Chapter 60 (V2): Showing Her Might

Management Wu was the maidservant in charge of carrying out the punishment of servants within the Shi household. Nanny Liu immediately panicked and quickly forced a laugh, “Young Mistress, may I know the reason for calling Management Wu over?”

Sang Wan coldly glared at her without speaking. Seeing Sang Wan’s expression, Zhide scolded Nanny Liu, “How bold of you! Is there a need for Young Mistress to explain everything she wishes to do to you!”

Nanny Liu was at a loss for words and she quickly smiled, “Then, this old servant shall not bother Young Mistress. This old servant still has things to do so I shall leave first!”

“Stand still!” Sang Wan coldly voiced out.

“Does Young Mistress have something she wishes to instruct this old servant?” Nanny Liu was taken aback.

Sang Wan ignored her entirely and headed to Baoxia Hall which was not far away.

Zhide glared back at Nanny Liu and said to her, “What Young Mistress tells you to do, just do. Stop with the nonsense and hurry over now!” before hurrying to help Sang Wan over.

Nanny Liu had no choice and gently slapped her own mouth before following behind anxiously.

Not too long later, Management Wu arrived and stepped forward to give her greeting before seeking the issue.

Sang Wan looked towards Zhide and pouted her lips at her. “You tell Management Wu what happened just now.”

“Yes Young Mistress!” Zhide responded before describing the issue in full details.

Management Wu’s expression changed slightly and she gave a glimpse at Nanny Liu.

Management Wu could, at any moment, make Nanny Liu’s life turn miserable with just a sentence. Nanny Liu immediately panicked under pressure and kneeled on the floor to seek forgiveness while offering an explanation at the same time, “This old servant deserves to die, but it isn’t this old servant’s fault! It was Miss Gu who instructed this old servant to give Second Young Master Sang the five silvers to send him off. Miss Gu also said there was no need to tell Young Mistress——”

“Presumptuous!” Sang Wan coldly cut her off and sneered, “Useless woman, if you want to lie, then think first before saying! My family member came, and since he was here to see me, what did that have to do with Miss Gu? Miss Gu isn’t a foolish woman to give such a ridiculous instruction. And even if she did give you instructions, it would be to go to Ning Garden1Ning GardenSang Wan & Shi Fengju's place of residence to inform me!”

“This old servant isn’t lying, this old servant is speaking the absolute truth!” Nanny Liu cried her grievance.

“You still don’t wish to admit your mistake?” Sang Wan raged and pointed at her, “I think you must have turned foolish due to your age! Should I invite Miss Gu over and have this settled with her present? En?”

The word “Okay” almost blurted out of Nanny Liu’s mouth but she quickly held it back in as her face turned pale in an instant.

She was not foolish to that degree. She knew that even if Gu Fangzi were to come, she would definitely not admit while mentioning for her to provide evidence to support her claim. And even if there were some evidence, offending Gu Fangzi would not do any good for her in the Shi household. Not only would she herself be unlucky, her entire family would also have to suffer alongside!

“Foolishness is on this old servant! Foolishness is on this old servant! This old servant must’ve been possessed and spoke those foolish words that shouldn’t be spoken! Young Mistress, please have mercy on this old servant! This old servant wouldn’t dare anymore, this old servant wouldn’t dare!” Nanny Liu slapped herself on the face, left and right, and cried for mercy.

Sang Wan frowned and signaled to Zhide.

Zhide’s face dimmed and she scolded, “Quiet! Yelling in front of Young Mistress and telling her what to do next! Does this household not follow the rules anymore!”

Nanny Liu’s shoulders immediately sank. She submitted entirely to Sang Wan and dared not utter another sound as she sent her pleas through her eyes.

Sang Wan might have a good temperament on a normal day, but that did not mean she did not have a temper. If someone were to infuriate her and she were to let them off easily, her days in the household would no longer be peaceful anymore! Keeping the expression she had, she coldly shot a glance at Management Wu.

Management Wu quickly rushed up to her and exclaimed, “It’s all this servant’s fault for not strictly disciplining the servants beneath sufficiently which caused them infuriate Young Mistress!”

Management Wu was close with Nanny Li and already knew that the household would soon be managed under Sang Wan. Seeing that Sang Wan showed no mercy and wishes to operate on Nanny Liu and have her be the sacrifical lamb to show the rest of the servants, Management Wu hoped to buy a favor and continued, “Nanny Liu is careless in the way she handled the matter, for offending and challenging the head, by the rules, she shall be punished with 20 beatings with the plank, have her salary be penalized for half a year, and be sent to the farm to do labor work!”

“Young Mistress!” Nanny Liu screamed in fear and lay weakly on the floor.

Sang Wan loosened her expression a little but she had no intentions of speaking for Nanny Liu. Instead, she asked indifferently, “How many people are there in her family? What are they working as in the household?”

Management Wu’s heart could not help but pound heavily. In her heart, she praised her Young Mistress for being exceedingly merciless!

Quickly, she replied, “There are four members including Nanny Liu herself. Other than she and her husband, they have a son and a daughter. I’ll simply have them all reunite at the farm!”

“Then so be it. All to follow according to the rules!” Without even giving a glance at Nanny Liu, Sang Wan nodded and threw that single sentence before leaving with Zhide.

“Yes Young Mistress!” Management Wu dared not breathe too loudly and bow respectfully, “I shall escort you out!”

Management Wu secretly reminded herself that she would rather offend Miss Gu than someone like Young Mistress for she would be the one to become the head of the household in the future!

The matter was handled cleanly with Miss Gu pushed out of the way and Nanny Liu punished severely – it was absolutely stunning! Miss Gu was put at a difficult spot; to help Nanny Liu would mean she confirms to Nanny Liu’s words which would threaten her reputation. But by not helping, it was made clear that Nanny Liu was the scapegoat. Seeing the inevitable ending which fell on Nanny Liu, who would dare to do anything for her in the future? Even if they were to, they would first have to carefully think of the consequences.

