Chapter 3: Dropping into the Great Battlefield

The disgusting bugs slowly disappeared, Wei Qiqi’s eyes gradually opened and brightened. When she heaved a sigh of relief, she still felt a sense of suspicion, why will there suddenly appear such a terrifying illusion, as if it was real. Maybe it is because of the mixed martial arts competition that took place over the past few days taking a toll on her body. When she thought of those that she defeated, she quickly forgot the unhappiness that happened just now.

After looking at her surroundings for a while, Qiqi realized something. Where is Uncle Yan? Where is her car?

Qiqi was surprised to find out, that she is actually standing on a barren wasteland. Within her sight of vision, the yellow sand was flying all over the place, with the strong gales of wind blowing. The ground beneath her was trembling slightly while roaring sounds were gradually closing in.

In the midst of the thick smoke caused by the dust, there were thousands of cavalries rushing over. Golden weapons and steel armored horses, with high-flying flags, appeared. The dust particles were flying towards the faces of people; such a sight was grand indeed.

The cavalry amidst the dust grew gradually clear. Wei Qiqi rubbed her eyes, disbelieving what she saw. Could it be a mirage, that produced this scene of heavenly soldiers and generals?

The trembling beneath her feet, the roaring in her ears, and the clouds created by the dust are telling her that this is not a mirage, that if she doesn’t evade, she will become a wandering ghost underneath the hooves of the horses.

Qiqi hurriedly ran towards the side where there is a sand dune, hoping that the cavalry will leave quickly. She gazed at this magnificent scene before her, and her mind produced countless imaginations. However one thing is certain for her, that is on her route back home, she will definitely scold Uncle Yan severely for actually abandoning her alone and running away.

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The dangerous situation suddenly entered into a frenzied state. Thousands of these golden cavalries suddenly stopped in front of the sand dune. The fierce-looking steel armored warriors atop the horses produced a battle array…… this is enough to turn the falsity into reality, heaven knows what kind of blockbuster movie is going to be screened.

“Catch this enemy troop!” One of the leading soldiers brandished the sword by his side and pointed at Wei Qiqi who was at the sand dune.

Enemy troop? There was some angry flame stirring within Wei Qiqi. She is not any supporting cast in the movie, so there isn’t any need to cooperate with them in this acting scene.

Qiqi wanted to rebut, but a few of the soldiers jumped down their horses and rushed up. In an instance, her throat had a few more shiny blades pointing at it, and there is no doubt about the sharpness of the blades.

“Don’t go overboard! Hey, hey…..” Wei Qiqi gulped down her throat, with eyes on the blades, she used her fingers to gingerly touch the blades, “You guys got it wrong? I am Wei Qiqi.”

“Shut up! You must be a Xiongnu scout, if not why are you not wearing armor and standing on the battlefield?” A soldier grabbed onto Qiqi’s collar and pulled her down the sand dune.

“For trying to scout out our military affairs, you will be dealt with by the Third Duke!”
“You ugly little fella, might as well kill you with one sword!” a soldier in deputy leader outfit jumped down his horse and gave Wei Qiqi a glance.

Wei Qiqi felt that the situation is not good, that they are not really acting in a show, as everything is too real. She finally felt fear. Where is Uncle Yan? Where is her car? She wants to leave here right now.

Wei Qiqi took use of the chance, flew up with a leg and kicked a soldier, grabbed the horse whip and pressed on the horse saddle before jumping up on the horse. Even if she doesn’t know how to ride a horse, she couldn’t care less. She wrapped her arms around the horse’s neck and whipped the horse, dashing across into the distance.

“Quick! Grab ahold of her!” The leader shouted with an angry voice. The deputy leader felt very ashamed. How could he let an ugly fella rob them of a horse and escape?

The deputy leader jumped onto the horseback and brought a few soldiers to chase after Wei Qiqi.

Wei Qiqi closed her eyes and rode the horse quickly. Her mind is like a torrent now, churning questions; where is she now? Why are there so many barbarians? Will they kill her?
Her instincts are telling her that the yellow bug definitely has a problem.
The war horse neighed and suddenly stopped. Wei Qiqi opened her eyes in fear, the next moment she was already flying out of the horse. Unlucky horse, why didn’t it inform her when it saw the large ditch in front? Qiqi fell into the ditch, causing her face to be full of dirt.

Wei Qiqi tumbled on all fours and only got up after a long while. At this moment, there is a mocking laughter coming from above the ditch.

“There is actually such a stupid person who doesn’t look where she goes when riding a horse! Haha!”

“Hey! What you all are doing is against the law?” Wei Qiqi shouted out to the top.

“Law! Haha, our Third Duke is the law! Let’s see how crafty you can get when we bring you back later!”

“Bastard!” Wei Qiqi muttered angrily. However, after thinking for a while, she realized that its not a solution by dragging it out here. It’s better to go up and get a good grasp of the situation, to know where she is, and to find her car.

“Pull him up!” the deputy leader ordered the warriors.

In order to prevent Wei Qiqi from escaping again, the deputy leader ordered his men to use the ropes to tie around Qiqi. What is worse is that Wei Qiqi got thrown into the jail carriage. The cavalry army then left this desolate yellow desert in a grandiose fashion.

Wei Qiqi looked at the massive army, and the broken surroundings, and began to delve into an incredulous state, wondering what is actually going on.

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