Chapter 385 – Act Shamelessly

“Everyone, focus on dodging, avoid their attacks at all cost!”

Everyone dispersed, Huan Qing Yan called out her pig spirit treasure while Chu Huan Wen called out a mountain leopard.

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When they saw the pig spirit treasure everyone was startled, they didn’t expect the third ranker to possess this type of spirit treasure.

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However, as they witnessed the sea elephant stall for a moment after being tackled by the pig spirit treasure, their mind felt relieved.

Although pig spirit treasures were rather… uncommon, it was still something that they had encountered a few times before.

In addition, the performance of this particular pig spirit treasure was extraordinary and possessed the ability to stop a sea elephant’s charge head on.If it was them, they would never be able to do that.

Chu Huan Wen was even happier than the rest If someone possessed the ability to restrict the sea elephants, all they needed to do was draw out this battle and slowly weaken the two sea elephants to obtain victory.

His mountain leopard was nimble and was well suited for this situation.

Everyone’s spirit treasures rushed out and attacked from different sides, displaying the classic battle tactic – Ganging up.

Chu Huan Wen’s mountain leopard could also be considered to have one of the the highest attack power in their group, whenever it saw an opening, it went for the strike. However, after moving from the group, it got scratched by one of the sea elephant’s sharp tusks during a counter before it could group up with them; causing a gash to appear on its shoulder and fresh blood to flow out from it.

This heightened everyone’s vigilance.

After nearly an hour the two sea elephants finally fell.

Everyone was panting greatly.

When they checked their groups condition they found that to their delight only one person had gotten injured.

“Woah, the spirit energy within the meat of these two sea elephants seems to be very high, I bet we’ll get more than 2000 credits, and it might be way more? This time we are rich! Hahaha…”

Just as they were immersed in their happiness, a few individuals wearing the same green color uniform worn by new students appeared suddenly out of nowhere.

When this group of people saw the two sea elephants, expressions of joy were displayed on their faces, “Sea elephant! Its sea elephants!”

Huan Qing Yan also wanted to add another sentence, how could the world be so bloody small!

It was Wang Chao and his group which were made up of students in the top hundred rankings.

Due to the lack of light in the area and Huan Qing Yan standing behind her teammates, Wang Chao did not notice her immediately and did not know of her presence.

Wang Chao was a Six Star Spirit Master, with a glance he was able to determine that the meat these sea elephants possessed was pretty decent, ‘Fei Fei happens to be in a foul mood, I can get some of those for her’, thus he shouted loudly, “Sell some sea elephant meat to us, we want to eat some.”

“Sorry, we are intend to exchange the meat for credits, it’s not for sale.”

Chu Huan Wen’s teammates immediately bundled the sea elephant carcasses in rope that they prepared beforehand to prevent any unforeseen situation from happening.

However, when they started to tie up the carcasses, the other group acted.

They immediately pulled one of the carcasses over to their side.

“Aren’t you guys just some newbies in the three-hundreds rankings, don’t you recognize us elder bros? We’re all elite rankers in the top hundred rankings! These sea elephants should be shared by everyone whos seen them. Regardless of whether or not your  selling them, this one is ours!” Wang Chao sneered.

“Exactly, did all of you hear Brother Chao’s words? Brother Chao is a member of the Nan Gong Clan, one of the Eight Great Clan. If you know any better, you should present one sea elephant to Brother Chao…” one of his underlings started bootlicking.

Chu Huan Wen and his group were furious.

They had just finished battling with the sea elephants, and one of them was even hurt. If they were to engage in a fight, they would never be able to win against these elites who were in the top hundred rankings. But they were also reluctant to lose a sea elephant just like that…

“You guys better not go too far, else we’ll complain to the teachers.” A young lady beside Hou Ning Xue said angrily.

“Go ahead, just go ahead. You have no proof. All of you are just some trash, would the teachers really believe that you managed to kill two sea elephants by yourselves? We are the ones who spotted this sea elephant and killed it.” Wang Chao planned to act shamelessly to the end.

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