Chapter 9: Changing the Bathing Water Thrice

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Wei Qiqi walked to the riverside, and realised that the river water is very clear. She really should bathe, but the men here are too many, which makes it very inconvenient. Hence she used the wooden pail to scoop a little bit of water and began scrubbing herself.

“Hey, Wei Qiqi, why don’t you jump down and bathe!” Deputy Liu brought a few soldiers over, and one of the soldiers shouted.
“It must be because her buttocks split open, so she cannot bathe, haha……” another soldier teased her.
“Yes, yes!”

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Wei Qiqi endured the fiery flames inside of her, standing wetly at the riverside. She lifted the half full wooden pail and walked back. A soldier walked up and looked into the pail.
“You are so good at beating people up, yet you can only carry half a pail of water, why are you like a woman!”
“If he is woman then it is even more troublesome, with looks like that he will definitely can’t marry out, haha!”

Wei Qiqi angrily put down the wooden pail, and put her leg on top of the pail. Her eyes coldly looked at the soldiers and Deputy Liu, if they continue talking, Wei Qiqi will definitely not fear the next twenty strokes of beatings.

“Enough, don’t make fun of her anymore, let’s go!”
Deputy Liu felt that the soldiers went overboard, what if Wei Qiqi acts impulsively and gives them another round of beating, she will have to suffer under the pole again. That buttocks is unable to take any more beatings.
Deputy Liu brought the soldiers and left. Wei Qiqi kicked the bucket, and the water splashed all over the ground. She should have beaten them, maybe she is afraid of what Liu Zhong Tian has said, that she will immediately be chopped off.
Wei Qiqi made several trips to and fro of the big tent, and was perspiring a lot. She laid down tiredly next to the wooden pail, and kept panting heavily. She looked depressingly at Third Duke who is reading the petition in front of the bookcase, and suspected if he is a wooden block? It is too generous to call him merciless and cold-hearted, maybe it is better to just call him inhumane.
“Alright, the temperature is suitable!” Wei Qiqi’s back is about to be broken. She touched the water, and limped back to the floor mat. Just when she wanted to lie down, suddenly there is a rumbling of noise outside the tent. An old general then walked in.
“Duke, about the issue of assassinating the Xiongnu camp during the night, there are great implications, it is better if you do not go!”
“I have made my decision!”
“Duke!” the old general continued pleading.

Third Duke Liu Zhong Tian put down the scroll, and walked to the front of the old general. Not sure what did he talk to the old general about, but the two of them walked out.
After half an hour, Third Duke came back. He walked to the wooden pail behind the screen cover, and put his hand into the water and he frowned.
“Change the water, it is cold!” the Duke walked to the bookcase to continue reading the petition after saying finish.
Coming after half an hour, even hot water will become cold. Qiqi has nothing to say, being a Duke sure has a lot of privileges, in terms of authority and power, he has even more than the successor of Wei Group, Wei Qiqi.
Wei Qiqi climbed up, and glanced at Liu Zhong Tian through her side view. Other than reading books, fighting wars, who knows what else can he do, maybe in normal life he is just a retard and an idiot, and that he only looks good from the outside.
However, the water still has to be changed. When Wei Qiqi brought the last pail of water in, she nearly lay flat on the floor. She angrily dragged the wooden pail, and wanted to remind the Third Duke that she can no longer endure it.

Third Duke walked to the side of the wooden pail, and tested the water. Just when he was about to say it is ok, a soldier ran into the tent, “Reporting to the Duke, there are military affairs, General Chi is waiting at the camp!”
Third Duke hurriedly left the big tent, Wei Qiqi miserably walked to the wooden pail. Don’t tell me she has to change the water again.
As expected, a soldier came in after a while into the tent saying: “Wei Qiqi, the Duke has orders, to change the water after half an hour, the Duke wants to bathe immediately!”
She still has to carry the water?

Wei Qiqi frustratingly stared at the bookcase. It looks like Liu Zhong Tian is sitting there and smiling, why should she endure him?! Qiqi stamped her feet, and looked at the clear water and paced to and fro countless times. Is this Liu Zhong Tian a torturer?

Half an hour is up, Wei Qiqi went to change the water again. However, it is completely silent outside the tent. The Third Duke is not back yet, Qiqi really is going to explode.
Both of her arms are trembling, and couldn’t even lift up the empty wooden pail, not to mention carrying the water. She can imagine when the Third Duke comes back and put his hand into the water and will definitely say to her, “Change the water!”

Wei Qiqi decided not to endure it any longer, and to escape. This place definitely is not a place where she can stay long. After she thought it through, she packed her bag and touched her buttocks subconsciously. Stinky Duke, rotten Duke, to actually dare hit her buttocks, and to get her to change the water time and again. If she returns to the modern era and has a chance to come back, she will definitely bring a cannon and fire at him.

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