Chapter 8: A Blossomed Flower

The beaten soldiers hurriedly ran and hid behind Third Duke’s back, and pointed at Wei Qiqi.

“Duke, this fella beat us all up! Look at our injuries, it’s not light at all!”

Third Duke looked at Wei Qiqi angrily and asked Deputy Liu in a stern voice: “Tell him, what’s the punishment for stirring a fight in the military.”

This opportunity must not be lost, for it may never come again. Deputy Liu proudly squatted in front of Wei Qiqi and slapped her head saying: “For stirring a fight in the military, a light sentence will be twenty beating, while a heavy punishment will be in accordance with local laws!”

“Give him twenty strokes!” Third Duke coldly gave the orders, turned around and walked in big strides away.

Wei Qiqi thought that she heard wrongly. Twenty beatings, will her little life still be spared? What kind of a world is this, oh God, please send a lightning and send her back please.
In front of the military square, there were many soldiers gathering around, waiting to see Qiqi make a laughing stock of herself.

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When Qiqi saw the thick and heavy pole, she was scared till her soul nearly came out of her. When this pole hits her, it will definitely cause her buttocks to split open.
Deputy Liu walked to the front of Wei Qiqi and said: “Don’t think that you can act arrogantly just because you are staying by Duke’s side, so what? You still have to take a beating, military laws can’t be despised, the Duke hates internal conflicts!”
“Bootlicker! If you dare to hit me, I will have you put on a good show next time!”

“Your mouth is still quite tough, hit her!”
At Deputy Liu’s command, two fierce-looking soldiers brought the heavy pole over. They are actually the soldiers whom she has beaten before. The beatings will definitely not be light.

“Wait wait!” Qiqi touched her buttocks, and smiled at Deputy Liu, speaking softly, “Really hitting?”
“Obviously, military commands are as solid as a mountain! Hit her!” Deputy Liu loudly shouted.

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After twenty beatings, Wei Qiqi’s buttocks really split open.

The soldiers all gathered around and laughed in front of her head, some even spit saliva on her. Since young, there has been no one daring to hit Wei Qiqi, only her beating others up.
“Get lost!” Qiqi shouted, “When I recover, you all will be unlucky! I will hit you all till all of your teeth drop out!”
Such words took an effect. The soldiers are afraid that the ugly fella will settle the scores at a later date, so they all disbanded.
Qiqi felt very wronged and laid on the ground of the military square. Tears flowed down onto the ground and after a long time, she finally managed to get up and limped her way back into the big tent.

Wei Qiqi wants to find that idiotic Third Duke and reason it out, who gave him the permission to hit people as he wishes, the problem can’t lie entirely on her alone. Those soldiers were at fault too, should she just get bullied and not resist?

Wei Qiqi entered the big tent and made a big ‘hmph’ sound. Third Duke heard the sound and put down a scroll. He knows that she is dissatisfied, so he wanted to scare her.
“Next time if you dare to create trouble in the camp again, I will give you 40 strokes of the pole!”
“Why don’t you hit them, they bullied me!”
“You still dare to rebut, the situation that I saw is totally different from what you said!”
“The next time I see them, I will definitely beat them to a pulp and let them complain!”
“Then next time I will get people to directly chop you!”

“Hmph! Anyway, you are the boss in the camp, you are the law! You can say whatever that you want!” Qiqi doesn’t dare to sit, so she can only lie flat on the floor mat.

“You must obey the military order strictly, and not stir up trouble within the camp!” Liu Zhong Tian coldly said.

Qiqi wrapped her hands around her head, and was feeling very vexed. These stupid rules, what has it got to do with her, she is Wei Qiqi, not a military camp soldier, no, there must be a way back from this place.
Suddenly she is not resisting. The Third Duke finds it weird, he walked over with suspicion, and realised that Qiqi’s buttocks were facing up, and she was silently laying over there. Looks like the beatings were pretty heavy.

“I will ask the medical officer to put on medicine for you in a while!”
“No need!” Wei Qiqi turned her head, “this little pain is nothing, there is no need for you to worry!”
Third Duke couldn’t control his laughter, yet he became solemn suddenly, and said coldly, “Nothing? Very good, help me fill the basin with water, I want to bathe! The water temperature must be suitable… and,” Third Duke slapped her head, and continued saying, “Wash yourself clean first, then carry water for me!”
Wei Qiqi shrugged her head, her teeth producing chattering sounds. Her buttocks just got beaten into this state yet she has to carry him water to bathe. The Wei Group’s only successor has now been reduced to this unlucky state?

She forced herself to stand up. A good woman doesn’t eat the loss in front of her. Now she is within Liu Zhong Tian’s territory, so she has to endure it.

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