Chapter 394 – Extremely Vicious

She really wanted to kill him!


Ji Mo Ya raised his head and laughed, the heavens had played him for a fool. He could only find himself lamentable, pitiful, and sad…

He felt like a ridiculous clown, in the end it was just him imagining that his love was being reciprocated!

The reincarnated girl had wanted to grab the drop of blood, but she retreated out of fear when she heard Ji Mo Ya’s terrifying laughter.

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She had planned to feed that drop of blood to Bai Chen Feng, it would aid his cultivation greatly, and if it could even help him awaken a second spirit treasure, it would be even better!

Bai Chen Feng positioned Huan Qing Yan behind him to defend her before he cautiously looked at Ji Mo Ya who was laughing crazily, “Young Master Ya, you have already heard Little Yan. I hope you can give us your blessings. If I have the chance in the future, this Bai Chen Feng will return you this favor.”

Ji Mo Ya currently looked like a mad man, that graceful and elegant poise of a young noble master was completely gone. There was also some mist like substance dissipating behind his eyes while he stared deeply at Huan Qing Yan.

The reincarnated girl dared not look at him straight in the eye, she hid behind Bai Chen Feng, “He tried to force himself, that’s why I tried to use a knife and kill him. Ninth Dear, we do not owe him anything.”

Her words were extremely vicious and heartless.

The hand holding Ji Mo Ya’s Cosmos Brush trembled, his gaze darkened as he slowly said, “Good, you have my blessings, scram!”

Huan Qing Yan was going crazy while being stuck in the passenger seat within her consciousness! No, I do not want things to be like this. Young Master Ya, let me explain…

Reincarnated girl, you murderous thing! Return me my body!

When Huan Qing Yan saw the cold, sorrowful, and lonely figure of Ji Mo Ya her heart could only feel extreme pain.

No, she must not allow the reincarnated girl to continue with this!

She must get back her body!

Bai Chen Feng held the reincarnated girl’s hand as the two hurriedly left.

The reincarnated girl was still feeling unwilling when she noticed, where’s that drop of heart’s blood?

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It had unknowingly vanished into the waters depths!

A normal person’s heart blood was extremely precious, and more importantly it belonged to Ji Mo Ya…

A heart’s blood would not dissipate into water without reason, did Ji Mo Ya secretly retrieve it? She no longer had the chance to regain it even if she wanted to try again.

The only thing she could leave with Bai Chen Feng unwillingly. If they remain any longer, she was worried that Ji Mo Ya would no longer tolerate them and kill them.

Ji Mo Ya remained at this original position as he gazed at the departing figures of Huan Qing Yan and Bai Chen Feng for a long time.

After that, he calmly spoke into the water, “Tyrant King Lizard’s remnant soul, right? Return my heart’s blood!”

A huge shadow emerged from the darkness, along with it came bone piercing chill. It had the vague form of a lizard. However, it was much larger than normal lizards by an unknown number of times.

It spoke in a hissing voice, “What if this king does not want to? Sha sha sha, even though that chick missed your heart, you are already injured before you came here brat. What can you do to me?”

“True, this Young Master is indeed been twice injured, but this is more than enough to handle a remnant demon soul like yours.” Ji Mo Ya pulled out an exquisite looking mirror.

The mirror surface shone brightly.

Demon Revealing Mirror!

The Demon Revealing Mirror was an item that had the effect of restraining and suppressing the demon race. When used against demon souls without their bodies, its effect was even stronger!

On the ancient carvings of the mirror, appeared a human figure. This figure seemed to contain immense power. With a glare from it, the huge shadow immediately shrunk by a large amount.

A startled voice came from the shadow, “You are a member of the Ji Mo Clan?”

“My late father is called Ji Mo Wu Hui, he was also the same person that came to this cave to strengthen the seal on it. I’m sure you have some memories…” Ji Mo Ya blandly said.

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