Chapter 12: The Duke Who Wants to Chop Qiqi’s Head Off

As expected, within half an hour, Wei Qiqi saw people with torches walking towards her direction. Liu Zhong Tian stood at the front, with Deputy Liu and a few other soldiers closely behind.

A soldier brought a chair and put it in front of the wooden stand. Liu Zhong Tian sat down, Deputy Liu went to the Duke’s front and whispered: “Duke, how do we handle this fella, why not just kill him! We can’t let a spy stay in the camp.”

Wei Qiqi immediately refuted, “Don’t speak nonsense, convicting someone of a crime requires evidence, where is the evidence?”

“Evidence?” Deputy Liu walked to the front of Wei Qiqi, “You escaped the camp in the middle of the night, and the map was lost, if you are not a spy, then I am the spy?”

“Not all things are what it seems like on the surface, those that stay here….are not necessarily innocent!” Qiqi said in an unconvinced tone.

“You are really acting tough!” Deputy Liu went back to the Duke’s side and said, “Duke, if we don’t show him a bit of pain, he will not confess. I think he has someone on the inside as well, if not why will the map disappear just like that? Why not we order the soldiers to whip him a few times, after a few strokes he will confess!”

This is like adding oil to the fire, whip? He can actually think of that! Wei Qiqi nervously looked at Third Duke, praying that he will not speak, because when he speaks, the whip will come lashing at her.

Third Duke was about to say something but a soldier hurried over, and whispered something into Third Duke’s ears. Third Duke stood up immediately, and without saying a word left with the soldier.

Deputy Liu, upon seeing Third Duke leaving, laughed coldly and said: “I hate Xiongnu people the most, and you just have to be a Xiongnu spy!” after saying finish, he lifted up the whip.
Wei Qiqi stared with her eyes and shouted: “Hey, Duke hasn’t said anything, you dare to punish me in private!”

“Duke will not mind me hitting a Xiongnu spy!”
“If you dare to hit me, I will definitely not let you off lightly!”
“You are standing on death’s doorstep and you are still threatening me!”

Deputy Liu lifted up the whip, and just when he was about to lash out, a soldier hurriedly ran over and said: “Duke has ordered to release Wei Qiqi and bring him back to the big tent!”

Deputy Liu couldn’t figure out what is going on, and threw the whip aside, grabbing onto the soldier’s collar and shouted: “You didn’t hear wrongly did you?”

“It is what the Duke said personally!”

“Aye!” Deputy Liu pushed aside the soldier, bit his teeth, and ordered the soldiers to untie the ropes binding Qiqi, and then brought her to the Duke’s tent.

Within the big tent, Liu Zhong Tian has already been waiting there for some time. When he saw Wei Qiqi who was just dragged in, he actually revealed a guilty expression, “Bring him onto the floor mat, and bring some medicinal powder over!”

“Duke……” Deputy Liu met Liu Zhong Tian’s sharp gaze and lost his voice. He dragged Qiqi onto the floor mat, and brought the soldiers and left.

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After a while one soldier sent the medicinal powder over, Third Duke ordered: “Rub the medicinal powder onto Wei Qiqi’s injured areas!”

The moment Wei Qiqi heard that, she couldn’t care less about the pain, and stood up quickly and shouted: “I can do it myself, give me the medicine!” after speaking finish, she grabbed the medicine and looked at Third Duke weirdly, she couldn’t understand why he has this bout of insanity, to suddenly be so kind-hearted.

The soldier retreated, and Liu Zhong Tian walked over, “Don’t you find it weird, why did I suddenly release you?”
“Yes, it is weird, but I am too lazy to ask!”

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“We have already caught the real spy, and found the army route’s map.” He squatted in front of Qiqi and said, “Why did you lie that you took the army route’s map.”
“If I don’t say that, you will order people to use the pole to beat me, don’t tell me that I should let them beat my buttocks till it becomes rotten?”

Liu Zhong Tian laughed suddenly, giving Wei Qiqi a scare. Who knows how is he going to torture her again.
“Come, let me see, is the injury serious?” he spoke while reaching out with his hand.
“Move away!” Wei Qiqi hit away his hand and nervously evaded him.

“You didn’t allow the soldier to apply the medicinal powder for you, which means you are thinking of letting me take care of you personally, I Liu Zhong Tian, is impartial in giving out rewards and meting out punishments. I have wronged you this time, this should reasonably be the case!” after speaking finish he took the medicinal powder from Qiqi’s hands and held her firmly.
“You are the first person to have me apply medicine on!”

“Hey, Third Duke, don’t act anyhow!” Qiqi couldn’t push aside Third Duke when she thought that he will really…… suddenly she felt embarrassment and anger, is Wei Qiqi just going to be molested by people just like that?

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