave off an unreasonable feeling. Wei Chu frowned while Zhuang Wei’s expression was so bad that it could not get any worse.

Su Le thought Lin Qi had watched too much dramas. Otherwise, why else would Lin Qi dress like this to attend an business party, and why else would she cause such a scene here. Everyone present were all notable people, so losing face here meant that it was likely that she wouldn’t come back to this social circle for at least a couple of years. If others recognise her and it was said that there was a problem with her character, then how would she still have face to come back to this circle.

“Su Le,” Chen Yue suddenly appeared from somewhere. She greeted Wei Chu first before looking at Lin Qi and Zhuang Wei with shock, “Zhuang Wei, why are you still bothering Su Le? She has already told you that she doesn’t like you. Also, Lin Qi, what’s wrong with you? Why do you keep bothering Su Le? Even if Su Le is tolerating you because you’re both from the same town, Lin Qi, you shouldn’t act too over the top.”

Life was just like a drama. If you’re not going to act dramatically then I will, and if no one was acting dramatically then someone else would give you a reason to do so. Su Le listened to Chen Yue defending her and suddenly thought – this was way too melodramatic. But Su Le was also worried that Chen Yue would cause trouble for Chen Yue’s father for defending her.

So it was like this …. There were a wide range of looks as everyone gazed at Lin Qi and Zhuang Wei. There were looks of suspicions, assumptions, and conjectures.

Eventually Zhuang Wei couldn’t hold it in any more and turned to face Lin Qi and said, “You’re fired. Tomorrow I’ll let the HR department know to give you a dismissal letter.” After speaking to Lin Qi, he turned to speak to Su Le, “Su Le, I’m sorry. I didn’t know Lin Qi is actually like this. Even though she is my secretary, our Zhuang Shi will not keep such an employee.”

This action from Zhuang Wei was very cruel. Because he wanted to save the Zhuang family’s face, he could only push Lin Qi out.

Su Le glanced at the pale faced Lin Qi and sighed internally. This was what rich people were like. When playing with you they would gift you branded jewelry and cars, but when they didn’t want you anymore, then you were just a rotten and annoying toy. At that time, they would wish that you disappeared instantly from their sight.

If Lin Qi had been a bit more tactful then she wouldn’t have fallen to this stage. At least, Zhuang Wei wouldn’t have embarrassed her like this when Zhuang Wei no longer wanted her.

“It’s only a misunderstanding. Young master Zhuang doesn’t need to mind it so much.” Su Le was not so generous as to help Lin Qi, so she turned around to pull Chen Yue’s hand, “If I had known earlier that you would also be here, I would have definitely gone to find you ages ago. Let’s go and chat somewhere else.” When she left with Chen Yue, Su Le remembered to take the fruit platter from Wei Chu.

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It was such a good chance to escape. Only stupid people would stay. Even if Su Le wouldn’t have lost face, she would still suffer if Lin Qi decided to go crazy again. As for how Zhuang Wei and Wei Chu would handle the rest, that was their problem.

After sitting on a sofa in a corner, Su Le released a sigh, “Empress Dowager, it’s really fortunate that you came, otherwise I really wouldn’t have known how to end that.”

“What are you afraid for, there is still Senior Wei present to help you,” Chen Yue put a piece of snow pear into her mouth. “Still, Lin Qi is too shameless. Before when I was standing on the side, I heard other people laughing at her.”

Su Le’s eyebrows raised, but she did not make a comment.

“It’s still Zhuang Wei who acted cruel enough towards Lin Qi.” Chen Yue sighed, “But Zhuang Wei was also at fault. When he saw Lin Qi dressed like that, he should have gotten her to change into something more appropriate. Now he has just trampled on her instead.”

“It could be that he was already tired of her,” Su Le smiled with a sneer and also putting a piece of snow pear into her mouth. Mmmmm, it was really sweet.

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