Chapter 393 – I Have Never Loved You!

“Huan Qing Yan, do you want to die? I told you to stay away from Bai Chen Feng but you still do this!” Ji Mo Ya’s gaze was murderously cold, his hand was on her neck.If he applied even a bit of strength, Huan Qing Yan would die on the spot.

Due to the state of her neck, the reincarnated girl’s face was flushed red as her limbs uselessly flopped around.

“Young Master Ya, if you are a man then put down Little Yan and come at me instead.”

Ji Mo Ya could never bear to really hurt her. He changed his position and carried her under one arm before summoned his Cosmos Brush. A beautiful line was drawn from the brush and headed straight towards the approaching Bai Chen Feng, “Go at you? That’s great, how dare you touch my woman! Bai Chen Feng, you have guts!”

Huan Qing Yan who was still stuck in the passenger seat of her body was feeling very anxious. Dammit, dammit reincarnated girl, are you going to let me takeover or not!

How could the reincarnated girl last for so long today?

Young Master Ya was not just simply angry this time, he was also disappointed with her. His gaze when he looked at her possessed traces of grief and hurt. If things were to continue, her relationship with Ji Mo Ya might reach an irreversible state.

God, she’s going crazy!

On the other side, Bai Chen Feng beard under the powerful killing intent emitted by Ji Mo Ya, “Young Master Ya, Little Yan and I have known each other for many years. he person she loves is me!  She got rather close to you before, but that was because I, Bai Chen Feng, had let her down. But now, she is willing to be with me. Even if you tear us apart, it would be useless! Although I, might temporary lose to you in terms of cultivation, every dog will has his day. After thirty years, you might never know who will be stronger…”

His words were implying that; even if you kill me, I would never take a single step back.

Once I get the chance, I will definitely defeat you.

A storm condensed behind Ji Mo Ya’s eyes, he smiled coldly, “Tear you apart? The one she loves is you? Bai Chen Feng you are overthinking too much!”

Suddenly, a cold light flashed.

The reincarnated girl, who was clamped under Ji Mo Ya’s armpit, drew a knife and decisively stabbed it  into Ji Mo Ya’s chest!

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This action of hers caught everyone by surprise!

Huan Qing Yan saw everything from her passenger seat shouted out uncontrollably, “No! No!”

But except for the reincarnated girl, no one was able to hear her.

The reincarnated girl’s stab was extremely accurate and vicious, and Ji Mo Ya had never expected her to ambush him and thus hadn’t put up any defenses Therefore, the sharp knife used for harvesting was stabbed directly at his heart…

Bai Chen Feng was dumbstruck.

He never would have expected Huan Qing Yan to use such a vicious attack! For his sake, Little Yan had used a knife to stab Young Master Ya!

However, the person that was in the most shock of all of them Ji Mo Ya himself.

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Ji Mo Ya’s irises shrunk as his expression displayed utter disbelief. He held on to the small harvesting knife, a drop of blood from his heart travelled down and fell off of the knife before being carried away by the water.

That drop of red blood, was floating within the water, instead of dissipating it maintained a condensed shape.

“Why? Yan Girl, why?” Ji Mo Ya’s voice was like a withered ancient mountain.

Behind the voice was endless grief and disbelief.

The reincarnated girl retreated back several steps in trepidation. She had hoped that with the success of her ambush, Ji Mo Ya would surely die. Even if he hadn’t, he would at least be heavily injured.

Yet contrary to her expectations, Ji Mo Ya only clutched at his chest and showed no signs of collapsing.

“Ji Mo Ya, the person I love is Bai Chen Feng… I have never loved you! Please give us your blessings!”

The last feather of hope within Ji Mo Ya’s eyes had extinguished, he suddenly felt like laughing.

After so much effort and paying a heavy price for her sake, what he got in return was a lethal stab from her.

If not for his unique body constitution, coupled with the secret ancient technique of his clan. This knife would have ended his life immediately.

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