Chapter 33: Bone Frame Examination

As he came nearer, Li Fuchen12Li FuchenMain Protagonist realised how awe-inspiring the Cang Lan Sect was. Everything stated in the legends came to realization, a spotless sky clear as a blue crystal could be seen above.

Atop the thousands of peaks, pine trees were rooted with branches reached to the sky, and one could see countless Crowned Cranes soaring through the sky.

These Crowned Cranes had abnormally huge bodies, they were as tall as 10 meters and were also known as Giant Cranes. They had brightly colored feathers and were obviously the mutated version of ordinary Crowned Cranes. With lighting speed, they could easily pierce through clouds like an arrow.

Apart from that, deeper into the mountains, beastly roars could be constantly heard. Li Fuchen sighted an enormous python erecting half its body, spitting out mist after swallowing the clouds and absorbing the sun and moon’s essence within.

“Legends foretold that the sect could tame demonic beasts and use a unique pill to refine the demonic qi in it to spirit qi. It seems that all those stories are true.” Li Fuchen assumed that the Cang Lan Sect couldn’t have too many demonic beasts residing within. As demonic beasts were brutal and bloodthirsty monsters, thus they are unable to live in harmony with humans.

As everyone arrived at the foot of the mountain, a Giant Crane which had the strength of an ox came flying towards them. Riding on it was a veteran.

This veteran was obviously an outer sect elder and was here to guide everyone to the mountain.

The mountain was named Plateau Mountain, meaning stability and steadiness. It was one of the outer sect’s peaks, normally used for receiving guests or conducting outer sect disciple appraisal trials, and was the residence of many outer sect elders and deacons.

Among the other peaks, Plateau Mountain was one of the lower ones, with a height of 700 meters. On the path to the summit of the mountain, Li Fuchen noticed unending rows of houses and mansions along the way. There were also many busy outer sect deacons who are all at least at the level of the Origin Realm.

As Li Fuchen continued, he counted at least a hundred outer sect deacons and felt lament. The sect was worthy of its name, just this small peak contained so many Origin Realm experts and this was just a small portion of the deacons on Plateau Mountain. The Cang Lan Sect has more than a hundred peaks, some far beyond what the human eye can see and were hidden in the mist.

Reaching the top of the mountain, Li Fuchen’s eyes suddenly widened.

Plateau Mountain, as the name suggested, the top of the mountain looked like it was cleaved horizontally by god. There was this gigantic plateau which could hold thousands of people and on the other side of the plateau, was this massive monastery.

“Stand in a queue and enter in order to register your identity. Take note, do not make any error with your personal information, if not, you will need to take responsibility for it.” Chen Zongming said in the strict tone.

“Understood.” Li Fuchen and the rest nodded.

In front of them were at least a thousand disciples.

Outer sect disciple appraisals weren’t done on any fixed date of the month, but continuously carried out with every batch’s arrival. Because it would be too tiresome to appraise tens of thousands of disciples all in one go. Furthermore, every batch arrived at the different timing, just waiting wouldn’t be beneficial either.

The queue shorten very quickly and roughly after one hour, it was time for Li Fuchen’s group to register.

After the registration, the first segment of the trial began: Bone Frame Examination.

In order to examine the bone frame, a bone frame stone was required. The Li Clan only had a bone frame stone the size of a skull, but the Cang Lan Sect actually had one the size of a 3 meter wide boulder. It was a stone, but actually a special jadeite stone that was translucent and white in color.

“Jia Sanyou, 1 star bone frame, 50 points.”

“Lu Hao, 2 star bone frame, 60 points.”

“Fang Tao, 2 star bone frame, 60 points.”

“Xu Gan, 2 star bone frame, 60 points.”

“Luo Dahe, 3 star bone frame, 70 points.”


Li Fuchen noticed that the majority of the disciples had a 1 or 2 star bone frame and the minority were 3 star bone frames. After about every twenty disciples, one would have one who was a 3 star bone frame. But this was if you went into the details, if you were to look at the bigger picture, there were plenty of 3 star bone frame disciples.

The previous recruitment had around 10,000 disciples going through the appraisal, hence this year should be around the same quantity too. With one out of twenty being a 3 star bone frame, that would mean there were around 500 of them here.

For the first time, Li Fuchen felt uncertain.

Not because of his poor bone frame, but due to the fearsome sect. A 2 star bone frame was considered to be exceptional in any city, and a 3 star bone frame was a rare appearance. But in the sect, 2 star bone frames are worth nothing, there were 3 star bone frames everywhere and 4 star bone frames may be rare, but within the sect there should be plenty as well. 4 star bone frames were normally recruited in advance, thus, they aren’t normally seen during the appraisals, unless they were overlooked.

In a flash, it was time for Li Fuchen and group to get examined.

“Yang Kai, 3 star bone frame, 70 points.”

“Shen Tu Jue, 2 star bone frame, 60 points.”

“Shen Tu Liang, 1 star bone frame, 50 points.”

“Guan Peng, 2 star bone frame, 60 points.”

“He Ping, 2 star bone frame, 60 points.”

“Zhu Hongxiu, 3 star extraordinary bone frame, 75 points.”

In the hall, Zhu Hongxiu’s palm pressed on top of the bone frame stone. There was an obvious light red glow that was emitted from the stone, whereas all the previous cases were just strong or weak white lights.

“A 3 star extraordinary bone frame!” Many couldn’t help but gasp.

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3 star bone frames were considered elites in the sect, while 3 star extraordinary bone frames were equivalent to 4 star bone frames.

Zhu Hongxiu was surprised too, the Zhu Clan’s bone frame stone was only the size of a palm. It couldn’t possibly find out if the bone frame had any extraordinary power.

“3 star flame bone frame, not bad at all.” Chen Zongming was feeling blessed to be able to recruit a 3 star flame bone frame disciple. The sect will have to reward him with contribution points. These contribution points were extremely precious and only obtainable after contributing to the sect.

Liu Fangtao said enviously, “Congratulations Elder Chen, among the outer sect disciples, 3 star extraordinary bone frames disciples are the rarest with only a dozen of them.”

After Zhu Hongxiu step down, Li Fuchen took a step forward.

As Li Fuchen had expected, there was no reaction to the stone at all. This meant Li Fuchen had a normal bone frame that couldn’t cause any reaction in the stone.

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“Li Fuchen, normal bone frame, 40 points.” The exam elder gave a light frown, but without any emotions.

“A normal bone frame actually appeared, how unlikely!”

“The Cang Lan Sect hadn’t produce any normal bone frame disciples for a stretch of years now. Who could this youth be? Could be he a descendant of an inner sect elder?”

“No matter who his ancestor may be, he would most probably just be an odd job disciple.”

In the hall, there was always around 100 disciples. All of them who found out that Li Fuchen was only a normal bone frame gave him an unworthy look. If a normal bone frame disciple could become an outer sect disciple, the Cang Lan Sect would be stuffed with people.

“Heh heh!”

See this situation, Guan Peng and his group snickered at Li Fuchen and was glad he made a fool of himself.

Slowly exhaling, Li Fuchen left with a composed expression.

His bone frame is indeed a normal bone frame, but before he had the golden amulet, he always had a cultivation talent that was better than 1 star bone frames and was in no way any inferior to 2 star bone frames. If not, how could he be placed on the same genius level as Li Yunhai.

What’s more, this was only the first trial, the second and third trial was where he could demonstrate his talents.

As long as the total points from all three trials exceeded 180 points, he could become an outer sect disciple.

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