Chapter 400: Male or female


“No.” The Dark God shrugged his shoulders and answered quickly. The action of him shrugging his shoulders was clearly copied from Long Yi.

“If you didn’t do it, who could have done such a thing?” Long Yi frowned and asked. Who else had the ability to curse such a majestic city like the Holy City which was a great magic civilization? One should know that this wasn’t a curse on a single person. Rather, it was a curse on the entire city.

“I don’t know.” The Dark God gave Long Yi a straightforward answer.

“You don’t know? You are the Dark God, how can you not know?” Long Yi squinted his eyes as he asked. Was there something a God doesn’t know in this world?

The Dark God glared at Long Yi with his purple eyes and asked, “Do you know how long I stayed inside the Demonic Stone?”

Long Yi was startled as he replied, “It is said to be more than ten thousand years.”

The Dark God laughed and he continued to ask, “Haha, how long has it been since this Lost City was cursed?”

Long Yi suddenly saw the light and he secretly cursed himself for having a pig’s brain. Lost City was cursed and perished roughly 2,000 years ago. However, the soul of the Dark God had already been trapped inside the Demonic Stone for more than ten thousand years already. Although the Dark God was resolute and hadn’t admitted that he was trapped inside the Demonic Stone, Long Yi had long considered him as a being who was trapped inside the Demonic Stone. Since the Dark God had been trapped inside the Demonic Stone when Lost City was cursed, it couldn’t have been the Dark God who did it. Now, a new question formed in Long Yi’s mind, who else had the ability to curse an entire city?

“Old man, isn’t it about time to tell me the matters which happened in the Divine Realm? What exactly happened?” Long Yi asked the Dark God curiously. What exactly was the Divine Realm? Based on what Long Yi had seen, the Dark God and Lightning God didn’t have much difference other than the type of magic element they used.

The Dark God laughed and answered, “I have already said long ago, you still don’t possess the qualifications to know. You are not strong enough yet.”

“My current strength is still not enough? Then, when will it be enough? Magic God? Swords God?” Long Yi raised his eyebrows and asked.

“What can your Blue Wave Continent’s Magic God or Swords God count as? You’ll only be qualified to know when you can wear at least a piece of the lightning god armor. When you reach that level of power, whether or not I tell you about the Divine Realm wouldn’t matter. Currently, there is only one thing which is important. You are already engulfed in this vortex… You can slowly figure out the truth of the matter yourself. Jie jie jie” The shadow said and gave Long Yi a sinister laugh.

Long Yi pursed his lips after hearing what the Dark God said. Deep down in his heart, he already reached some conclusions. After obtaining the inheritance of the Lightning God, he was no longer an outsider. Perhaps, Long Yi was destined to become involved in this matter from the moment he arrived at the Blue Waves Continent. To be precise, everyone on the Blue Waves Continent couldn’t escape from this chessboard. Only Long Yi was close to the truth. Not only was Long Yi close to the truth, he was closer to the so-called gods.

This world was like a chessboard and the people were the chess pieces. Everyone believed that the gods were the ones playing this game of chess. However, if one day the gods themselves became the chess pieces, who would be the ones controlling the game?

“Don’t think about it. There will come a day when you will understand everything. Now, it’s time for you to leave this place.” The Dark God interrupted Long Yi’s thoughts and brought him back to reality.

“I will leave this place. However, where will you go?” Long Yi asked with hesitation. Although Long Yi was finding ways to get rid of this shadow from his sea of consciousness, he was feeling a sense of loss when the shadow actually left. People’s thoughts can be so ironic sometimes.

“The Dark God will naturally stay in the dark space.” With a flash, the Dark God disappeared. The Dark God’s Magic Staff which was treated like chicken ribs in Long Yi’s hands had been returned to the Dark God.

“This Dark God Magic Staff is the weapon that has accompanied me for tens of thousands of years. For you to obtain it can also be regarded as the will of Heaven. However, a large amount of tyrannical qi is contained inside this magic staff. If you were to use this staff with improper technique, it would devour you. The only reason you can’t feel the power of this magic staff is because it has been sealed by numerous light priests long ago.” The Dark God said softly. With black light flashing in his hands, the Dark God Magic Staff underwent an earthshaking transformation. In the Dark God’s hands, this withered tree root staff swelled and changed back into a glistening black magic staff.  Surprisingly, the tip of this magic staff was formed by three heads. It was the three headed demonic dragon’s heads. The six eyes on the tip of the staff glimmered with faint red light which gave the staff an indescribable beauty. It was as though the staff was an exquisite work of art.

“Are you giving it to me?” The eyes of Long Yi shone as he said.

“Yes, but, with your current strength, you cannot completely control it. As such, I have only unsealed half of the seal. Here, give it a try.” The Dark God said as he handed over the Dark God Magic Staff to Long Yi.

After interacting with the shadow in his sea of consciousness for so long, Long Yi would naturally not be polite with him. He immediately stretched out his hands to catch the magic staff. However, when he was about to touch the staff, Long Yi stopped. Instead of looking at the majestic staff which was falling towards him, Long Yi was staring at the Dark God’s hand without blinking.

“Old man, how come your hand is so girly?” These words suddenly came out of Long Yi’s mouth. When Long Yi saw the Dark God’s extended hand, he noticed that the hand was extremely white. Moreover, it was extremely slender and the hand was glittering. It was indeed the hand of a very beautiful girl. Shouldn’t the hand of the Dark God which has been trapped for tens of thousands of years be withered, just like a dried up corpse?

The Dark God was visibly startled by Long Yi’s words. However, the Dark God Magic Staff continued flying towards Long Yi and the Dark God began to mutter an incantation. The holes in the conical roof started shining with blue light which illuminated the ground. In an instant, a magic array was formed. Long Yi wasn’t able to see the Dark God move, but he felt as though there was something pushing him towards the magic array.

