Chapter 31: People With Stories


Now that they had chosen the dress, Ban Xiang moves on to hairstyle.


Mo Qi Qi impatiently snaps, “You must be a Virgo!  Don’t bother doing intricate hairstyles, just do a simple one!”


“Yes!” Ban Xiang quickly abides.  Once she is done with the hair, she helps Mo Qi Qi puts on make up.  After a busy session, Ban Xiang is finally done.  Mo Qi Qi quickly looks at her own reflection in the mirror, her entire soul is shell-shocked, “God, i-is this human?”


Ban Xiang looks proud.  “Your Ladyship, you used to like this makeup style the most.  You always put on this grand appearance everytime you participated in banquets in the past.”


Mo Qi Qi finally understands why Jun Qian Che didn’t like the previous owner.  Such a thick makeup, her eyes looks like it belongs to a panda!  To put it simple, she can shock people to death.  The previous owner has such a beautiful face; she is startlingly beautiful and peerless when bare-faced, but it actually turns so ugly upon putting on this makeup.


“Help me wash away this makeup!  Am I a ghost?  Trying to scare people to death?” Mo Qi Qi really hates it.


Ban Xiang looks aggrieved, “Your Ladyship, you have always instructed this servant to put it like this in the past.”


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“From now on, don’t ever put on this kind of make up again.  For such an ugly look, it sure waste a lot of time.”


Mo Qi Qi quickly washes her face clean before taking the makeup products on top of the dresser.  After putting on a simple layer of makeup, she looks at Ban Xiang: “What do you think?”


Ban Xiang stares at Mo Qi Qi in shock, “Your Ladyship, you look so beautiful!  Why am I not seeing any trace of makeup?”


Mo Qi Qi smiles arrogantly, “This is called bare makeup.  It is the most popular style in the current era.  Doesn’t it look a lot better than the one you put on just now?”


Ban Xiang quickly gives her a thumb up, “It looks really good.  Your Ladyship, you have to teach them to this servant!”


“Don’t worry, I will.  Now let’s go.  The emperor must be getting impatient.”  She quickly puts on her dress and runs out.


Jun Qian Che waits for a long time in front of Feng Yang Palace.  He did not speak up even though Mo Qi Qi hasn’t show up.  He only stands there, he really wants to see if Mo Qi Qi really dares to not attend the championship.


Eunuch Lin carefully stands by his side, secretly praying for Mo Qi Qi: Empress, why aren’t you here yet?  You are so gutsy to make the emperor wait.


Eunuch Lin is worried the emperor may get impatient so he carefully asks, “Your Majesty, why don’t I send some people to Her Majesty’s chamber?”


“No need, the person is here.”  Jun Qian Che expressionlessly says.


Mo Qi Qi lifts her skirt as she hastily runs to Jun Qian Che’s side.  She gives him her ceremonial bow, “Chenqie apologize for making you wait long.”


Ban Xiang quickly admits fault and says, “Your Majesty, it is all this servant’s fault.  This servant took too long to choose Her Majesty’s dress.  After that, this servant helped her put on a makeup that Her Majesty wasn’t satisfied with, so in the end, she had to change it.  It is all this servant’s fault.  Your Majesty must not blame Her Ladyship.”


Jun Qian Che’s eyes falls on Mo Qi Qi.  She is wearing a long green palace’s robe, embroidered with plum blossom of the same color palette.  Her skirt is pulled up to her waist, tied by a dark purple sash, showing off her slender figure while still giving off that noble air.  Her dress is covered with a light green yarn cloth.  Every move she made makes the thin yarn sways in an enthralling way.  A jade pendant hangs from her sash, looking refined and elegant.  Her wrist is decorated with the Long Feng bracelet.  Her black hair is tied to a simple bun but even then, it suits her greatly.  The scent of rose radiates in her hair, such an enthralling fragrance.  A golden buyao is placed on her head, inlaid with jade and precious stones.  She puts on pink powder on her face to make that supple and fair skin appear more reddish.  Her captivating pair of eyes twinkles and her petal-like lips looks attractive.  All in all, her entire face appears exquisite and peerless.

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Jun Qian Che earnestly praises her, “This style fits the empress really well.”  She finally knows how to be a lady.


Mo Qi Qi quickly bows, “Thanking the emperor for the praise.”


Jun Qian Che grabs her hand.  Seeing this, Mo Qi Qi laughs in embarrassment, “No need.  Chenqie can walk on my own.”


Jun Qian Che has no time to waste with her, he pulls her by the hand and leads her to the military field.


The officials and participants are all ready, they are only waiting for the emperor.


His Majesty has always been punctual, yet he is late today.  The officials are all wondering why.  After a particularly loud announcement, the emperor walks in, hand in hand with the empress.


The ministers are taken aback as they whispers to one another, “Why is His Majesty bringing the empress along?”


“Right.  No women from the harem have ever taken part in this before.”


Even though the officials are curious, they don’t dare to guess the heart of the emperor.  They all quickly pay their respect.  “Greeting the emperor.  Greeting the empress.”


“Respected officials may rise.”  Jun Qian Che brings Mo Qi Qi to their seats and sits down.


Mo Qi Qi turns her head to look at Jun Qian Che.  He is wearing a bright yellow dragon robes while sitting on the dragon seat.  He appears lofty and above this world.  No, he is above this world.  His ice-like face makes it hard for people to read his thoughts.  This seat is high, but it may not necessarily be good.  Looking over to the officials down below, they all appears respectful and reverent, but who knows what they are truly like on the inside.  So many people eyes this seat like a tiger, wanting to replace him.  Even though he is the master of life and death and can determine the life of others with just one word, but he must always be at guard against others.  No matter how you think about it, he must be lonely.


Mo Qi Qi feels like somebody is watching her.  She removes her eyes from Jun Qian Che and trains it on Prince Qi Xian.  His pair of warm eyes is full of confusion and tinged with sadness.  When others look at him, their hearts can’t help but aches on his behalf.  Prince Qi Xian should be someone with a story behind him.


Jun Qian Che suddenly looks at Mo Qi Qi.



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