Chapter 1: Harmful Curse From Thailand

Where there is joy, it will give birth to sorrow. Many things in life are unpredictable.

Wei Qiqi is the lone female inheritor to the huge sum of inheritance of the Wei family. She once again awoke in shock from her nightmare. People say that dreams are the premonition of blessings and troubles, Qiqi does not know whether it is trouble or blessing. This is a weird dream where sweetness and terror intersect.

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The sweet part of the dream is this: She and a man dressed in ancient culture attire and whose face was hardly discernible were hugging each other intimately, in the vast wilderness desert, as if flames had stirred up their passion.

The terrifying part is this: Countless yellow bugs were crawling towards her, biting her skin and flesh, entering into her body, causing tremendous unimaginable pain.

Qiqi is unable to explain the origins of the dream, yet it has harassed her nightly. Least of all will she suspect that a curse from Thailand has descended upon her.


In the renowned “Destroyer of Faces” Village in Thailand, where there are gray pots and low stilts, with a confusing miasma, the Grass Ghost Granny has invited a Chinese lady who looks rich and noble.

The yellow bugs in the pots were disgustingly squirming. The Grass Ghost Granny picked up one of the yellow bugs and then with her wrinkled and skinny palm, clawed her way towards the Chinese lady.

“This bug is able to make use of the objects surrounding it to absorb the powers of the galaxy, thus achieving one’s dreams. Wei Mistress, have you brought the young girl’s blood?”

“It is here!” The lady mysteriously took out a small bottle from her LV handbag and passed it to the Grass Ghost Granny.

Grass Ghost Granny took the glass bottle and reflected it against the sunlight and stared at it for a while before she suddenly cackled.

“Do not get it wrong, once you send it there’s no returning back!”

“No, I won’t. Send her further, I want her blessings to turn into misfortune. The best is to send her into an era where there is endless war!”

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Grass Ghost Granny gave the woman a disdainful look and said: “Have you brought the $500,000?”

“I brought it, Grass Ghost Granny, is there any way to add one more poison…. to let her leave here with no comfortable days ahead of her?”

“Of course there is… to a girl, what is the most torturous?”

The exquisitely dressed lady ruminated about it while touching her face, and slyly laughed out, “Looks…..”

“Add another $500,000!” Grass Ghost Granny extended her shriveled hand.

“I will give it to you, as long as you do well in this matter!”

The lady saw the squirming yellow bug in the pot, and hatefully glanced the other way and asked apprehensively: “This kind of bug will not die halfway, and let her come running back?”

Grass Ghost Granny lightly spat on the floor and said: “No, but… for the looks destroying bug, there is a way to break the curse!”

When the woman heard this, she became nervous, “a way to break the curse?”

“If there is, unfortunately, a person who loves her and wants her virginity, then the looks-destroying curse will be utterly broken!”

“Haha! A woman with no looks has no qualification to talk about love, this is like a retard dreaming!” The lady took a huge wad of cash from her handbag and put it in front of Grass Ghost Granny, “Put down both poisonous curses! I want her to disappear forever, and to live in suffering……”

The lady stared at the two disgusting yellow bugs in the pot and uncontrollably laughed on her inside. “Wei Qiqi, if you want to blame, then blame it on the fact that you are the Wei family’s only successor, as the stepmum, I have to protect my daughter’s interests”


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