Chapter 401: Those lost memories


“You shameless perverted crook, I will kill you.” The moment she saw that the youth trying to kiss her wasn’t her husband, Wushuang immediately started chanting an incantation.

“Don’t be impulsive, impulse is a devil. I have helped you to regain consciousness and now you are treating me like this?” The handsome youth grabbed her neck as cold sweats appeared on his forehead.

The scene changed once again. Both the heavens and earth began to tremble. Lost City started sinking and the ground rose more than ten meters high as if a wave in the sea, burying everything.

The young girl’s hazy tearful eyes looked at the sinking ruins and felt sad for an unknown reason.

“That was your home. For someone to not have a home, it is truly a sad thing. No one will laugh at you for crying… However, from here on out, my home shall be your home, you’ll have a home again.” The youth comforted the perplexed, sad and confused young girl with his warm words.

“Then, where is your home?” The young girl asked softly.

“No matter how high the condor flies, home is where the children are. No matter how far a daughter goes, home is where her parents are. As for my home, it is located at the end of the world…” The youth looked at the Wind Condor circling in the sky and said with a trace of loneliness in his voice. When she heard his words, a feeling of desolation washed over her. She had the feeling this youth in front of her was a person who was degenerated to the ends of the world.


“From this moment on, you shall be called Wushuang. Wushuang which represents undefeatable, Tianxia-Wushuang. [1].” The youth happily said.

“Wushuang?” The young girl mumbled repeatedly and nodded her head. She seemed to really like this name.


“Couldn’t find other people. Since there is no one else, I shall help you. You can treat me as air.” The youth carried the young girl and charged into the lavatory.

“I don’t……” The young girl blushed and protested. However, she was too weak to push Long Yi away. She didn’t have the strength to raise her hand.

“What else do you want me to do? Do you really want to pee in your pants?” The youth smiled and reached out towards her belt. The young girl could only close her eyes in shame.

“Don’t be nervous. Now that I have seen everything, I will definitely take responsibility. From here on out, you shall be my woman. You don’t have to be shy in front of me.”


In the midst of a snowstorm which covered the world in ice and snow, a youth carrying a young girl wrapped in a thick brocade quilt flew over the Origin Ice. Despite the snowstorm confusing his eyesight; despite being fretful and restless, he firmly shielded the young girl in his bosom from the wind and snow. He didn’t allow a single chilling breeze past his body.

“Shuang’er, you must hold on. We’ll definitely find a Ruyi Ice Silkworm soon.” The youth encouraged the young girl in his embrace who was on the verge of death. Her breathing was already extremely weak, it seemed as though it would stop anytime.

At this moment, this young girl’s consciousness was already very hazy. She heard the voice of her sweetheart which was coming from the horizon far away. His voice was the only thing pulling her away from the darkness. That familiar warmth surrounded her from the start to finish, as it comforted her all the way.


“Long Yi, Long Yi……” Wushuang who was having a nightmare shouted Long Yi’s name repeatedly. From the moment she fell into her nightmares, she was wailing for her parents. However, at the moment, she changed her cries to Long Yi’s name. The sudden change caused Long Yi who was beside her to feel a sense of distress.

“Shuang’er, baby, I’m here. I’m right beside you, don’t be afraid.” Long Yi softly sighed before he hugged Wushuang who was lying on the bed.

It was as though she could feel Long Yi holding her as she started to calm down the moment Long Yi pulled her into his embrace. However, her tears still flowed down her pretty face. Within a few moments, Long Yi’s clothes were soaked.

Long Yi felt very sad and he comforted Wushuang endlessly. Wushuang was introverted in nature. Perhaps because she cultivated water magic, it had an impact on her nature. She seemed to be calm and cold most of the time. It was rare for her emotions to fluctuate. Usually, it was difficult to get a smile from her, not to mention see Wushuang cry like this. Perhaps she would only behave like this when she was dreaming……

After shedding a large amount of tears, Wushuang who was in the bosom of Long Yi slowly opened her eyes. The scenes which appeared in her dream replayed in her mind as she savored this long-forgotten warm embrace from Long Yi. Yes, this was the feeling. This was the familiar smell and rhythmic heartbeat of her sweetheart when he brought her to find the Ruyi Ice Silkworm.

After staring into space for a long time, Wushuang gently pushed Long Yi away and sat up. With a red face, she looked at the familiar yet somewhat unfamiliar handsome face looking right at her. Since the incident in the past, several years have passed. Long Yi had already grown up from a youngster to a young adult. He was currently in the prime of his life. Even after several changes to his appearance and body structure, the bad and warm smile Long Yi had on his face never changed. He still had a familiar aura around him.

“You finally woke up? How are you feeling? Are you okay?” Long Yi instantly sat upright and asked with concern

Wushuang shook her head but her beautiful eyes stared at Long Yi without blinking. And reaching out her little hand, she caressed his handsome face.

“Shuang’er……” Long Yi was confused as he felt Wushuang’s trembling hand on his face.

“Long Yi, I’m sorry.” Wushuang blurted out her apology and threw herself into Long Yi’s bosom as she hugged him tightly. She behaved just like a little girl who just found her knight in shining armor. Wrapping her arms around Long Yi, it was as if she would never let him go.

This strange behavior of Wushuang confused Long Yi. He had no idea what she meant when she apologized to him. Neither did he have any idea why she was behaving so strangely.

“I’m sorry, I actually forgot you. How can I forget you?” Wushuang muttered under her breath. Although they were already in a tight embrace, Wushuang felt that it wasn’t enough. She tried to get closer to Long Yi as her arms tightened even more.

