Chapter 35: 1st Grade Outer Sect Disciple

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Within the mist, Li Fuchen12Li FuchenMain Protagonist noticed his consciousness fading. The originally crowded valley unknowingly became empty. The Qingyun Path was in utter silence, to the point that one couldn’t even hear their own footsteps and heart beat.

“Something feels off…”

Li Fuchen didn’t slow down but instead picked up his pace. He need to get out of the Qingyun Path before he lost his consciousness.

The weight of a few hundred kilograms was starting to take a toll on his body. As one walked further, it felt even worse as it exhausted one’s qi, and worst of all, there was the creepy mist that put on a crushing atmosphere. When both the body and mind under immense pressure, the overall quality of the martial artist would be reduced. Those with a weak willpower, would have been devastated half way through the valley.


“Ahh! Ahh!”

Inside the thick mist, loud screams of agony could be heard.

“A rotten wood can never be sculpted, someone go bring him out.” Xiao Changfeng gave a cold look.

(TL note: A rotten wood can never be sculpted: In this case, it means that disciple is deemed worthless and not worth it to nurture)

“Allow me.”

An outer sect elder soared in mid air like a huge avian and plunged into the mist. A few seconds later, he carried out a youth on his shoulder. The youth had a pathetic and fearful face that was covered in snot and tears.

“Elder Wan, I will leave him to you.” Xiao Changfeng said to the elder without even a single glance at the youth.

Elder Wan was one of the elders that was in charge of odd job disciples, he nodded, “It is my responsibility, since disciples that cannot pass the Qingyun Path are deemed as odd job disciples.”

Gradually, the headcount of odd job disciples grew larger, from the starting few to the current dozens. Every one of them were either in shame or scared out of their wits.

“Elder, I scored a total of 135 points in the first two trials and that is already much better than a majority of the people here. Isn’t it unfair to deem me as an odd job disciple just because I couldn’t break pass the Qingyun Path?” The youth spoke with an angered tone.

Elder Wan replied, “It is useless even if you scored 150 points with the first two trials but have an unsteady willpower. It can be reconsidered if you have a 4 star bone frame.”

“If you feel it is unfair, you can feel free to leave.” This other elder who wasn’t as gracious as Elder Wan reprimanded the disciple.

The youth tightly clenched his fist but eventually couldn’t say anything else.


Not knowing when, Li Fuchen started hallucinating. The path under his feet had become a road made with bones, as dark red blood gushed out from underneath the bones. Li Fuchen had a sticky and oozy sensation as he walked ankle-deep in the blood.

Shortly after, it started to rain snakes. Countless venomous snakes the size of chopsticks descended from the sky, some went straight into the clothes of Li Fuchen’s; some even wanted to slither its way into his ears and nostrils.

After peeling off the layers of tiny snakes, Li Fuchen felt a breath right beside his ear. When he turn around to take a look, there was a pale white face staring at him…

“Is this an illusion?” Li Fuchen tried to focus his eyes.

The illusion was too surreal, corroding his consciousness and making him immersed in the illusion, confusing reality with delusion.

Even though Li Fuchen fell into the illusion, he continued to walk. With his strong will, it allowed him to resist the illusion from chipping away at his awareness.


At the end of the Qingyun Path, Xiao Changfeng and the rest of the elders were all waiting.

“With half an incense left, the trial will reach its time limit. It seems like no one will be getting a perfect score.” An outer sect elder shook his head while laughing.

Right as Chen Zongming wanted to speak, he suddenly pointed at the mist instead, “Someone is coming out.”

“Someone is coming out?” All the elders shifted their gaze.

Within the mist, a tall shadow with a tender and slim build came walking out. Who could it be other than Li Fuchen.

“Li Fuchen…” Chen Zongming was shocked beyond belief.

Xiao Changfeng inquired, “Elder Chen, are you the one who brought him here?”

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Chen Zongming nodded, “He is a clansmen of the Li Clan from Yunwu City. He has a normal bone frame, but his outstanding perception scored him 110 points, but I didn’t expect his willpower to be transcendent too.”

