Chapter 2: Work Of The Curse

Name: Wei Qiqi

Age: 17 years old

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Appearance: Short hair, 1.69m, loves to wear t-shirts, jeans, heavy bottom traveling shoes, likes to do lots of cool styles

Identity: Xuan De Girls High School year 3 student

Personality: Jovial, competitive, loves to meddle in unjust affairs.

Hobby: Specialises in mixed martial arts,

Identity: Wei Group’s only female successor, Xuan De High School’s big sister.

Life Motto: Ancient past has a female swordsman, the present has Wei Qiqi.


“Don’t look anymore, Wei Qiqi has come…..”

Outside of the doors of Xuan De Girls High School, a few male students hid behind their backs the magazine containing a short introduction of Wei Qiqi. They were squeezing with each other and with thirsty gazes they were looking at the doors.

A dozen or so girls exited the high school giggling. The girl at the front has a tall figure, with jade smooth skin, with brows that were drawn by light smoke, with eyes that look like the Sakura blossoms, and just beneath the nose bridge lies a tiny red lip.
This is Wei Qiqi, the big sister of Xuan De Girls High School, leading her girl’s group to leave school after class.

“Qiqi, there are admirers again…..” one of the girls following behind nudged Qiqi. Qiqi’s eyes became on alert, looking at the few male students. The male students hurriedly went to hide.

Qiqi’s lips curled and she laughed, “Scared mice who don’t even have the courage to come over and say hi, let us not bother about them!”

Far far away, one luxurious car came driving over, the middle-aged chauffeur respectfully got off the car, and opened the car door. Qiqi and the girls waved their hands and got into the car, leaving the dust behind them.

Wei Qiqi sat relaxedly in the car and boringly opened her recorder, watching the comedy show inside the recorder. She shoved popcorn into her mouth, with her long legs intertwined with each other, laughing and jesting as she watches the show.

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The chauffeur watched through the rear mirror at Wei Qiqi, a daughter of an affluent family with no worries, the only inheritor to a huge sum of inheritance, destined to eat and sleep comfortably, living a life of luxury.

Inside the cabin, when Wei Qiqi was engrossed in watching the show, the car suddenly stopped. Qiqi looked at the front, not sure why the car has suddenly stopped.

The driver raised up both of his hands and patted on his head in disbelief, with a pale white face, and said in shock: “Why are there so many yellow bugs? Oh my God, the car is full of bugs!”

“What is going on?”

Wei Qiqi opened the car door and stepped one foot out of the door. Suddenly she felt giddy, and she heard a “weng weng” sound coming from a woman in her ears. Both sides of her face were in extreme pain. She felt her face, and it felt like there are countless bugs biting at her, and advancing towards her.
“Uncle Yan, Uncle Yan!”

The chauffeur heard Qiqi’s terrified shriek and hurriedly ran to the back. A pity he is too late; he saw Wei Qiqi shrouded in a yellow light, and the figure is like a desert storm that passes by, slowly disintegrating, disappearing bit by bit, till nothing is left.

The driver opened wide his eyes, not believing what he just saw. He rubbed his eyes and steadied himself before looking again. The back cabin only has the recorder playing the comedy show, and the figure of Wei Qiqi has disappeared. He was momentarily stunned……

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