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1. Chapter 1: Harmful Curse From Thailand
2. Chapter 2: Work Of The Curse
3. Chapter 3: Dropping into the Great Battlefield
4. Chapter 4: Another World
5. Chapter 5: God, Please Save Me!
6. Chapter 6: A Man With Beautiful Hands
7. Chapter 7: Mess With Me And I Will Beat You Up!
8. Chapter 8: A Blossomed Flower
9. Chapter 9: Changing the Bathing Water Thrice
10. Chapter 10: Bumping Into Two Wolves Whilst Escaping
11. Chapter 11: A good Woman Doesn’t Eat the Loss In Front of Her
12. Chapter 12: The Duke Who Wants to Chop Qiqi’s Head Off
13. Chapter 13: Third Duke is proficient at battle
14. Chapter 14
15. Chapter 15 – Why Did I Become so Ugly?
16. Chapter 16 – Qiqi Attracts Lightning
17. Chapter 17 – Third Duke’s Hallucinations
18. Chapter 18: New Idea to Travel Through Time Back Home
19. Chapter 19 – I want to go to war
20. Chapter 20 – The Duke With a Weird Temper
21. Chapter 21 – Gender bias
22. Chapter 22 – Fish Oil Bombs
23. Chapter 23 – Stripping Deputy Wei
24. Chapter 24 – Super Clothes-Washing Soap
25. Chapter 25 – Man or Woman
26. Chapter 26 – Rock and Roll Wei Qiqi
27. Chapter 27 – Duke confers me as General Qi
28. Chapter 28 – So the ugly general is a woman
29. Chapter 29 – Addicted to being a general
30. Chapter 30 – Women must receive the protection of men
31. Chapter 31 – I am the Right General
32. Chapter 32 – I have a secret weapon
33. Chapter 33 – Flower rain that fell from the sky
34. Chapter 34 – Helping you to suck the poison out
35. Chapter 35 – Torture in the body and heart
36. Chapter 36 – Grabbing ahold of Third Duke’s weakness
37. Chapter 37 – Great Han Divine Son Grants Wedding to Ugly Woman
38. Chapter 38 – Congratulations Duke, Congratulations Duke!
39. Chapter 39 – A force that is more powerful than the fish-oil bombs
40. Chapter 40 – Emperor’s orders cannot be disobeyed
41. Chapter 41 – Is there no third option?
42. Chapter 42 – When will be a better time to run if not now
43. Chapter 43 – Seven feet man loses at the hands of ugly woman
44. Chapter 44 – A thread of inexplicable feeling
45. Chapter 45 – Developing feelings in the desert
46. Chapter 46 – Gaining an advantage yet trying to be obedient
47. Chapter 47 – Electric pole that guards against wolves
48. Chapter 48 – Rich lady who was once wealthy
49. Chapter 49 – Toad lusting after a swan’s flesh
50. Chapter 50 – Royal Concubine is too barbaric
51. Chapter 51 – Let us draft an agreement
52. Chapter 52 – Qiqi’s two requests
53. Chapter 53 – The Duke is not my type of guy
54. Chapter 54 – Lecherous wolf? Toad?
55. Chapter 55 – Your Royal Concubine this is my greeting!
56. Chapter 56 – It is destined that my Royal Concubine is you!
57. Chapter 57 – The night of consummation
58. Chapter 58 – Bloodstain
59. Chapter 59 – Ugly Woman is actually so seductive?
60. Chapter 60 – Supervisor Wu checks the bloodstains
61. Chapter 61 – Uncle Liu?
62. Chapter 62 – Teasing Supervisor Wu
63. Chapter 63 – Desert Black Snake
64. Chapter 64 – Pieces of Feathers Floating
65. Chapter 65 – Hiding the Buttocks
66. Chapter 66 – Making fun of Supervisor Wu again
67. Chapter 67 – Wu Zhongyi was scared till he fainted!
68. Chapter 68 – Satisfied with oneself
69. Chapter 69 – An ugly woman that engenders fear in people
70. Chapter 70 – Teasing Supervisor Wu for the third time
71. Chapter 71 – Husband? Marshal? Qiqi
72. Chapter 72 – Definitely don’t hit the buttocks
73. Chapter 73 – One day and one night
74. Chapter 74 – Somebody is going to get killed
75. Chapter 75 – Temptation in the bath
76. Chapter 76 – Passion stirring fire, unlimited temptation
77. Chapter 77 – Getting it at all cost
78. Chapter 78 – Biting the armor
79. Chapter 79 – Remnants of Xiongnu in the desert
80. Chapter 80 – Battling to the death
81. Chapter 81 – Let’s die together
82. Chapter 82 – Helplessly crying
83. Chapter 83 – The wandering diviner
84. Chapter 84 – The diviner’s words
85. Chapter 85 – His heart turned ice-cold instantly
86. Chapter 86 – Never giving up
87. Chapter 87 – The diviner’s terms of exchange
88. Chapter 88 – A treasure, or a troublemaker?
89. Chapter 89 – Returning victorious to Chang-an
90. Chapter 90 – Ugly concubine entering the manor
91. Chapter 91 – Ning Yun-er plays the zither
92. Chapter 92 – It’s not bad being a Royal Concubine