On the other hand, Sang Wan had not only raised a position for herself to not let others look down on her, but also expressed her big-heartedness an official wife could have towards a concubine. Miss Gu would definitely not be able to refuse the favor!

Upon seeing Liu Ya bring Second Young Master Sang back, Sang Wan let out a sigh of relief and smiled happily, “My second brother, seriously, if you’re here to see me, why leave first without doing so?”

Sang Yufei felt a little embarrassed but he did not wish to upset his sister by telling her about the incident he had just then, so he smiled and said, “I wasn’t in a hurry. But I was afraid you might be busy so I left!”

“No matter how busy I am, you’re my brother!” Sang Wan stared at him with her eyes wide opened before speaking in dissatisfaction, “And what’s more, you’re about to participate in an examination held in a town. Such a big thing, I ought to give you some support!” With that said, she added with an uncertain tone, “Second Brother, you should stay here for a few days!”

Sang Yufei had wanted to refuse, but seeing his younger sister pretending to be angry if he did, he could not bear to disappoint her. Moreover, he had also wanted to see how exactly his younger sister was spending her time here in the Shi household, so he accepted with a smile.

Sang Wan heaved a sigh of relief and smiled, “That’s great! I haven’t talked a great amount with Second Brother for a long time already!” She ordered some servants to tidy the guest room and brought Sang Yufei to meet with Wang Shi.

At the entrance of the courtyard, Shi Lian happened to walk out. Seeing Sang Wan and Sang Yufei, she was startled and wanted to escape, but she hesitated for a long while before going up to them and greeted with a smile, “Sister-in-law!”

After the incident by the pond, the relationship between Shi Lian and Sang Wan became somewhat closer than before. Occasionally, she would go over to where Sang Wan was to sit and chat.

Regardless whether the visits were done with a good heart, but since Shi Lian was of help at that time and had taken the initiative to do so, Sang Wan was more than pleased to welcome her visits. Coming and going, the two became more familiar with each other.

Sang Yufei withdrew and stood at a side as Sang Wan went to hold Shi Lian’s hand. With a nod, she asked with a smile, “Were you here to keep Mother company? Is everything alright with Mother?”

Shi Lian became low in spirits for a split second, but she quickly smiled and shook her head, “Mother is having an idle chat with Nanny Jiang, everything’s fine! Sister Sang Wan, go in quickly, I’ll not delay Sister Sang Wan any further. Let’s chat again later!”

Sang Wan smiled and nodded. As she watched Shi Lian leave, she urged Sang Yufei and entered together with him.

Seeing a talented man that was both polite and elegant, and had an aura of literacy, Wang Shi took a liking to him and was courteous towards him. Wang Shi heard that he was going to Hangzhou to take his examinations and became envious of him, “That’s really good! Second Young Master Sang is a man with talents, your wisdom must be the same too! I’m sure you’ll be able to get the top title! When will my third child ever be as great as you!”

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Sang Wan forced a smile. As for Sang Yufei, he almost laughed and cried. He pondered a little about what the old mistress had said. When had talent and wisdom ever come together? But seeing that her younger sister’s mother-in-law was someone quite interesting, it was at least not some elder whose temperament was strange.

“I’ll be borrowing Aunt Wang’s words and visit again when I attain it!” Sang Yufei laughed.

“Will do, will do!” Wang Shi nodded and smiled, “We’re relatives, so seeing each other often should be something we ought to do! It doesn’t matter if Second Young Master Sang didn’t get the title, Second Young Master Sang is still young! The next time Second Young Master Sang comes to visit, I’ll have someone bring my third child to let you give him some pointers!”

Sang Yufei was taken aback for a moment and the smile on his face was a little stiff as he gave a reply uneasily.

Sang Wan was a little uncomfortable with where the conversation was heading, with the big examinations coming near, her mother-in-law’s words were not too nice to hear even though it was unintentional! She feared that her mother-in-law may blurt out more words which would make them feel more uneasy and she quickly spoke, “I heard that the third young master was the top few in Yuanchang College. I’m sure he is very knowledgeable too. Mother, you’re being too modest!”

Sang Yufei was also slightly surprised and said, “So Third Young Master Shi is in Yuanchang College. The professor incharge of the college there is someone who retired from Hanlin Academy located in the capital. His knowledge is broad and profound, Third Young Master Shi is definitely bound to be able to get the number one title!”

As a mother, there was none who dislike listening to someone praising their son, and Wang Shi was no exception. Hearing so, she grinned and spoke cheerfully, “Second Young Master Sang truly knows how to speak! Keke, if something like that really comes true, this old woman will definitely be too happy to sleep!” Her grin continued as she spoke, “He only turned 16 and is still a little young. When the time comes, I’ll have him give it a try. When that happens, do give him a few pointers!”

Sang Yufei quickly smiled and agreed.

Sang Wan secretly found it funny. To think that her second brother actually knows how to flatter others. Her mother-in-law was now elated, like a blooming flower!

“Mother,” Sang Wan took the chance and requested, “The route there is tiring, I was thinking of letting my second brother stay in the household for a few days…”

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Before Sang Wan could finish, Wang Shi nodded hurriedly and smiled, “That ought to be, that ought to be! There’s still time anyway, so Second Young Master Sang, stay here a few days! Rest well, and if you’ve anything you need, you can just tell your younger sister!”

Sang Yufei quickly got up and gave his thanks.

Wang Shi lifted her hand and waved to forego the formality before she smiled, “You siblings really are too polite! No need for it, we’re now a family!”

Sang Wan smiled in response before leaving with Sang Yufei.

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