Chapter 43- Postgame

The god of war looked down from the balcony as the one who started the war with Eastguard fell to the side dead, while the youth that did him in uneasily returned to his feet out of instinct alone. His mind had left his skull it seems. The god of harvest then walked over to him before spilling half a tankard a wine along the way and greeting the god of war in a friendly manner.

“Since he cannot continue in that condition, the match is surely over.” (God of Harvest)

The god of war smirked.

“What is with the delay? Follow the rules and send in the next fighter.” (God of War)

The god of harvest was utterly surprised by the call for battle from the god of war. He must be desperate. The angel acting as the judge then called for the next opponent or the one hour delay, which Astrid7Astridcharacter waved off.

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She knew KMega6KMegacharacter’s current state even better than the god of war did.


The imperial looked amusingly at KMega because he figured a simple push would do it.

As he casually walked up to him, KMega reacted to his presence like a neutral npc turning hostile to the other. Even with all the stat penalties, KMega currently had enough weapon stats on his sword to only need one strike.Even if his stats didn’t meet the characteristics of his weapon needs, it was equipped before the penalty so it has much less attack power.

However, the surprise attack did half the work, while the other half was DoT.


Astrid smiled as the second imperial stood on the stage. When the match began, he started by throwing a dagger at KMega, but his nervousness made him miss. His second attempt ended just as well as the first. With only his halberd left, he lunged forward, but with a fire like glow in his eyes, he rushed in close at the opening and lunged the dragon4dragonspecies scale sword into the man’s chest. Since KMega’s lore changed to have a dragon ancestor, the dragon blood that was deep down inside of him rose to the surface. His dragon wife title was the true reason he was like this though. As with Astrid’s mother, dragons will fight until their body collapses to protect the things they care for. Deep down, KMega wanted more then anything to recuse Kieser, his first friend.


KMega then left his pod because of the safety system to rub some muscle ointment on his arms and legs. His body was sore from the muscle memory of being hit so much. He then took the time to take a shower and get something to eat before doing some exercise and checking out his stream. To his surprise. his figure was still standing there in the arena while the chat room was blowing up with hundreds of people chatting all at once. His body even grew a few green dragon scales, but the most surprising thing to him was that his body was moving without him being in the pod. When he saw this, he instantly rushed into the pod to only find a wall of notifications.


[You have defeated an imperial soldier in a duel in one move. Renown has increased by 26.]

[You have defeated an imperial soldier in a duel in one move. Renown has increased by 28.]

[You have defeated an imperial soldier in a duel in one move. Renown has increased by 27.]

[You have defeated an imperial soldier in a duel in one move. Renown has increased by 23.]

[You have defeated an imperial soldier in a duel in one move. Renown has increased by 131. You have received bonus renown for your five win streak.]

[You have won the tournament.]


[Do you wish to restore your physical condition? Yes/No.]


After reading over all the notices. he was puzzled by the renown stat he had never seen before. He then looked over his stats real fast and a new title appeared called ‘Growing Legend’.

It was a new title that was created with the companion update.

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