At first, Chen Zongming didn’t see any promise in Li Fuchen, but now, he started to have some expectations of him.

“Normal bone frame?” Xiao Changfeng furrowed his brow, “A pity, had it been a 2 star bone frame, he would not lose out to a 4 star bone frame. If he was a 3 star bone frame, he would have priority in nurturing.”

Looking at Li Fuchen who walked out of the mist, Xiao Changfeng gave a look of approval, “Li Fuchen, congratulations on getting full points on the willpower trial.”

Those that completed the Qingyun Path within an incense of time received full points. Afterwards, with every burnt incense, it would mean a deduction of 10 points; half an incense burnt would be 5 points.

Among the seven from Yunwu City, not including Li Fuchen:

He Ping had the best willpower with 75 points.

Yang Kai, Zhu Hongxiu with 70 points.

Shen Tu Jue, 65 points.

Guan Peng, 60 points.

Shen Tu Liang didn’t make it through the Qingyun Path and was demoted to an odd job disciple.

Once all of the disciples walked out from the Qingyun Path, Xiao Changfeng loudly declared, “All those with a total less than 180 points are demoted to odd job disciples. 180 to 210 points will be 3rd grade outer sect disciples. 210 to 240 points, 2nd grade outer sect disciples. 240 points and above are 1st grade outer sect disciples.”

Outer sect disciples were segregated into 3 grades. The 3rd grade being the lowest and 1st grade as the best.

Different grades would receive different treatments.

1st grade outer sect disciples had their own courtyards, while 2nd and 3rd grade disciples were crammed together in a big compound.

1st grade disciples could purchase any sect goods worth 1000 gold every month, with 300 gold for 2nd grade, and 200 gold for 3rd grade disciples. Everyone knew that sect goods aren’t available to the public and were sought-after by many who were rich but didn’t have the status of a ‘sect disciple’.

To sum it up, in every aspect, 1st grade disciples were given better treatment than 2nd and 3rd grade disciples

Just like this, the odd job, 3rd grade, and 2nd grade disciples were sorted into their groups. Everyone focused their attention on Li Fuchen, who was the only 1st grade disciple.

“Damn it.” Shen Tu Liang who was unwilling to resign to his results, as he felt the willpower trial was useless. So what if you have strong willpower? With overwhelming skills, one can still beat up anyone with strong willpower.

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But he didn’t factor in that even if he passed the Qingyun Path; adding up the 90 points for the first two trials, his final score would still be far below 180 points and would still be deemed an odd job disciple.

“Lucky bastard! He actually made the 1st grade.” Glaring at the only 1st grade disciple, Li Fuchen. Guan Peng was in the worst mood ever.

“Elder, for what reason can a normal bone frame become 1st grade disciple?” Guan Peng couldn’t hold back anymore.

“Yeah, he is only a normal bone frame and is not qualified to be a 1st grade outer sect disciple.”

“1st grade outer sect disciples should be ridded of normal bone frames, even 1 star and 2 star bone frames should be excluded too.”

Among the 2nd grade disciples, there were a few 3 star extraordinary bone frame youths that were not convinced. Before all this, they had always been one of those prodigies blessed by heavens and were never oppressed by anyone.

Xiao Changfeng gave a snort of disagreement, “Every house has their own house rules, we have sect rules as well. The Cang Lan Sect rules states, anyone with a total score that exceeds 240 points are 1st grade disciples. Perhaps you would like to seek out the Sect Lord to amend these rules?”

“Elder, surely you jest. We are just giving our opinions.”

Those that raised their grievances felt fear for a moment. Asking them to seek the Sect Lord? Isn’t that a joke? What qualification do they have to seek the Sect Lord out? If the Sect Lord was enraged, the whole Cang Lan region would have a shift in landscape.

But in their hearts, they had put a mark on Li Fuchen; once given the opportunity, they will show him hell and prove that being a 1st grade disciple isn’t such a good thing after all.

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