Chapter 44- Victory Conditions

When KMega6KMegacharacter entered the game again, he was basked in the healing light of a god.

He was slightly annoyed though after seeing that over half his stats haven’t been restored by what he’s now going to call his last stand perk. He just got back to full strength too.

The moment his consciousness entered the arena, he fell to his knees.

“As the victors of the tournament, the union of five states will receive the blessings of the gods for six months. The borders will also return to what they once were.

As the final victor, Eastguard will have an additional six months of protection and blessings.

As for the champion of the tournament, we bestow you with this….” (Announcer)


KMega barely heard the announcement as a full set of gold armor descended.

In addition, it came with a short sword, a shield, and a greatsword.

The weapons were a little bonus from the god of war who won a wager against his sibling god, not to mention enjoying a good show.

“Hey, empire as*****s! I’ll trade you that suit of armor if you return the rest of the people you stole!” (KMega)


Silence then fell over the arena because what was being presented to him as reward was an account bound legendary suit of armor. It’s stats were also comparable to the sword that Astrid7Astridcharacter made for him, maybe better. Being an unlikely winner boosted his reward because you would normally only receive an epic or perhaps a legendary item if you were lucky, but KMega’s shout basically meant that a gamer was giving up such items for an npc.

There was shock and disbelief through the crowd as any gamer watching the tournament would call him a fool. However, an even bigger shock came from the empire’s side.

“Even if we could gather them all, the damage has already been done to both sides. No deal.” (General Marcus)


General Marcus looked at the young man that proposed such a thing while on his knees in the middle of the area in amazement. His audacity unnerved him. Of course, the deal he proposed was very beneficial for the empire because it was only worth a few hundred slaves, or even thousands for an armor set that would make a man equal ten thousand. It was impossible to fulfil the deal because KMega actually had the ability to make the payment and the gods were watching. General Marcus chose his wording carefully as tears started flowing from the young man. The unstoppable spirit that he showed before was crumbled in an instant.

“To go so far for his people…. If only he came to the empire instead.” (General Marcus)

An admiration was born in that moment as KMega uneasily rose to his feet before walking over to his woman and collapsing in her arms.

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“Hey, dragon4dragonspecies woman.” (Marcus)


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Astrid then looked at the man that broke her mate with his words with deep hatred in her eyes.

“Take care of that man. Tell him that I’ll destroy him the next time we meet.” (General Marcus)

The empire’s general then turned away as Astrid took KMega to the cot he used before to lay down on before snuggling close to him. In truth, she wanted to do unspeakable things to KMega right now that would cause an uproar to ever broadcasting station for the tournament, but that wouldn’t be fair to him because he wouldn’t enjoy. She could only take off his gear and use her partner setting to put his clean and untattererted set of undergarments on him before going to his side. She then hooked her arm over his body before her wing covered them up.

She was secretly planning on giving her mate a reward when the opportunity arises.

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