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kyrez says:

Thank you for translating this 🙂

I feel that the male lead is a romantic at heart. At first I thought he would be an ice-cold general. Turns out that he acts more like a proud and stubborn prince. And the female lead is a pampered heiress. Although she lost her good look, she doesn’t have time to dwell because she was thinking more of surviving and planning on how to go back to her time (and the lack of mirror in the desert also helps a lot!). Every time they interact, chaos is sure to follow. Even though i’m sure that the romance may have cliches in the future (such as jealousy, emotional turbulance, love at first sight for side characters etc), I like reading about strategies and how to counter enemies (be it military, politics etc). Also, I think that both leads are novice in romance. I hope they have a happy ending. I just feel bad for the grandpa~~~

softer says:

just. bad.

the fact that i’m giving this story a 2/5 is, honestly, because i feel bad for the translator. they’re putting actual effort into this, and i’m uncomfortable not giving them some credit. that being said, this story and it’s MC is incomparably awful. the worst part of it all? it did have potential. the concept of loving someone for their personality, rather than their looks, isn’t something particularly innovative, but it could’ve been executed well. this story, however, was not. WQQ, our protag, is honestly the most delusional, one-dimensional, self-centered female lead i have ever seen. if you’ve ever read a system novel where the MC has to overthrow the female leads of different worlds, those female leads are what WQQ reminds me of. a poorly written, unlikable character. there’s also the fact that she seems to have some kind of halo protecting her from any actual retribution. (not, like, plotwise. no, because that would make too much sense! just, the author being biased towards their own character and giving them everything and it making absolutely NO SENSE in the context to the time period and people’s mindsets.) also, the progression of affection coming from the love interest is truly baffling to me. like, i would understand falling for the MC if she had a half-way decent personality, but she’s literally The Worst. the only thing she’s contributed in the form of anything was her helping with the war by making??? bombs???? or something? (i’d also like to point out that, for being from the modern era, she seems pretty friggin’ blase about taking lives. something that’s kind of just glossed over? like, black-bellied characters can be likable, but the author passes this off as some sort of quirky trait. which is pretty infantile and gross.) oh! she was also given military rank and had no problems integrating herself into that position. so, you know, there’s that baffling tidbit too. i cannot stress enough how the duke’s growing affection for her makes no sense. i would believe it more if you told me he was under some sort of insidious spell! i honestly don’t know how to explain it, it just feels super out of place. anyway, there’s a lot wrong here. way more than i even mentioned, but this rant/review has been long enough! maybe it’ll get better, and there’ll be actual character growth? i’m not holding my breath though

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