Chapter 30: Harassment


Ban Xiang nods at what she said, “Your Ladyship, this isn’t your regular jade bracelet.  This bracelet is the token of affection between emperors and empresses of our kingdom throughout the century.  Before an emperor marries an empress, he will send her phoenix crown, phoenix robes, phoenix seal and this jade bracelet, to represent the empress’ identity, position, acknowledgement and the emperor’s affection.    But two years ago, before your marriage to the emperor, His Majesty only sent you the robes, crown and seal.  He did not send the token for affection.  You were so furious back then.  Had the Eldest Young Master not stopped you, you would’ve strode into the palace to question the emperor.


Even though the Eldest Young Master stopped you then, Your Ladyship brought it up on your wedding night.  His Majesty said he forgot where he placed it.  When you heard that, you did not hold back and accused him of giving it to another woman.  The emperor flung his sleeves and walked away and just like that, your wedding night ends.  Everytime you remembered that bracelet you got upset.  When you asked His Majesty, he refused to give it to you.


Once, Your Ladyship took advantage of His Majesty’s going to the morning court and snuck into his chamber to look for that bracelet.  In the end, you really found it.  When the emperor came back, he was really angry.  He ordered you to put down that bracelet.  You asked him which cheap woman was he going to give the bracelet to, was it Yang Shi Han?  His Majesty got upset and forbade you from leaving Feng Yang Palace for one month.  After that, he didn’t visit you for three straight months.”


Remembering the past, Ban Xiang’s face is full of sadness and worry, but then, it quickly change into a smile.  “But everything is alright now.  His Majesty and Your Ladyship not only becomes more loving as days passes, he even personally gave you the bracelet that you have been yearning for.  Your Ladyship, this servant is truly happy for you!  His Majesty’s heart is finally yours.”

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Mo Qi Qi helplessly rolls her eyes at her before saying in derision, “With which eyes did you see Jun Qian Che giving his heart to me?  And I don’t care about his heart.  Him and this bracelet is not the same thing.  The only reason I accepted this is because of how rare this is.  If it was his own person, I wouldn’t want him even if he is covered in money.”


Ban Xiang scratch her head curiously, “Are you playing hard to get to draw His Majesty in?  Ever since you fell from the viewing tower, you have changed.  You are no longer as impulsive.  You even kept your distance from His Majesty.  This servant actually thought you have another person in your heart.  But now that this servant look at it, Your Ladyship is just using a different method to tackle His Majesty.  And this method is a lot more effective than the previous harassment and stalkerish method!”


Mo Qi Qi uses her hand and knock Ban Xiang in the head.  She scolds her, “You have a really rich imagination.  Let me say this once more, I have no interest in Jun Qian Che!  That’s it!  Let me repeat this, don’t ever pair me with that leftover ever again!  That is an insult to me!”


But, listening to Ban Xiang, the previous owner was pretty pitiful yet hateful at the same time.  She brought down the value of women’s face.  The other party told her they didn’t love her from the start, and yet she thickened her face and was so adamant to marry him.  If you want to marry then fine!  But you made such a fuss over this one bracelet, of course people will get tired of you.


But that Jun Qian Che isn’t any good either.  He clearly didn’t love her and yet he agreed to marry her.  She wasted her youth on him and in the end died so pitifully.


But why did he gave me this bracelet?  Perhaps, he felt sorry for the original owner and is trying to compensate it by giving me this thing.


Pfft, the person is already dead.  To hell with your compensation!


Oh, or perhaps he took notice of Mo Clan’s power and is now trying to win me over by showing me affection.


Hmph, whatever he means by this, feel free to fight.  This young lady will just watch from the side-line, this lady wouldn’t side with anyone!  It is better if both lose, haha—–





Three days later, the day of the martial arts competition,


The finale takes place in a very large open space, all kinds of weapons are there on the field.  There is a viewing platform erected in front of the venue.  A throne, nobility’s seats, snacks fruits and everything are all ready on top of the platform.

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All officials gets there early, waiting for the emperor’s arrival.  Since Mo Qi Qi promised Jun Qian Che to attend it together with him, she woke up early that day.


Ban Xiang is really happy as she helps Mo Qi Qi gets ready.  She takes out almost all of Mo Qi Qi’s clothes, saying she wants to find the most beautiful one that suits her position as the empress.


Time quickly passes and Ban Xiang still cannot find the outfit that pleased her.  Mo Qi Qi loses her patience, “Ban Xiang, can you do this or not?  If you take any more of your sweet time, it will be noon soon.  I think this outfit is fine.  It’s simple, elegant and convenient.” Mo Qi Qi picks out an outfit from the heaps.


Ban Xiang quickly disagrees, “Your Ladyship, this dress is too common, it does not reflect your position at all.  The officials will make fun of you, and then, the emperor will lose face and will be unhappy.  Your Ladyship, how about this one?  The skirt is long, the color is beautiful.  When you walk, it will look really elegant and beautiful.”


“Alright, alright.  Whatever you say goes!  Hurry and help me change.”  Mo Qi Qi cannot wait to change clothes.  Thinking about Jun Qian Che waiting for her with that cold face, she inevitably shudders.





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