Chapter 6: A Man With Beautiful Hands

Qiqi boldly opened both her eyes and stared at the man in front. The man suspiciously looked at him, though this boy is ugly, yet he has a pair of eyes that are soul-piercing, and the more he looked the more he got lost in those eyes.

“You have no weapons with you, who are you exactly?” The man interrogated.

“I already said it’s a misunderstanding, let go of me!” Qiqi’s eyes rolled. Actually, this ancient times really have the hitting of acupuncture skill, and it’s really powerful, making one unable to move at all.

“You know kungfu?”

“That is mixed martial arts!” The moment Qiqi said that she regretted it. In front of strangers, the less she says, the better it is, if not it will be very hard to extricate herself out of the situation.

The soldiers told me that today they caught a Xiongnu spy, from the looks of it, it should be you right!”

“I am not a Xiongnu spy!” Qiqi angrily shouted.

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This shout of hers attracted the attention of the soldiers outside. The outside of the tent shook and a deputy leader led his soldiers into the tent.

“Third Duke, what happened, just now a Xiongnu spy just ran out of the jail cell!”

The moment he finished, and saw Wei Qiqi on the ground, he immediately pointed at her and shouted: “it is him!”

The deputy leader immediately knelt down, “Please pardon me, Duke! We will immediately bring him down!” He waved his hands and the soldiers rushed up and began to drag Wei Qiqi.

Wei Qiqi’s acupuncture has been blocked, making her feel powerless. If she gets dragged out like this, could it be beheading? She is not even 18 yet, wouldn’t it be a pity to just die like that?

“Wait wait, I am not a Xiongnu spy, can you all please listen to me, I am from Xuan De Girls High School!” Qiqi anxiously said.

“Wait a while!” The man who was called the Duke stopped the soldier. He sat down on a seat made of tiger skin in the middle of the tent.

“Speak, who are you, why will you appear on the Xiongnu battlefield? And you are wearing strange clothes?”

Qiqi thought for a while and decided that she can longer speak the truth. She can only escape from this precarious situation, then think of ways to leave the Great Han. Whatever Duke, Xiongnu, she is not interested at all.

“It is like this, my uncle and I are small businessmen. When we were out, unfortunately, my uncle got kidnapped by the Xiongnu. I don’t even know where to save him. I heard from people that there is fighting with Xiongnu here, so I thought of coming here to save my uncle. However, I ended up being caught by you guys. I am not a spy! Look at this skinny frame, how do I look like a Xiongnu…….”

Qiqi glanced at the imposing figures within the tent and gave a pitiful look, saying in a wrongful tone: “Duke, you searched my body just now, there is nothing on me!”

“Third Duke, you cannot believe this lad. On the battlefield, he robbed a horse and almost escaped with it!” the deputy leader said in an unsettled manner.

“Hey, all of you are there to chop and to kill, do you want me to wait for my impending death there? Even if it is slaughtering pigs, pigs will also know how to run, what more men…..” Qiqi rolled her eyes at him, and her voice grew gradually softer.

“Slaughtering pigs?” the Duke’s sharp gaze landed on Wei Qiqi, and he laughed, “I believe you are not a spy! However, I cannot let you off in the meantime.”


“Now is a chaotic period of time when we are encircling the Xiongnu. We lack people, and you have some skills. Stay behind and serve me!”

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“Stay back?” Qiqi thought for a while and realized this is not a bad idea. At this moment, there is nowhere for her to go either. During this chaotic time, if she gets caught by the Xiongnu, the situation will be even worse.

“Thank you, Duke…… can you unblock the acupuncture points? It feels terrible!” Qiqi fell down to the floor and grimaced in pain.

“Duke!” the deputy leader wanted to speak but then stopped. He couldn’t disobey the Duke’s orders. His hands were already pressing onto the hilt of the sword, ready to kill Wei Qiqi at any time.

The Third Duke walked to the front of Qiqi and released her acupuncture points, then gazed at her eyes.

“What is your name?”

“Wei Qiqi. That is right, you are called Liu Zhong Tian?” Qiqi asked without hesitation.

The deputy leader is finally angered and hollered, “How dare you call the name of the Third Duke directly, you must be tired of living!”

“When you name people, isn’t it for others to call the name?” Qiqi stood up, lifted her chin and looked at the deputy leader unwaveringly.

“Call my Duke from now on, if not you will lose your head if you are not careful!” Third Duke sat back on the chair and coldly said, “You stay behind with Deputy Liu to be a small soldier then!”
“No!” Qiqi stared with her eyes. She is not going to be with that fierce guy. Looking at his mannerisms, he looks like he wants to finish her with one sword. If she follows him, who knows when she gets back she will be dead meat.

“You dare to disobey military orders?” Deputy Liu walked forward a step and stared with fierce eyes. Wei Qiqi is scared till her body is trembling and she retreated 3 steps.

“Didn’t you say….. Must know people and use them well, to cover for the short by using the long? Why are you so fierce for what?” Qiqi argued.

“To know people and use them well?” Third Duke frowned, “Then what do you think you can actually do?”

“The things that I know are a lot, I can’t say them out…… at the moment!” Qiqi scratched her head. Actually, she doesn’t know what she can do since she has been pampered since young. It’s more the case of her being a naughty troublemaker instead.
“Stay in my tent, and let me see what you know. I lack a personal bodyguard at the moment!”
“Yes yes!” Qiqi continued, “I can protect you!”

Deputy Liu nearly puked, “The Duke still needs your protection? Look at this skinny frame of yours, if not for that ugly face of yours, what difference is there between you and a woman!”

Qiqi doubtfully touches her own face, and felt that there are a lot of bumps on her face. She looked suspiciously at Deputy Liu.

“Am I very ugly?”

“You are literally an ugly monster!”

“Enough, I still have petitions to go through, all of you leave!”
Third Duke stopped their argument, and ordered Qiqi, “Help me to grind the ink!”

Deputy Liu brought his soldiers and retreated. Qiqi walked to the Third Duke’s bookcase. Grind ink? She used to see it all the time in drama shows, today she finally has a chance to see the real deal.

Qiqi ground the ink while admiring the inkstone. This is a unique treasure indeed. Grandpa likes to collect antiques all along, and there shouldn’t be anything that is as precious as this inkstone. If bring it back to give it to Grandpa, he will be super happy.

Third Duke Liu Zhong Tian focused on approving the petitions, and unconsciously shifted his eyes on Qiqi’s hands which were grinding the ink. He had some suspicions arising.
“Your hand does not look like the hand of a businessman who is used to tough labor. It is extremely fair and white, you must have lied just now?”

Not waiting for Qiqi to react, her hands were already caught by Third Duke, and there is no way she could extract her hands out from his grip.
Third Duke meticulously scrutinized it. This is a woman’s hands, and it is a hand that is extremely well maintained and nourished.

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