Chapter 4: Another World

The army marched on for a few hours and finally arrived at its destination. Qiqi set her eyes and realized that there are tents set up everywhere, with warriors patrolling the whole area.

This is a military camp. Once out of the jail carriage, one of the warriors pushed Qiqi towards a metal door.

Past the metal door is a dark and eerie jail cell. Some of the prisoners were huddling together in a corner, and waves of disgusting smell came flowing into their olfactory senses. Wei Qiqi has been pampered since young. How can she withstand all of this? She pressed and covered her nose while squatting next to the metal door.

A person who is slightly bigger than Qiqi came close to her and asked, “Little brother, are you a Xiongnu? Why did you get captured and brought here?”

“Xiong…… Xiongnu?” Wei Qiqi’s body shuddered a bit, and looked at him with surprise, what Xiongnu? Xiongnu is a barbaric race in history and was eventually destroyed by the Great Han. Don’t tell her, that this is actually the Han empire! Even if one beats her to death she will not believe it.

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“Fighting with the Xiongnu, and happened to catch some innocent people.”

“Fighting with the Xiongnu? You might as well say that this is the Han empire……” Qiqi said disdainfully.

“Weirdo, this is the Great Han military camp, the Marshal is the Third Duke Liu Zhong Tian!”

It really is the Han Empire….. Qiqi sat down on the floor. Third Duke Liu Zhong Tian? Great Han military camp? Uncle Yan’s car sent her to the Great Han Empire? Did she travel through time, to come to this far far away ancient times? Qiqi slapped her own face and asked.

“You are not lying to me, are you? Please don’t joke around!”

“Lying? I do not have the mood for that, who knows when my head will roll!”

Wei Qiqi opened her eyes widely and looked at the jail cell. Head…. will roll? She is just 17 years of age and hasn’t even finished high school, didn’t spend finish her money. She doesn’t wish to die. When Qiqi thought until here, she stood up agitatedly and shouted loudly towards the outside of the metal door.

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“Hey, open up! You guys got it wrong, I am Xuan De Girls High School’s Wei Qiqi, let me out of here!”

There is no response from the outside. Qiqi is extremely anxious and decided to just keep screaming incessantly.

“I am Wei Qiqi, and I don’t belong to this era! I walked to the wrong place!” Walked to the wrong place? Wei Qiqi found this incredulous. She doesn’t even know how she arrived here, using her own two legs?

“Is there anyone? Quick release me, I want to leave this rundown place of yours! I am not a Xiongnu!”

“Bastard! Turtle’s grandson!”

“Liu Zhong Tian, quick get out here and release me!”

Wei Qiqi kept shouting nonstop. The men behind nervously pulled Qiqi and said softly: “Are you crazy, you even dare to call the name of the Third Duke, are you not afraid that they will kill you!”

“Is there no law? On what basis do they want my head? I am not a Xiongnu! Oh and, I can freely call the name of the President, is he Liu Zhong Tian very special? He is just a speck of dust in history!”

As expected, the metal door really opened. A few soldiers angrily stomped in, “Are you tired of living? Who is calling the Duke’s name!”

It is me, quick release me!”

“Ugly fella, you do not want your life already is it!”

A soldier grabbed Wei Qiqi by her hair and dragged her out. Who will expect that Qiqi’s hair is too short, the soldier’s hand had a slip, and Qiqi squirmed her way out and started taking off.

“Get hold of him, little brat!”

Wei Qiqi is not an ordinary frail lady as she has learned mixed martial arts before. She ran towards the military camp in one shot.

The chasing troops shouted loudly and pursued. The soldiers in front were also correspondingly closing in on her.

Oh no. Wei Qiqi started to fluster. There’s chasing troops behind, while the path in front is blocked, what to do now? Her peripheral vision saw a tent on her right, saving her own life is more important, so she couldn’t care less and decided to enter the tent.

The moment she entered, a patrol of soldiers just came by and guarded the entrance to the tent. It seems that they just switched patrol duties.

“Did you see a little runt come passing by here?”

“No! It is very safe here!”

“You all must pay more attention to the security here, if there are any lapses, then I will want your heads!”



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