Chapter 11: A good Woman Doesn’t Eat the Loss In Front of Her

“Where is the map for the army’s route?” Deputy Liu gave her buttocks another kick.

“What map for the army’s route?” Qiqi angrily shouted, “Let me tell you again, I am not a spy, you jerk!”

“You still dare to rebut! Duke, shouldn’t we use the most extreme form of punishment here!”
Third Duke frowned, stood up and came over. A pair of black horse whips moved in front of Qiqi’s eyes, and from above her head came Third Duke’s voice.

“We just lost the map for the army’s route, and you disappeared, don’t tell me, you wanted to leave the army camp on a whim!”

“That is right! I do not wish to stay here, to be beaten by military poles and to serve as a slave, when did I, Wei Qiqi, suffer like this before!”

“To choose to leave in the night?”

“Why? Do I have to inform you when I am leaving?”

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Third Duke became very angry, and his brows sharpened. He waved his sleeve and walked to the front of the bookcase, and sternly shouted: “Beat him up! Beat him till he speaks!”
Two of the soldiers carried the pole and walked in, Wei Qiqi suddenly became scared till cold sweat appeared, a good woman does not eat the loss in front of her.

“I speak, I will speak, I took the rotten map like you said……”

So this is what beating into submission is, Wei Qiqi has learned her lesson. No matter what she has to go through this trial first, the beating from the pole is something that she cannot endure again.

“Are you a Xiongnu spy or not?” Third Duke slapped the table, his voice is abnormally icy cold. The ugly fella keeps hiding his identity, the Duke is actually duped by his skinny and frail looking appearance.

“I am not a Xiongnu spy! It is only a map, it cannot prove that I am a spy!” Qiqi doesn’t understand why she cannot shrug off her link with being a spy.
Deputy Liu grabbed ahold of the rope tying Qiqi and said: “Where is the map? Is it on you?” After saying finish he reached out his hand to search her.
Qiqi obviously won’t let him touch her here and there, hence she shouted loudly: “I threw it away on the road!”

“Threw it on the road? Where did you throw it?” Deputy Liu asked closely.


“The wolves, I threw it away at the wolves!”

“Order the soldiers to look for it now. Bind Wei Qiqi to the wooden stand!” This is Third Duke’s orders, how vicious.
Wei Qiqi lifted her head and stared angrily at Third Duke. She realized he is cooly wiping the stains off his sword. With regards to Wei Qiqi this kind of nobody, he doesn’t care about her at all, her life and death are all dependent on his one word.
Third Duke raised his eyebrows and made contact with Wei Qiqi’s furious eyes. He squinted his eyes. This made Wei Qiqi think of the fierce wolves and she shuddered involuntarily.

Wei Qiqi was dragged out and was tied to the wooden stand in the middle of the camp. She knows that it is impossible to find the map, and when they come back questioning, how will she be able to manage? If she doesn’t answer correctly, the perverse Duke will definitely chop her head off, just like slashing down at a wolf.

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