Chapter 32: Onwards to the Cang Lan Sect

The trip to the Cang Lan Sect covered a distance of 10,000 miles2miles1 Chinese mile = 500 meters. Even riding the Demonic Blood Steed which could travel 1000 miles per day, would still require almost half a month to reach the Cang Lan Sect.

On the highway, dozens of majestic Demonic Blood Steeds were galloping.

On the horseback were Chen Zongming, seven of the Cang Lan Sect’s inner sect disciples, and 7 of the newly recruited disciples which included Shen Tu Liang.

The Shen Tu Clan, which is the city lord’s clan is given an entry spot every 4 years and coincidentally, this year was the fourth year.

“Brother Zhan, how many disciples were recruited in the previous recruitment?”

Along the way, conversations were striked up time and time again, this time it was Yang Kai as he turned to ask Yang Zhan.

Yang Zhan replied, “Tons, nearly 10,000.”

“10 thousand?” Yang Kai gasped, “Is there so many cities under the Cang Lan region?”

Yang Lie who rode beside Yang Zhan explained, “Our Yunwu City is a small city, with only a population of 1 million for the entire region. Some of the other large cities have up to 10 million citizens within their region and have 10 or 20 entry spots. Other than those, within the Cang Lan region there are plenty of Martial Institutions that are responsible for grooming talents for the sect.”

“Martial Institution!”

Li Fuchen12Li FuchenMain Protagonist have heard of Martial Institutions before. In Yingfeng City’s region, there is the Yingcai Martial Institution, which is just a little over a hundred miles away from Yunwu City.

Martial Institutions mainly recruited ordinary civilians with the occasional major or minor clansmen. In fact, Martial Institutions were a good option due its competitive environment, as it could help inspire one’s fighting spirit.

But entry spots for Martial Institutes were tougher to obtain than entrance to the genius contests of the cities. In Yunwu City, the participants for the genius contest was around 100. But the participants for the genius contests within the Martial Institutes amounted in a far higher number…

Other than that, the competition within the Martial Institutes were harsh. Civilians from different cities gathered at the institute to change their destiny and were exceptionally hard working. Most of the clansmen that entered were overshadowed easily due to their different upbringing.

Of course, there were still plenty of clansmen who chose to enter the Martial Institute to harden themselves.

At this time, the outer sect elder Chen Zongming interrupted, “There are less Martial Institutes than cities, at around the ratio of 1:5. You people may have good talent, but in terms of combat skills, none of you may even be ranked top 10 at an institute. Thus, after entering the sect, don’t assume you are able to rise straight to the top. Without effort, you will still be left out and fall to the bottom.”

After the conversation, nobody treated that information with regards. After all, nobody wanted to admit to themselves that they were worse off than others, especially when one was from a major clan.


Arriving at Yingfeng City…

Yar! Yar! (TL note: Giddyup!)

On the spacious highway, two groups of horsemen converged.

“Elder Chen, what a coincidence!”

The one who spoke was a veteran riding on a black Demonic Blood Steed. Behind him were a group of Origin Realm experts and 20 youths of both genders.

“Elder Liu, greetings.” Chen Zongming gave a smile.

Elder Liu’s name was Liu Fangtao, he too was an outer sect elder.

“Elder Chen, did your trip to Yunwu City uncover any gems?” Li Fangtao sized up Yang Kai and the bunch, then nodded with approval. He knew how to do bone reading, he could make out that Yang Kai and Zhu Hongxiu had exceptional bone frames. But once his gaze fell upon Li Fuchen, he let out a sigh as he realized Li Fuchen’s bone frame was just normal and couldn’t fathom how he obtained the qualification to enter the Cang Lan Sect.

(TL note: Bone reading – like palm reading but it’s the bones instead)

“There are two 3 star bone frames, the rest are average and not worth mentioning.” In the eyes of Chen Zongming, he couldn’t be bothered with all of them except for Yang Kai and Zhu Hongxiu. The fact was that, if Zhu Hongxiu and Yang Kai didn’t make top 5, he would make an exception to recruit both of them.

