Chapter 399: Dark God?


How was it possible? Could it be that he was seeing things? Long Yi clearly saw the claws of those two corpse sink into Wushuang’s body. However, there was no wound on her body……

Long Yi’s hands reached out to touch Wushuang’s chest. He gently touched the dried blood with his finger and after smelling it, he was sure that he wasn’t mistaken. This was indeed a human’s blood, and it absolutely wasn’t something like tomato sauce that dyed Wushuang’s pure white robe red.

Long Yi took off his robe Wushuang’s body which was barely covered by her own ripped clothes. After covering Wushuang with his own clothes, he turned his gaze to the crystal ball which was on the ground. Long Yi clearly saw that this crystal ball fell from the two corpses just a moment ago. Long Yi started to inject his own magic power into this crystal ball. However, no matter how much magic power he injected into this crystal ball, there was no reaction from it. It appeared as though it was just an ordinary crystal ball.

“How could this be? Was that just an illusion?” Nalan Ruyue didn’t dare to believe what she just saw. The events which happened a moment ago was truly hair raising, Nalan Ruyue was frightened stiff by what just happened. Furthermore, Long Yi’s previous outburst made her extremely worried. If she was in Wushuang’s place just a moment ago, would Long Yi also go crazy trying to save her? Nalan Ruyue thought in a daze.

As he stared at Wushuang who was unconscious on the floor, Long Yi sighed. After looking at Wushuang for a while longer, Long Yi finally stood up and said, “Let’s rest here for the time being.” Seeing as there were no objections, Long Yi walked over to the unconscious Barbarian Bull who was lying not too far away. After pressing a few spots on his body, Barbarian Bull woke up. Since he trained in Golden Bell Canopy, Barbarian Bull didn’t sustain any serious injuries other than some superficial flesh wounds.


It was a dark night in Lost City. The dark fog enveloping the sky was even denser, the stars and moon in the sky weren’t visible and the undead army gathered everywhere.

These undead creatures surrounding the city lord mansion had crawled out of the ground after Wushuang returned. Throughout the night, they stood quietly and motionlessly in neat rows, just like statues. The surprising thing was that these undead creatures were under no one’s control. This kind of strange scene could only be seen in Lost City. After thinking about it, Long Yi deduced that everything that had happened was due to Wushuang.

Eventually, the group decided to set up their tents at the eastern courtyard of the city lord’s mansion. Since it had already been destroyed in the battle, Long Yi only had to sweep away the debris with a wave of his hand before it became a plot of land suitable for them to rest. As for Wushuang, she was resting on the soft bed in one of those tents. Currently, Long Yi was sitting at the top of the tallest building in the city lord’s mansion and was playing with the crystal ball. Although it was just an ordinary crystal ball in his hand, Long Yi seemed to be lost in thoughts as he stared at it with a frown on his face.

The events which happened in the city lord’s mansion today were replayed in Long Yi’s head as if he was watching a movie. The more the thought about it, the more Long Yi felt as though there was something suspicious going on. He felt as though everything was enveloped with a layer of dense fog, and he was able to smell a plot brewing.

According to legend, Lost City was cursed by the Dark God. As such, Long Yi wondered if the series of incidents was made possible due to the Dark God. However, he couldn’t think of any reason why the Dark God would do something like this.

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Seeing as he was stuck, Long Yi decided to slowly analyze everything from the beginning. The arrangement of the city lord and his wife was very interesting. Moreover, the clothes they wore was even more suspicious. Due to their honorable status, they would definitely not lie on the ground to wait for their death after being affected by the curse. Not to mention the fact that their corpses were neatly arranged. It was clear that this was a set up from the beginning.

After thinking about it for a long time, Long Yi started to question himself again. Could it be that the city lord and his wife had already passed away thousands of years ago and the arrangement was to deal with Wushuang? The more he thought about it, the more Long Yi thought that it wasn’t possible. Who would know that Wushuang would come back to life thousands of years later?

Thinking deeper, Long Yi started to recall the situation which happened earlier. The sudden resurrection of those two dried corpses was due to the Wushuang’s tears falling into the clean area of the room. The moment her tears touched the floor, the strange magic array which was on the clothes of the two corpses began to operate. Everything led to the incident where Wushuang was ‘pierced’ by the claws of the two corpses.

“After thinking about it, everything was set up in such a way to target Wushuang.” Long Yi muttered under his breath. The more he thought about it the dizzier he felt. In the end, Long Yi gave up trying to find a reason for the things which happened.

After he stopped thinking about the matter with Wushuang, Long Yi suddenly remembered the shadow within his body. That old fellow had been bugging him to go to the dark space of this Lost City for such a long time. Now that he was at Lost City, the shadow had disappeared without a trace. What was going on?

“Smelly kid, what are you thinking about? You’re definitely making malicious remarks behind my back again.” A familiar cold voice resounded in Long Yi’s mind. As Long Yi haven’t heard this voice in a long time, he felt relieved when he finally heard the voice of this shadow again.

“Old man, I have already told you, if you are going to come out, greet me first. What are you trying to do when you come out like this? Scare me to death?” Long Yi cursed in his heart as he felt irritated with the way this shadow appeared.

“Jie jie jie, smelly kid. Shouldn’t you be thanking me? To repair your broken skeleton, I had to spend one-third of my origin dark power.” The shadow said after a strange laughter. Long Yi could hear the exhaustion the shadow had in his voice.

