Chapter 63 – Desert Black Snake

“Duke…” Qiqi earnestly lied down on Liu Zhongtian’s desk and took the bamboo scroll in his hands away. She forced him to look at her, “Are there snakes in this desert?”

“Yes!” Liu Zhongtian was just about to pick up the scroll when Qiqi snatched it away again and threw it to one side. Liu Zhongtian was somewhat furious. What did this Wei Qiqi want to do?

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“Help me catch one!” Qiqi shook his arms and began to act coquettishly.

“Ask the soldiers to catch them for you!”

“I’m now a Royal Concubine. The impression won’t be good. People will think that I’m crazy. You help me catch!”

“Wei Qiqi!” Liu Zhongtian was somewhat unhappy as he looked at her. He didn’t know why she was so weird today. One moment she wanted silver, the next moment she wanted to catch snakes.

“Duke…” Qiqi’s voice became gentle. That voice caused Liu Zhongtian to feel helpless.

“I really can’t do anything to you!”

Liu Zhongtian stood up, “If we bump into a poisonous snake, I will let you be its food!”

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“Duke is really vicious!” Qiqi purposely added playfulness in her tone and coquettishly said. Liu Zhongtian almost laughed. He was somewhat not used to her being so despicable.

Seeing that Liu Zhongtian had agreed, Qiqi happily grabbed Liu Zhongtian’s hands and pulled him out of the big tent. Qiqi’s hands were extremely soft. Liu Zhongtian was somewhat infatuated with the feeling of being pulled. When they walked out of the tent, Liu Zhongtian reluctantly pushed away Qiqi’s hands and walked out in big strides.

Qiqi carried her bag and followed behind. She looked at Liu Zhongtian with doubts. She didn’t know whether a man like him would have any girls liking him in the modern society. He is wooden, strict and chauvinistic…

Wei Qiqi swore that as the female inheritor of the Wei Group, she would definitely not take an extra look at him. However now it was different. She was staying under his shelter in a foreign land. She still had to rely on him.

Two of them very quickly left the camp and came to the desert. Liu Zhongtian led Wei Qiqi to a place where there were cactus and many stones. He then warned her, “You will stay at a side to look while I catch the snake!”

“Yes, Uncle Duke!”

“What a naughty fella!”

Liu Zhongtian proned down and carefully observed. He then spoke softly, “It is middle sized with shiny scales and a pair of small eyes. Its body is black or dark grey and is not poisonous. We can catch it!”

When he spoke finish, Liu Zhongtian quickly extended his hand and shook it. A dark grey snake collapse on the desert, not moving. Liu Zhongtian picked up the snake.

“Here. What do you want the snake for?”

Qiqi happily put the snake into the bag. She then widened her eyes and looked at the crevice between the stones.

“There’s another one, I’ll catch it!” After speaking finish she ran to the front of Liu Zhongtian and extended her hand towards the snake. Qiqi was very smug. Wasn’t it just flicking the tail of the snake? She learnt it.

“Wait!” Liu Zhongtian was alarmed and he grabbed onto Qiqi’s waist. Qiqi’s hands hadn’t touched that snake and she was grabbed by Liu Zhongtian and went tumbling over to one side. The snake pounced forward from within the crevice. It didn’t bite the target and then it returned into the crevice.

Qiqi’s whole body was filled with sand. She furiously hit Liu Zhongtian.

“Bastard, I almost caught it. What are you doing? Taking advantage of me again!”

“That’s a Desert Black Snake. It has extremely lethal poison, are you crazy!”

“What? Isn’t it the same as the one we just caught?”

“The heads are different. That was a kind of cobra. Wei Qiqi, when will you listen to me? This woman!”

Liu Zhongtian pinched Wei Qiqi’s chin. His face was full of fury. As long as that snake touched Qiqi, she could stop thinking about leaving the desert alive. At the same time, Liu Zhongtian was also somewhat fearful. He looked at Wei Qiqi, afraid that he would lose her. Maybe all of these were arranged by fate. He does not want to lose this woman.

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