Chapter 7: Mess With Me And I Will Beat You Up!

The women that Third Duke has met before are not few, yet none of them has such a good hand like this. A pity….. It has to be a man having a woman’s hand.

Qiqi embarrassingly explained, “Yes, this is because I have been sick since young. You look, I am very skinny now, hence I do not know how to do tough labour.”

“Really! “ Liu Zhong Tian released her hands and laughed coldly. He doesn’t believe Qiqi’s words, but he doesn’t think that she is a spy either. Qiqi’s movements are weird, and there is a pair of eyes that made the Third Duke mesmerized.

“There is no need to grind the ink anymore. Go tidy up my bed!”
Qiqi responded and went around the lotus screen’s behind and saw a hard wooden bed. So the Third Duke actually sleeps on this kind of bed. Qiqi pressed it and realized it is very hard. Putting it in comparison with her soft and big bed is like the difference between heaven and earth. An emperor’s bed is only like this?

“What are you looking at?”

The Third Duke’s voice suddenly rang behind. Qiqi is scared till she nearly jumped. She hurriedly turned around and pointed at the bed.

“Is this good enough?”

“Acceptable! Help me to undress!” Third Duke stood in front of Qiqi.

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Qiqi felt very embarrassed instantly, her desires starting to burn inside of her. However, after a thought, she suppressed these desires, she is now the Third Duke’s personal bodyguard, not the wind-calling and rain-summoning Wei Qiqi. Endurance is a must.

Qiqi slowly untied the Third Duke’s belt, and hung her head low, wishing that her eyes will drop on the floor. She doesn’t dare to look at the face of the Third Duke. Having grown so old, this is her first time being in such close proximity with a man other than her Grandpa and Dad.

“With you twisting and turning like this, when will you ever undress me, get lost! I will do it myself!” Liu Zhong Tian pushed away her hand, and pointed at the floor outside of the screen cover, “You, sleep there! Be ready to answer any call during the night!”

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“Me sleeping on the floor?” Qiqi cried out, her voice carried a lot of dissatisfaction.

“If you don’t sleep on the floor, then where?”

Qiqi pointed the Third Duke’s bed, “I will sleep here, while you sleep on the floor!”

What audacity, to actually tell the Great Han Duke to sleep on the floor. Wei Qiqi must have lived long enough to actually anger the Third Duke.
“You dare to sleep on my bed?” Liu Zhong Tian fiercely pinched Qiqi’s chin and asked.

Qiqi was in so much pain that she couldn’t say a word. Her eyes were telling that she is unconvinced as she stared at Liu Zhong Tian. That broken bed of his, if there is a better choice, she wouldn’t care so much about it.

Wei Qiqi felt her legs dangling in the air, her body has been raised by Liu Zhong Tian’s arm. He strode to the outside of the screen cover, and threw Qiqi onto the ground, “Looks like I have to order Deputy Liu to teach you properly.”
At the mention of the fierce Deputy Liu, Qiqi instantaneously became honest, “No need, Duke, it is very comfortable. You, you go and rest.”
“If you continue being so presumptuous! I will chop your head off!” Third Duke’s face was emotionless as he looked at her, before turning around and lying down on the bed.
The floor mat is uneven and really uncomfortable. Maybe she is too tired, but after tossing and turning for a while, Qiqi slept. When it was morning, the Third Duke had already gone out.
Wei Qiqi walked out of the tent and stretched lazily. She was filled with curiosity towards this military camp in front of her. The wars in the modern era are filled with planes and bombs. They are still so backward if they are given many guns and artillery, this battle won’t be so hard to fight.

She was strolling around when she suddenly heard some commotion. Wei Qiqi loves to participate in lively scenes, of course, she wouldn’t let go of this opportunity. She went ahead and she discovered that there were 6-7 soldiers surrounding a big muddy ditch. They were pushing and shoving each other.

The moment Qiqi appeared, a soldier winked at the others. The rest looked at Wei Qiqi together.
“Ugly fella, you come over!”

Oops, there is trouble. Wei Qiqi wanted to turn tail and run, but how could the few soldiers let her off? They pulled at her elbows and legs and dragged her to the front of the big ditch.
“Go down, go and get my weapon up!”

Qiqi lowered her head towards the ditch and looked, realizing that there is a spear that dropped into the mud. She frowned, “It is your weapon that dropped, why don’t you pick it up yourself?”
“You are an ugly fella yet you still dare to rebut, I tell you to take, then you should be obedient and go down and take it……” one soldier aimed at Qiqi’s buttocks and kicked. Wei Qiqi wasn’t prepared at all and she tumbled down.

This time is even worse than the fall when riding the horse. Her whole body is covered in mud, and it was really smelly. Wei Qiqi struggled to climb her way up. Her hands nestled on her waist and she looked up angrily.
“Bastards, dog sh*ts! You want your weapon….. Don’t you?”

She carried that spear, and not only did she not pick it up for them, she threw it down further into the muddy ditch. The spear soon became engulfed by the mud. Qiqi wiped off the mud cake on her face and began to climb up the ditch aggressively.

“Stinky fella, you dare to throw my spear away. Guys let us teach him a lesson!”
The soldiers pounced towards Wei Qiqi. Qiqi evaded them skillfully, and using her skillfully honed mixed martial arts, giving them one punch on the left and one kick towards the right, she quickly beat them all on the floor.

Qiqi smugly stepped on one of the soldier’s buttocks, “Do you all still dare?”

“No, we don’t dare anymore……”

“Be more honest in the future. I am Wei Qiqi, remember that!”

“Yes we remember……” the soldiers covered their heads and lay low on the floor, not daring to climb up, for they are afraid that Qiqi’s fists will come raining down on them again. Don’t belittle him because of his small stature, his fists and kicks are actually quite hardy.
Suddenly, a soldier boldly climbed up and started running off. Still dare to run? Qiqi was infuriated and started lifting up her legs to give chase. She used one hand to catch ahold of the soldier’s arms and with one horizontal sweep of the leg, the soldier fell down facing the sky.

Without waiting for her legs to extend, her collar was pulled by someone. That person’s strength is really abnormal, and it only took him a little bit of effort to pin her on the ground.

“Who! Who dares to sneak on me!” Qiqi cried out. She tried with much effort to turn her head to look at her behind. She came into contact with a pair of sharp gaze, it’s actually the Third Duke Liu Zhong Tian. When did he appear? So unlucky.

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