Chapter 32: Unsuitable Term of Addressment


Mo Qi Qi retrieves her eyes in surprise.  She quickly looks at him and gives him an obligatory smile.


Jun Qian Che looks away.


A man wearing the court’s uniform walks in front of them.  The pattern of Qilin is embroidered on his uniform, signifying his position as a first-ranked military official.  He should be this dynasty’s general.  From what she knows, there is a young general in court, his name is—– Han Yi Xiao.  He is Jun Qian Che’s trusted aide.


He is tall and robust, his skin the color of bronze.  His facial appearance is clear and deep, like an exquisite carving.  His eyes are dark and deep, haughty and somber.  He has a demonic charm in him, a completely different category of handsome men.


The man respectfully makes his way in front of them and kneels, “This general greets Your Majesty.”

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“Forgo the formality, Official Han.  You have been in the military camp in Sheng Jiang for so many days.   You came back at the right time, you can watch the competition together with us.”  Jun Qian Che’s voice is calm.


Han Yi Xiao respectfully answers him, “Yes.”  After that, he goes over to sit in one of the side seats.


With the sound of a drum, the competition begins.  The competition is fierce.  If men wants to be successful in this ancient time, you have to pass the imperial examination for scholars and this competition for martial arts practitioners.  They must seize this opportunity.  If they win, they can be glorious and successful.  But if they miss this chance, they will have to live the rest of their lives in obscurity.


That’s why each and every one of them cherishes this chance and tries their best to be the champion.


Right now, it is a competition between a group of twos.  If you lose, you’re out.  If you win, you continue fighting.


Mo Qi Qi was initially interested, but after an incense stick of time, the interest fades.  They goes around fighting here and there, her eyes are getting tired watching them.  She yawns, suddenly sleepy.  She leans in to Jun Qian Che and whispers, “Your Majesty, how long will this go on?”


Jun Qian Che replies her with: “The interesting part will come later.  Just be a little patience, empress.”


“Your Majesty, chenqie suddenly has the urge to relieve myself.”  Mo Qi Qi tries to find an excuse to stroll around.


Jun Qian Che replies with a cold, taciturn voice, “Return quickly.”


Mo Qi Qi quickly gets up and leaves.  Seeing Mo Qi Qi leaving, Prince Qi Xian too surreptitiously leaves his seat.


As the competition goes on, Jun Qian Che’s eyes falls on the empty seat of Prince Qi Xian, anger slowly bubbling inside him.


Mo Qi Qi finally breathes in relief now that she is out of Jun Qian Che’s sight.  She digs her ears as she mumbles, “The clashing of weapons is so noisy, it’s like they want to burst people’s eardrums off.  So uncomfortable.”


“So Your Ladyship too, sneaks out to get some fresh air.”  A warm and sweet sounding voice can be heard.


Mo Qi Qi quickly turns around.  “Who is it?”  Seeing the person in front of her, she breathes out in relief.  “It is Qi Xian Wang ah!  You scared me.  Why did you come out?”

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Jun Yue Hen smiles warmly, a little embarrassed as he replies, “This competition is interesting to people who knows martial arts.  They can tell the moves in just a glance.  But for people like me, they are pretty boring.”


Mo Qi Qi quickly steps forward and grasps Prince Qi Xian’s hand: “Similar feeling!  Similar feeling ah!  I finally found a bosom friend!”


Jun Yue Hen looks a little startled, “Qi Qi, aren’t you well-versed in martial art?  From how I see it, you should be enjoying today’s competition.”


Huh?  The previous owner knows martial arts?  Why didn’t Ban Xiang tell her?


“Hehe, Prince Qi Xian, I will not hide this from you.  Ever since I fell from the viewing tower, I not only lost my memory, I also lost my ability to practice martial arts!  The me right now is just a fragile young lady.”


Jun Yue Hen looks surprised, but quickly comforts her, “No wonder you didn’t put up a fight when we bumped into those assassins back then.  Don’t be sad, Qi Qi.  It is okay for a lady to not know martial arts.  You are now the empress, there will be people protecting you.  From now on, no matter what happens, I will definitely protect you.”


Mo Qi Qi is touched, “Seventh Imperial Uncle, you are too nice.”


“Did the emperor knows all these?” Jun Yue Hen asks.


She shakes her head, “I haven’t told him.  I don’t think he is interested to know, as well.”


“Did His Majesty make things hard for you these days?  I went to visit you a couple of days ago, but the emperor was sick.  You went to see him so I didn’t get to see you.  Ever since the emperor’s assassination attempt on you failed, I had been worrying about you.”  Jun Yue Hen looks at her, eyes filled with worry.


Mo Qi Qi happily laughs, “Seventh Imperial Uncle need not worry, ever since I returns to the palace, I no longer encounters any assassins.  I think the emperor is taking Mo Clan’s power very seriously, so he doesn’t dare to act rashly.  Even though he did make things hard for me at times, they are all small and petty things.”


“Hearing you saying that, I can finally be at peace.  Accompanying a ruler is like accompanying a tiger, Qi Qi has to be careful.”


“Thank you for the worry, Seventh Imperial Uncle.  I will be careful!”  Mo Qi Qi gives him a bright, brilliant smile.


Jun Yue Hen’s smile fades a little, “Qi Qi, can you call me Yue Hen like you did in the past when no one is around?  Hearing you calling me Seventh Imperial Uncle is really awkward.”


“This—- isn’t too appropriate!”  Even though their age is about the same, he is still the elder generation.





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