Long Yi was ecstatic. If he wasn’t able to tell what was going on, he could take a piece of tofu and smash his head till his head broke. Wushuang had recovered her memories! She was finally able to remember who he was. Was there anything which would make Long Yi happier than this?

“No, never again. Even if I forget who I am, I would never forget you.” Wushuang took a deep breath and said. She felt that she was unforgivable. Both Long Yi and herself experienced so many things together, not to mention the fact that Long Yi had paid a great price in order to help her. She actually forgot about him and nearly killed him. She finally understood the expression of despair Long Yi had when they were on the outskirts of Soaring Dragon City. She finally understood the pain Long Yi felt when she failed to recognize him.

“Silly girl, it’s all over. Haven’t you already recovered your memories? No need to blame yourself, I have never blamed you.” Long Yi gently patted Wushuang’s back and said with a smile on his face. Currently, everything appeared beautiful around Long Yi.

Both of them embraced each other and said nothing else. After going through numerous hardships with each other, at this moment, there was no longer anything separating them. There was no longer a barrier between their hearts. This was a moment which would eternally be remembered by both Long Yi and Wushuang.

“Suang’er, there was always a question I wanted to ask you. In those two years, what exactly did you do in the Ice Palace?” After hugging each other for a long time, Long Yi couldn’t help but ask her the question he had in his mind for a long time.

Wushuang kitted her brows after thinking for a long time, she said, “When I woke up inside the crystal coffin, I don’t know why my memory had a gap. Although I knew a few things about myself, I had no recollection of the events which happened before my father sealed me into the crystal coffin. As such, I didn’t think about the events which happened in the past.”


“What about that woman from the Ice Palace? Didn’t she tell you anything? Since you arrived at Ice Palace without any reason, wouldn’t they be suspicious of you?” Long Yi asked. Logically speaking, Long Yi knew that Wushuang would definitely ask about her origins. That woman from the Ice Palace didn’t have any reason to avoid her question.

Wushuang shook her head and softly sighed, “It’s not like I don’t want to ask. It was more like I had no time to ask. Right after I woke up inside the crystal coffin, I saw that my master’s spirit power had been exhausted. She only told me about the training room. She also asked me to go there and carefully observe and study water magic. After instructing me to leave Origin Ice, master passed away two years later.”

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After hearing Wushuang’s words, Long Yi was startled. That solitary and extremely proud beautiful image appeared in his mind. Long Yi would never have thought that she had really died. He had thought that the celestial being like personage was immortal and would never die. Although he had once resented her because Wushuang had lost her memories, Long Yi was clear that that was only a misunderstanding between them. He couldn’t help but feel a sense of loss and sadness in his heart.

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Perhaps Wushuang was tired of crying, she fell asleep in Long Yi’s bosom after a short while. As for Long Yi, he was unable to fall asleep as many thoughts spun in his mind.

For the time being, the situation on the Blue Waves Continent didn’t matter. However, the matters regarding the gods gave him a headache. Both the Lightning God and Dark God didn’t give him a clear explanation. The more Long Yi thought about it, the more confused he became. While thinking, he didn’t realize the passage of the night.

As the sky grew brighter, the dark mist enveloping Lost City became much thinner. However, those undead creatures stood their ground without moving an inch.

When Long Yi came out with Wushuang from inside the tent, he saw Barbarian Bull, Nalan Ruyue and Bertha waiting outside for them.

“Big sister Wushuang, are you all right?” Nalan Ruyue and Bertha took a step forward and asked Wushuang in a concerned tone.

Wushuang felt warm in her heart and replied with a smile, “I am fine, you don’t need to worry.”

“Big sister Wushuang, you are smiling again.” Nalan Ruyue shouted in amazement. She had spent a considerable amount of time with Wushuang, but she could count the number of times Wushuang smiled with the fingers on one hand.

Wushuang held onto Nalan Ruyue’s and Bertha’s little hands. Looking at Barbarian Bull, she had a warm feeling in her heart. As Barbarian Bull was considered Long Yi’s younger brother, he had naturally gone through both trails of fire and water with them. As Wushuang’s memories were already restored, she felt closer to Barbarian Bull.

“Barbarian Bull, long time no see.” Wushuang greeted with a smile.

Barbarian Bull scratched his bull horn. He was confused. They had clearly seen each other yesterday, but Wushuang was talking about how they haven’t met in a long time. With his simpleton brain, he didn’t understand what was going on.

As for Nalan Ruyue, she managed to feel something different. From Wushuang’s behavior, she felt that something was different from before. However, she wasn’t able to pinpoint the irregularity with Wushuang. Only after hearing what she said to Barbarian Bull, she saw the light. After that, she hesitantly asked, “Big sister Wushuang, did you recover your memories?”

Recover memories? Barbarian Bull’s huge eyes were wide open as he stared straight at Wushuang.

Wushuang gently looked towards Long Yi pursed her lips, giving off a light smile. Slowly, she nodded her head.

“Congratulation, big sister Wushuang! Our husband can finally feel at ease.” Nalan Ruyue said with barely concealed happiness. As Long Yi’s wife who accompanied him every night, she was extremely sensitive to Long Yi’s state of mind. She knew that although Long Yi seemed to be happy when they entered the Lightning God Forbidden Area, he wasn’t truly happy. This cheeky smile barely managed to conceal the sadness in his heart. He was always looking at Wushuang’s back view in a daze with a depressed expression. However, he managed to smile and cover up his true emotions whenever someone looked at him.

Suddenly, Long Yi seemed to remember something. He took out the crystal ball that had fallen from the dried corpses and handed it over to Wushuang and said, “Shuang’er, take a look at this crystal ball.”

[1] Tianxia-Wushuang: Unparalleled in the world.

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