“Hey, hey, old man……” Long Yi’s shout resounded inside the underground hall, but he had already disappeared along with the blue light.

Standing still inside the hall by himself, the Dark God let out a faint sigh. With a wave of his hand, darkness covered the entire hall.

At the edge of Lost City, a spot with space distortion appeared. Long Yi emerged face first and started falling towards the ground.

Flipping over, Long Yi stopped himself from falling in mid-air. With a firm grasp, he held onto the Dark God Magic Staff. He immediately felt a blood connection with this Dark God Magic Staff. When Long Yi held the staff, he felt as though the ice cold aura coming from the staff conformed with the black vortex in his sea of consciousness.

Long Yi hissed and muttered while rubbing the stubble on his chin, “But…… that hand truly resembled a girl’s hand. However, how can the Dark God be female? Also, that laughter……”

Long Yi shook his head. He didn’t dare to believe his thoughts. It was terrifying whenever he thought about that ear-piercing laughter coming from the Dark God.

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“Since the Lightning God has already appeared, and the Dark God just appeared, what god would appear next?” In an instant, Long Yi shifted his thoughts from the Dark God’s hand. He started thinking about the events which occurred and which God would appear next.

Wait a minute, Long Yi frowned as he seemed to have grasped something in his heart. God, statue. He recalled seeing the Water God statue inside Ice Palace, the Fire God statue in Illusory Forest. He also remembered the panicked expression of that woman from the Ice Palace when he touched the Water God Statue’s chest. Also, there seemed to be traces of someone living in the secret room where the Fire God statue was located. Could it be that all of those statues were living people? Long Yi was shocked and frightened by his own speculation. What a joke, if they were really living beings like what Long Yi had imagined, wouldn’t Long Yi be in serious trouble? He had groped the bosom of both the Water God and Fire God. Not to mention the fact that he had ** on the Fire God’s bed. Who knew what troubles that would bring Long Yi?

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“Eh, no… No way…” Long Yi shook his head. If they were aloof and remote gods, how could they allow him to defile their body? But, since he had already defiled their body, there were two possibilities. First, they were simply statues. Second, they were powerless to do anything when Long Yi groped them.

Long Yi felt that that the second possibility was more likely. Also, Long Yi naturally hoped for the second possibility to be true. Thinking about how he had groped the breasts of goddesses, he got excited. Why didn’t I grope them more? Long Yi thought in his heart.

On one hand, Long Yi was **. On the other hand, Long Yi flew towards the Lost City’s city lord residence. Since he had only been inside the dark space for an hour or so, he guessed that only several minutes had passed outside.


“Lady, look at our Ning’er. At such a young age, she reached the Advance Magician Realm. She will definitely become an outstanding magician in the future!” A handsome and refined middle-aged man was standing side-by-side with a beautiful woman as they spoke. They were smiling while looking at a little girl practicing magic not far away from them.

“Yes, my lord. I truly had never thought that the both of us would give birth to a daughter with outstanding talents in magic when we were both warriors.. This is truly unimaginable.” The woman was also very happy.

“Father, mother……” A porcelain doll-like cute little girl of merely ** years old managed to cast a Water Dragon Magic Spell. Turning around, she waved her hands as she rushed towards her parents. This truly was a beautiful picture which depicted family happiness.

The scene of the little girl throwing herself into her mother’s embrace faded and disappeared gradually.

“Ning’er, be obedient. You are the only hope of our Holy City, you must keep on living.” In another scene, that little girl had already grown into an 18-years-old young girl with a graceful demeanor. The appearance of her father who was the Holy City’s city lord appeared much older.

“Father, don’t! Ning’er doesn’t want to leave you all.” The young girl cried mournfully.

The middle-aged man hardened his heart and knocked the young lady out. Carrying her, he placed her inside a crystal coffin which was located under the pool in the secret room. After giving one last look to his daughter which was filled with affection, he closed the lid of the crystal coffin. Behind the middle-aged man, a group of magicians began to chant incantations in order to seal the crystal coffin.

“Father, don’t! Don’t abandon Ning’er… Mother……” On the large bed inside the tent, Wushuang started talking in her sleep. It was obvious that she was in great pain as her tears never stopped. She reached out her hands in the air and did her utmost to grab onto something as if she was drowning.

Long Yi lifted the curtain and entered the tent. He saw both Nalan Ruyue and Bertha trying their best to appease Wushuang who was having a nightmare. He quickly rushed over and held onto Wushuang’s little hands which were failing about in the air. With an extremely tender voice, he consoled her, “Wushuang, I am right beside you. You don’t have to be afraid anymore, you don’t need to fear anything.”

Looking at Long Yi’s tender expression and hearing his caring voice, Nalan Ruyue and Bertha directed a gaze of admiration at Wushuang. They looked at each other and for the first time, they had a tacit agreement to leave the tent. They agreed to give Long Yi some space and allow him to spend time alone with Wushuang.

Under the comfort of Long Yi, Wushuang gradually calmed down. In her deep slumber, she unconsciously moved towards Long Yi. Perhaps it was because Long Yi emitted an aura which made her feel at ease, Wushuang eventually showed a calm expression on her face as she continued to sleep. The aura Long Yi exuded was very familiar, as it resembled her father’s aura. However, at the same time, she knew that it wasn’t her father’s aura as there was something different about it.

In her dreams, Wushuang’s charming body quivered. Yet another scene appeared inside her head. When she opened her eyes for the first time in the crystal coffin, she saw a handsome youth pressing onto her body, with his lips connected to hers……

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