Chapter 395 – No Way Out

Although he was currently in an extremely weakened state,Ji Mo Ya had to deal with this remnant soul of the Tyrant King Lizard immediately. Or else Bai Chen Feng and Huan Qing Yan would forever be unable to leave this place.

The Ancient Tyrant King Lizard was a transcendent entity. Even though the huge lizard in front of him was only a shred of its original soul, it was not something that could be easily dealt with by him in the state he was in right now.

Fortunately, he had the aid of the human figure within the mirror.

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He smiled bitterly.

Even now, he was still worried about her safety.

When the shadow moved and was about to act, Ji Mo Ya unhesitatingly raised the Demon Revealing Mirror.

With a bright flash, the huge shadow quickly shrunk and turned into a large lizard.

As the lizard was immersed within the mirror’s shining light it stopped moving. It was as if a freezing spell had been cast on it, preventing it from moving.

The large lizard was aghast, “So you’re a member of the Ji Mo Clan. Let’s talk this through, your heart’s blood has already been absorbed by this king; I am unable to return it even if I wanted to. How about this, I’m willing to follow you, and when you encounter a powerful enemy, this I’ll possess you and lend you my strength. With this arrangement, you’ll become peerless under the heavens. So how about it?”

Ji Mo Ya coldly sneered, “Let a demon possess my body? Are you treating me as a fool?”

“Don’t talk like this, there are many within the Surging Wave Academia who want to capture this king’s soul and borrow my strength. You can just treat it as though you’ve obtained another spirit treasure. Isn’t that be a good thing?” the large lizard tempted.

After it sneakily devoured Ji Mo Ya’s hearts blood, its powers underwent a huge boost. Besides, the soul stone sealing formation was damaged and could no longer seal it, which was why it dared to take such fearless actions.

However, the current situation had been reversed, it had to submit even if it didn’t want to.

Ji Mo Ya smiled coldly, “This young master does not wish to possess a spirit treasure like you!”

What a joke, this large lizard possessed the strength of a King Rank. The only reason he got the upper hand right now was because he managed to corner it using its weakness.

If he was to release it? Who would believe that it would stay honest and obedient!

“You must think this through clearly! If you do no agree, this king will just struggle with everything I have. With your current strength, even if you wield this mirror it would not be enough to handle this king!”

Noticing that the soft approach was not possible, the large lizard adopted a tougher stance.

With the current situation, if it struggles with its life on the line it’s still possible for it to breakaway from the Demon Revealing Mirror.

“Is that so?” Ji Mo Ya’s expression was calm, “I forgot to inform you, this young master’s drop of blood possesses a small inhibitor, do you still think you can do anything right now?

“What!” the large lizard shouted in alarm. After it secretly checked its condition, it was outraged, “You… are very cunning!”

Didn’t it meant that it had fallen into Ji Mo Ya’s trap from the very beginning?

Human were truly despicable!

It originally thought that it still had a fifty percent chance of winning. ut now that an inhibitor had been planted into its body, its strength was naturally suppressed by a great amount, its chances of winning was basically zero

“Finished talking? You are just a demon, you should stop trying to trick this young master.” Ji Mo Ya turned serious and started focusing his energy to the Demon Revealing Mirror.

Seeing that it had no way out, a malicious flash appeared within the large lizard’s eyes!


After a long while, Ji Mo Ya walked out of the cave. The maze within the cave had completely disappeared.

That small harvesting knife was still stabbed into Ji Mo Ya’s chest, without looking back, he moved upwards and left the ocean surface, flying far away.

However, that back of his looked extremely lonely and pitiful, it even caused the surrounding sea to give off a sorrowful feeling.


“Little Yan, Little Yan, here’s a marking! We’ve found the path that we entered by!” Bai Chen Feng said excitedly.

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He noticed that Huan Qing Yan, who was behind him did not react to his words.

When he turned around Huan Qing Yan was floating in the water, her legs not touching the ground. Her hands tightly gripping the stone that she plucked from the cave wall.

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