Chapter 45- Aftermath

After every war, every npc nation that entered said war is giving a non-conflict period applied to them in order to rebuild. This time is usually based on the involvement in the war and the outcome. For the nations other than Eastguard and Centerguard, this period lasted for a month. Centerguard’s was two months, while Eastguard’s was a year. This means that any individual affiliated with those nations other than mercenaries can’t go to war, with the exception to aid their allies. As for the Markwell empire, to say that they didn’t gain anything would be a vast understatement. Eastguards rich harvests were plundered, it’s royal city and treasury were seized, and they made out with thousands of people for slave labor.

However, due to a virtuous knight’s efforts. the latter of the three has been reduced greatly.

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Weise, in his god avatar as the god of order, looked dumbfoundedly at KMega6KMegacharacter as he made his trade offer. He knew that boy was special. When he laughed after thinking so, the other gods naturally looked his way. His role was to solely keep things running smoothly.

He chuckled and said, “What an interesting lad.” (God of Order)

He then left, and as if on cue, the other gods left as well, but the god of war caught his sibling god by the shoulder as he tried to leave.

“Well now. Thirty one to one against my finest war horse. Don’t worry about it though, I’ll give you time to ‘pay up’.” (God of War)


KMega then logged out after there was nothing left of the tournament for him. He was mentally and physically tired after being in the game for nearly sixteen hours straight, even with the momentary breaks every now and then. He then dove head first into his bed, not noticing that his streamer2streamerstory mechanic camera was looking at him. The one watching him wanted to share his bed with him deep down before reaching into the net for information to make it possible.


Yirk looked relieved and thought that the scene of Astrid7Astridcharacter cuddling up to KMega was cute.

When they have the time, we should perform an official marriage ceremony. First things first though, they had to rebuild Eastguard. Unbeknownst to KMega, there has already began a large reform movement in Eastguard. No one was blaming the former king or anything for the failure since he gave his life, but when the empire emptied the royal vaults, dozens upon dozens of wagons of gold and other treasures were carted away from the empire.


As a knight, Yirk knew that a national budget was given, but he didn’t think that they had that much in reserves. In fact, Eastguard had a large reserve of wealth built over countless years of its existence, but the cost of building and maintaining an army is high. Still, many took such wealth because the nobles were greedy and hoarded it instead of spending it on the people, which is true to a certain degree. The truth didn’t matter to the public full of resentment and pain though, so Eastguard took the first steps to becoming a republic.

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In a well lit red sand arena, there stood a pair of young men that had bruises and scrapes covering their bodies. Neither of them wanted to be here, but the only way to survive was to kill the other man in front of them. This place was a blood sport arena under a noble’s house in the Markwell empire.


While they condone slavery, it was illegal by the gods. As the onlookers cheered, the two hit one another until one of them collapsed. The other then backed up and staggered as the arena went quiet before the host ran up.

“Finish him.” (host)

The one standing looked at the man and gave him the finger.

“F*** you Imperial b****rd!” (Slave)

The man looked at the one that badmouthed him unamused before quickly deciding to take his tongue for his defiance.

Naturally, the one standing in the arena was Kieser, KMega’s friend that he’s been looking for over the last several months.

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