“Was it so hard? Old man, I truly give you my thanks. When you recover your physical body, I promise you get you tasty food and good drinks. If you want money, I’ll give you money. If you are looking for girls, I’ll get you some girls.” Long Yi went wild with joy when he heard that Long Two was repaired. In his excitement, he started to make empty promises to the shadow.

“Less of your crap. Since it is still early, we should go to the dark space.” The shadow scolded in jest and said.

“Now? But……” Long Yi was somewhat hesitant to leave Wushuang here as she was still unconscious.

“Well, you won’t be there for long. Since you were there before, you should know that a month in the dark space is only half a day outside. When you come back from the dark space, I guarantee that the sun wouldn’t even be up.” The shadow said.

Long Yi had actually thought about it before. In the past, he had stayed inside the dark space with Leng Youyou for a very long time. Yet when they got out, not even a day had passed in the real world. Lu Xiya and Barbarian Bull were still outside for them when they got out which proved that the time flow between the real world and the dark space was different.

Long Yi made up his mind. He decided to go to the dark space in order to fulfill the shadow’s desire. Under the shadow’s guidance, Long Yi eventually reached the outskirts of Lost City. Suddenly, a wisp of black qi emerged from Long Yi’s left hand and a deep and serene hole started to split open in front of him. It had the appearance of a black hole and it was extremely conspicuous in this wasteland.

“Why are you still in a daze? Jump down already.” The shadow urged.

Since he had already jumped down once, Long Yi plunged into this black hole without hesitation. The moment Long Yi’s body entered the black hole, the opening slowly started to close. Eventually, the wasteland returned to its original state.

After falling for a long time, Long Yi finally landed on the ground. Instead of landing in the midst of dark magical beasts like the first time he came, Long Yi landed beside the cold pond.

“Old man, don’t tell me that you want to enter the secret cave at the bottom of this pond?” Long Yi asked. Now, he had misgivings in his heart, could it be that……

“Less nonsense, don’t waste time and quickly go down.” The shadow said with annoyance. He was clearly aware of what Long Yi was thinking

Long Yi felt apprehensive. He wondered why the shadow wanted to down into the cave, but after thinking about it, Long Yi realized that he could easily reach the cave this time. Withstanding the cold qi and pressure, he swam down for a period of time. After quite some time, Long Yi finally saw the entrance of that secret room. When he saw the entrance, Long Yi used his old method of entering. As he was much more powerful this time, Long Yi easily dealt with the strange fishes and entered the secret path.

Along the path, he was unimpeded. Those fellows that had changed into statues had already been turned into coke by the Lightning Violent Beast in the past. The remainder had been refined into Seven Baleful Puppets which were dissolved when they were made to be stoppers at the Death Sea of Flowers.

After stepping into that familiar hall, Long Yi had a surge of unknown excitement in his heart. Each and every cell in his body suddenly got excited and he felt as if electricity was flowing through his body.

“Put the Dark God Magic Staff into it, you should know how to do that.” The voice of the shadow started to tremble. One could well imagine that he was also very excited.

Long Yi came back to his senses, he was excited due to the influence of the shadow within his body. Long Yi eventually found the groove on the ground and stabbed the magic staff into it. He was curious about what was going to happen next. Was the shadow inside his body the legendary Dark God?

Creak creak, the innermost wall flipped. Long Yi was expecting it as a statue which was covered with a black robe from head to toe appeared in front of him.

“Is this the Dark God?” Long Yi asked.

“Hey, old man, where did you go?” Hearing no reply from the shadow, Long Yi looked inside his sea of consciousness. Surprisingly, the shadow had already disappeared from his sea of consciousness and was nowhere to be seen.

Just when Long Yi was shocked at the disappearance of the shadow, the Dark God’s statue started to emit a dark light which covered the entire hall.

Even though the dark light weakened after a while, Long Yi was petrified as the statue of the Dark God came back to life.

“Jie jie jie, it feels really good to have my body back.” The signature strange laughter of that shadow resounded inside this underground hall. After looking around, he jumped down from the divine altar. Long Yi wasn’t able to see his face, but he saw a pair of strange purple eyes.

Although Long Yi had guessed the identity of the shadow in his heart, Long Yi was still greatly shocked. The Dark God really existed! Not to mention the fact that the Dark God resided in his body for a few years.

“You… are you truly the Dark God?” Long Yi came back to his senses and sized up the legendary Dark God standing in front of him. He was not able to see his figure, but Long Yi could see that the Dark God was shorter than himself. Long Yi was unable to sense his aura, but he was dazzled by the pair of purple eyes on the statue’s face.

“Jie jie jie, what are you talking about?” The Dark God gave a strange laugh.

Long Yi rolled his eyes. He didn’t feel like he was meeting with a god. Perhaps it was because of the shadow, no, it should be because he was very familiar with the Dark God. In his heart, the Dark God was still that playful very old monster residing in his sea of consciousness.

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“Old man, I would have never thought that this was your real body. Anyway, why are you wearing a worn out robe?” Long Yi looked at Dark God with disdain and casually mocked him.

The strange laughter of the Dark God ceased abruptly due to Long Yi’s words.

“Let me ask you a question for real. Did you curse Lost City?” Long Yi retracted the frivolous expression he had on his face and asked in all seriousness.

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