“Two 3 star bone frames? Congratulations Elder Chen, I too only have five 3 star bone frames.” Li Fangtao threw a look over the youths behind him.

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Chen Zongming was slightly moved, “Elder Liu sure is humble, five 3 star bone frames is plenty enough.”

Liu Fangtao replied, “The genius contest held at the Yingcai Martial Institute had over a thousand contestants. Five 3 star bone frames out of a thousand is considered minimal.”

“If you compared civilians to clansmen, it is normal that the probability of talents appearing is slightly lower.” Chen Zongming nodded in agreement.

Youths from clans were born with either a silver or golden spoon and were normally well-nourished. Just based on this point alone, normal civilians could not even be compared.

“Five 3 star bone frames?” Li Fuchen took in a deep cold breath.

3 star bone frames wasn’t a daily sighting. It is said that one out of every five 2 star bone frame practitioners would advance to the Earth Realm. Whereas for a 3 star bone frame, the possibility increased to eight out of ten. Simply put, 3 star bone frames were practically future Earth Realm experts.

“The Yingcai Martial Institute gathered civilians from four cities, hence, having five 3 star bone frames is still normal. Seems like in the Cang Lan Sect, 3 star bone frames would have more attention, even 2 star bone frames are not regarded highly.” Li Fuchen knew what was going on.

Some of the youths standing behind Liu Fangtao glanced at Li Fuchen and the rest. Even though they did not have the insufferable arrogance of major clansmen, they did portray a hint of ego.

Over at the Li Fuchen’s side, Yang Kai, Zhu Hongxiu, and Li Fuchen remained calm. While Shen Tu Jue, He Ping, Guan Peng, and Shen Tu Liang seem to be uncomfortable, as this was their first time out of the Yunwu City region and the outside world was much harsher than they had imagine. They who only had 2 star bone frame, developed some insecurity.


With the roads running far and wide, all roads still led back to the sect.

There were many paths towards to the Cang Lan Sect, but they all converged to an enormous highway.

Gradually, the number of riders joining the crowd grew larger. Among them were elites from both the cities and institutes. Unknowingly the number of people increased to a few hundred and as the headcount rose, the atmosphere became rowdy.

“Do you know what bone frame he has?” Guan Peng was mixed in a group of strangers

“What is it?” Dozens of eyes were set on Li Fuchen.

Guan Peng gave a snicker, “Normal bone frame.”

Defeated by Li Fuchen twice has been a thorn in Guan Peng’s heart and making fun of Li Fuchen’s bone frame was his way of getting revenge.

“Entering the Cang Lan Sect as a normal bone frame sure is a rare sight.”

“So what if he could enter the sect? After the appraisal trial, he would definitely be an odd job disciple and would have nothing in common with us.”

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“That’s right, out of a thousand normal bone frames, one may not even have one Earth Realm expert. This is a fact that everyone knows of.”

All these youths had regards for bone frames and those with exceptional bone frames, more than often look down upon others whose bone frames were inferior to them, especially a normal bone frame.

Li Fuchen was a distance away, but their gossiping still found its way into his ears.

Li Fuchen chuckled by himself.

It seemed that for an unknown period of time in the future, he would not be able to avoid these judgements. But it didn’t matter, no one will ever know even if he had the worst bone frame, his soul spirit’s innate quality had long surpassed any ordinary 3 star bone frame’s.

Half a month past. They had arrived at an extensive road which was covered with riders and horses that flowed like a river.

“Is this the Cang Lan Sect?”

From afar, Li Fuchen could see a range of mountains. Along those mountains were tapered peaks that stabbed into the sky like arrows. Some of the peaks blossomed with beautiful purple and brilliant red flowers. Some were covered with lush greenery, emitting a glow of nature. Some had vigorous waterfalls like a white beard hanging down.

Every one of these peaks had a common sight, which was that at the mountainside or summit, radiant looking monasteries were built.

A surge of awe came from within all their hearts spontaneously.

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