Chapter 10: Bumping Into Two Wolves Whilst Escaping

Wei Qiqi agilely crossed through the entire camp and hid from the patrolling soldiers. The heavens do not disappoint those who have heart indeed. Even though her buttocks are still stinging from the pain, she still managed to successfully escape from Liu Zhong Tian’s sphere of influence.

The night sky is dark in color, and the moon is hiding amidst the clouds, not willing to appear. Within the trance, the direction can’t be clearly distinguished. The front is like a blackhole, and the surroundings are dead silent, gloomy and terrifying.

“There is not even a lamp stand…..”
Qiqi is complaining, at this rate, wouldn’t she get lost?

She was feeling depressed, suddenly behind the leaves and twigs started to crackle. She had shivers sent down her spine, don’t tell me there is a ghost?

Her body froze and she doesn’t dare to move anymore. There seems to be something that is slowly encroaching upon her. Wei Qiqi has always prided herself that her guts are not small, however, under this kind of environment, it will be a lie to say that she is not scared. She is nearly scared out of her wits.
Wei Qiqi summoned up her courage and turned her back. A pair of greenish eyes, a blurry dog image…..

It is a wolf! If it is a human, she will still boldly challenge, but now it is a fearsome wolf. Qiqi totally has no courage and is feeling extremely regretful that when she left the camp, she didn’t bring any weapons. Now that she is barehanded, is she going to engage in a fistfight with the wolf?
The moon climbed out of the clouds, Qiqi saw clearly, it is a sturdy wild wolf.

The wolf squatted down and squinted it’s eyes, yet it is not attacking. After a while, another pair of green eyes appeared. So it is waiting for its companions to come and enjoy her together. The thought of herself being eaten till there are only bones left caused Wei Qiqi to shudder.

Why is Wei Qiqi so unlucky, to run to the Great Han to feed the wolves. A pile of white bones thrown into a desolate wasteland, no one will ever think that the Wei Group’s successor will meet such a terrible end.

“Don’t come over, I do not have meat ah!” Qiqi mumbled cowardly.

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The two wolves stood up and started howling in a sharp pitch. Couldn’t this be the prayer before dinner, if that is the case even the bones won’t be left behind.
Qiqi was scared till she retreated several steps. The wolf in front walked forward, while the wolf at the back followed closely behind. Suddenly one of the wolves leaped towards Qiqi. Qiqi immediately ran, but her body bumped into a person. Really the heavens don’t think that Wei Qiqi should die yet. She was extremely happy, and couldn’t care less, so she turned around and hugged the person, and stuck extremely closely to him.

“There is a wolf, there is a wolf, help!” Qiqi hid her face within the person’s neck and shut close her eyes.

The person was about to confront the wolf, and couldn’t be bothered with Wei Qiqi who was entangled with her. He carried her and brandished his sword to face the fierce wolf.
Wei Qiqi felt that her neck has something warm, a sticky gooey fluid came spilling on her. Next, a sound of a heavy object falling on the ground was produced. The person carried her and retreated. Qiqi was surprised and opened her eyes and turned back, only to realize that one of the wolves was dead, and the other seeing that its companion is dead, came howling and pursuing over.

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That person tried to forcefully push Qiqi aside, hoping she can let go. Qiqi doesn’t dare to and clung desperately to his neck, and her whole body was shivering.

That person sighed and allowed Qiqi to rudely hug him. He jumped up, Qiqi felt that there was a light produced by a sword within the space, and another wolf fell thud on the ground.

“Dead? The wolf is dead?” Qiqi excitedly exclaimed.

“Release your hands, quickly let go!” that person pulled on Qiqi’s hands and forcefully pried it open.

Qiqi used the reflection of the moonlight to see, and to her shock, that person is actually Third Duke Liu Zhong Tian. A pair of eyes, akin to that of a wolf, was fiercely looking at her. Qiqi fell seating on the ground and then jumped up like a cricket into the air.
“It is so painful, damn it.”
Liu Zhong Tian kept his sword, Deputy Liu brought his soldiers and rushed over. When they saw Wei Qiqi, they immediately widened their eyes.
“We found her, Duke, she really is a spy, I didn’t see her wrongly right from the start!”
“What? Spy?” Wei Qiqi was confused. Why did she turn into a spy again, is running away equivalent to being a spy?

Third Duke looked at Wei Qiqi coldly, “Send her back to the camp, and wait for interrogation!”
“Hey! I am not a spy……”

It is pointless to cry anymore, Wei Qiqi was brought back to the military camp again. She doesn’t know which bastard kicked her buttocks, and she was in so much pain till she was sweating profusely.
“Kneel down!”
Deputy Liu tugged on Qiqi’s collar and pressed her firmly onto the ground.

Wei Qiqi is silently cursing in her heart. Deputy Liu really is a dog, wait till she is free, she will step him under her feet, and let him lick her boots.

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