Chapter 34: Qingyun Path

The second trial was a test of perception.

Each perception test consisted of ten groups, each with ten disciples.

The test was a simple. During the test, each disciple would receive a foundation sword style manual and within the time limit of one incense. The more sword moves you are able to perceive, the more points you are awarded with.

Li Fuchen12Li FuchenMain Protagonist unraveled the manual and realized that it really was foundation sword styles. A foundation sword style is inferior to even a low-tier, yellow class sword style and has almost no sword essence.

“A total of 14 moves, not much.” Li Fuchen analyzed seriously.

As the incense burnt out with time.

“Alright, you shall start first.” Each group had an exam elder, this examiner of Li Fuchen’s group pointed towards that youth.

The youth tensely picked up his steel sword to perform the sword style.

Six moves. In this short period of time, the youth barely comprehended six moves.

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“Bai Fei, 60 points.” The exam elder wrote down the points on Bai Fei’s registration log.

“A passing grade for comprehending six moves? Does it mean for every additional move, it is an extra 5 points?” Li Fuchen thought to himself.”

And as expected by Li Fuchen, six moves was 60 points, seven moves was 65 points, eight moves was 70 points, and 5 points for every additional move.

“Yang Kai, 75 points.”

“Shen Tu Jue, 65 points”

“Shen Tu Liang, 40 points.”

“Guan Peng, 60 points.”

“He Ping, 70 points.”

“Zhu Hongxiu. 75 points.”

Among them, Yang Kai and Zhu Hongxiu had the highest perception by comprehending 9 moves within the time limit. Shen Tu Liang being the worst by comprehending only 4 moves, not only did he fail this test, he only received 40 points.

This time, Shen Tu Liang had a totally different expression from during the bone frame examination, he was totally dumbstruck.

When it was Li Fuchen’s turn, everyone held their breath.

Those that participated in the Yunwu City’s genius contest, knew that Li Fuchen had an outstanding perception. If not, he wouldn’t be able to defeat Yang Kai and seize first place in the contest. Now everyone wanted to know exactly how high Li Fuchen’s perception go.

The time limit of one incense was more than enough for Li Fuchen. He even had the time to string each sword move to the next. Even though foundation sword styles were only the fundamentals, they did have more sword moves and required the moves to be strung together.

First move, second move, third move…

Wielding the steel sword, Li Fuchen executed the sword moves with ease, like the floating clouds and flowing water.

The exam elder’s eyes grew brighter and brighter. The difference between others and Li Fuchen wasn’t noticed by others, but he could see it. The other disciples merely just comprehended each move individually and didn’t strung them together. Li Fuchen on the other hand undoubtedly did it and did it with flying colours.

Sixth move, seventh move, eighth move…

The faces of Yang Kai, Guan Peng, and the rest all changed.

Thirteenth move.

Fourteenth move.

Having executed all fourteen moves, Li Fuchen remained calm and sheathed his steel sword.

“Good, well done.” This was the first time the elder praised anyone, “Li Fuchen, 110 points.”

If one could see it, the elder wrote on Li Fuchen’s registration card, ‘This disciple has an astounding perception for the sword arts. In just the time limit of one incense, not only did he comprehend all 14 sword moves, he even strung them together perfectly. 10 extra points.’

“110 points?”

He Ping and Zhu Hongxiu were both in awe. They suspected if Li Fuchen’s bone frame was a fake normal bone frame, if it wasn’t so, how do you explain his terrifying perception for the sword arts.

“Damn.” Guan Peng’s face looked cringed. Even though Li Fuchen only got 40 points in the bone frame examination, but adding the points from this perception test, he had a total of 150 points and was 30 points better than himself.

Yang Kai narrowed his eyes, while pondering.

“Look! Someone with 110 points appeared over there, what astounding perception!”

“110 points… I don’t think any of the previous disciples has ever achieved this, the best was 100 points.”

“Yeah, only those prodigies that get recruited in advance can achieve 110 points.”

(TL note: Prodigy > Genius, i.e. exceptional talents like Guan Xue)

“8 years ago, there was this prodigy that got 120 points. It was rumored that he comprehended the fifteenth move from the fourteen moves in the manual. He is called Sword Maniac and is now a Direct Disciple.”

(TL note: Direct Disciple is like a disciple who receive guidance directly from a high ranking elder)

“When Sword Maniac entered, he was already at the ninth level of the Qi Realm. That isn’t something we can compare with.”

The commotion over at Li Fuchen’s group garnered the attention of many. But none recognized him during the bone frame examination, who was only a normal bone frame.

“Perhaps he may be able to break the shackles of a normal bone frame and reach an outrageous realm.” Zhu Hongxiu thought to herself.


After the perception trial, came the most important trial, the willpower trial.

Of the 3 trials:

The Bone Frame Trial determined one’s innate talent and that can’t be changed.

The Perception Trial was determined by 2 equal parts of innate talent and efforts.

Only allowed on

The Willpower Trial on the other hand was totally up to the individual.

Thus, to a certain extent, the willpower trial was of utmost importance. If one does not possess a tenacious will and determination, even with the best bone frame, the day where this martial artist reaches the peak will never come. On the contrary, a normal bone frame individual may lack innate talent, but with tenacity and enough willpower, there was still hope to breakthrough to higher levels in the future.

Which means to say, if a certain individual possessed both innate talent and a strong willpower, they would never fail and would most probably have great achievements.

The willpower trial was not conducted on the Plateau Mountains but in a deep valley.

There was a green and spacious path that stretched from the entrance of the valley, all the way down into the depths of the valley. A thick mist and vile aura was tumbling within the valley, as if countless demons were concealed within, waiting to strike.

“What a ghastly road ahead.”

Li Fuchen’s pupil shrunk as he felt how treacherous the path was. It gave off an unknown kind of danger that he wasn’t familiar with, but yet, he still could feel the realism of its absurd reality.

“This is our Cang Lan Sect’s Qingyun Path. Passing it would mean that you are capable of rising in this world. If you are unable to do so, even if you have the best bone frame, it is worth nothing. We will judge you based on the time you aquire.”

(TL note: Qingyun Path also means the path to success)

There are many elders in place for the willpower trial. The one in charge was an elder with an unmeasurable qi and was obviously on a different level from the rest of the elders. If Li Fuchen didn’t get it wrong, he must be the one holding the most authority among all the outer sect elders, the outer sect’s Great Elder.

“Alright, all of you may enter!” The outer sect Great Elder gestured with a wave.

Hearing the order, everyone followed a line and entered the valley. In just a short while, shadows of the disciples were nowhere to be seen as they blended into the mist.

Once on the Qingyun Path, Li Fuchen felt a heavy weight on his body.

“Such an enormous pressure, it’s like carrying an object the weight of a few hundred kilograms.”

Li Fuchen face slightly turn serious, he didn’t know how long this Qingyun Path was. If it was longer than he could imagine, the weight would crush him alive.


No long after all the disciples entered the mist…

“Elder Xiao, do you think anyone will obtain full points for this willpower trial?” Chen Zongming changed his sight onto the Great Elder Xiao Changfeng.

Xiao Changfeng replied in a deep voice, “I’m afraid that is impossible, the Qingyun Path uses both pressure and illusions. For the past ten years, only 3 disciples were able to obtain full marks, and they were all 4 star and 5 star bone frame individuals that were recruited in advance.”

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