Chapter 5: God, Please Save Me!

Wei Qiqi was sweating profusely and panting heavily. She was thinking in her heart that she’s really unlucky to be brought to the Great Han, who knows how she will go back? There are no wide roads for cars here, nor are there cosmopolitan cities. The most important thing is that there’s no car and drivers, no comedy shows, no internet, oh God, how does one spend her time in this kind of life?

The only thing that has memorial value is the clothes on her, the traveling shoes, and the bag on her back.

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“God, please save me, send me back, please! I am the big sister of Xuan De Girls High School, the only female successor to the Wei Group!” Wei Qiqi cried out sorrowfully.

“Who? Who is there?”

There is someone in the tent? Qiqi shrunk her body and wanted to evade, suddenly there is a wind gushing from behind. There is someone who grabbed ahold of her collar and pulled it up. Next, that person held her throat, it is a strong and naked bronze arm, wet to the touch with water droplets on it. Qiqi looked and saw a naked body of a man who just came out of a bath.

Qiqi’s ears turned red and she hurried averted his gaze. She doesn’t dare to shout though, for she will attract the attention of the soldiers and trouble will come again.

The arm grip gradually tightened. Qiqi wanted to retreat but she was unable to do so. Her thin clothes are unable to block the heat radiating from the man’s body. The more she tried to avoid it, the more she is stuck in the embrace of the man.

“Who are you, how did you enter the tent? Are you assassinating me?” The voice rang in her ears. It was deep and magnetizing. Qiqi thought of the male lead in the dramas. With such a mesmerizing voice, she wonders how he will look like?

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“Speak! I just have to use strength in my arm and your neck will break……”

“Don’t, don’t, release me, I am not an assassin. This is all a misunderstanding, I only wish to go home!”

“Go home?”

“Yes, I really miss home!”

“You are really not an assassin?” that man disbelieves Qiqi, and his hands started touching Qiqi’s body.

Wei Qiqi struggled infuriatingly. She is the successor of the Wei Family, yet there is someone teasing her like this, he must be tired of living.

The actions didn’t stop, and the big hand started to touch her waist. Qiqi could no longer endure it and grabbed that man’s arm. She executed an uppercut towards that man’s chin.

Most people will get hit by the fist and fall backward. However, that man’s figure blurred, and turned his head, only to have that uppercut fall in midair. Wei Qiqi decided to have another whirlwind kick, but before her leg even moved, her whole body was vertically lifted up and the two of them faced each other.

The man has a muscular figure, with wide shoulders and a broad back. His hair is swiveled up sharply, and his brows are like sword and eyes that glitter like the stars. His gaze has a kind of magnetizing power that is alluring. The man is furious, and his gaze is torch-like, staring at Qiqi’s face.
Wei Qiqi’s gaze shifted down, and she saw the tight chest muscles, yet her body is sticking close to her. She frantically closed both of her eyes, not daring to look further.

The man lifted his fingers, then hit on Qiqi’s acupuncture points, and then threw her down on the floor before walking in strides towards the cover and hurriedly wore his clothes.

After he arranged his clothes neatly, the man walked to Qiqi’s side and squatted down. He pinched her chin and scrutinized her. He felt that this offender has strange clothing, and looks like a child that is skinny and has no bones. Upon looking at the face, he involuntarily frowned, this boy’s face is as if made up of several lines of yellow, like a bug that is crawling around, looking extremely hideous.

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