Chapter 29: The Emperor’s Gift

Mo Qi Qi suddenly looks alert.  She puts her hands against her chest in worry: “Your Majesty, don’t tell me you want to force chenqie to do things chenqie isn’t willing to just because of this bracelet!”


Jun Qian Che is dumbfounded.  He puts out his hand and flicks her forehead, “You spend the entire day thinking about dirty things!  Zhen has a serious matter to tell you.”


Mo Qi Qi clicks her tongue while rubbing her forehead.  “Your Majesty please speak.”  If you weren’t being so ambiguous just now, people wouldn’t have misunderstood you.


“Three days from now, the finale of the martial arts competition that happens once every three years will take place.  All the winners from each regions will enter the palace to compete.  It will take place in the military field.  Zhen knows how much you like merry things, why don’t you join zhen and attend them?”


“Ah?  Watch martial arts competition?  Your Majesty, can chenqie not go?” she blinks at him with large runny eyes.


“Is the empress unwilling to go out together with zhen?” Jun Qian Che’s voice turns unreasonably cold.


Correct!  This lady still has to rack her brain to go back to her own time ah!  I don’t have the time to accompany you anywhere.


But that can only be said on the inside.  On the outside, Mo Qi Qi quickly waves her hand, “No!  No!  Chenqie——“


“Since it isn’t so, then prepare to attend the competition.”  He didn’t give her the chance to reject him.


Mo Qi Qi helplessly stares at him, the scene in her head suddenly turns into another picture: In the martial arts field, the competition turns into an assassination attempt.  A sword is heading his direction.  It stabs him in the chest, bloods flows everywhere.  In the end, the eyes that are open big shuts down.


Mo Qi Qi quickly shakes her head.  Damn, the competition will be full of blades and swords.  Being with him will be so dangerous.


“What are you thinking of?” Jun Qian Che unpleasantly asks her as he watches her who is in a daze.


Mo Qi Qi quickly force a laughter, “Hehe, nothing!  I just think it is very lucky of me to be able to watch the competition with Your Majesty.”


Jun Qian Che glance at her, gets up and walks away.


“Sending the emperor away!” Mo Qi Qi obediently says.


Once Jun Qian Che left, Mo Qi Qi violently swings her legs.  “I will kick you to death, you trash!  You’re actually forcing me to do something I don’t like.”  Her eyes falls on the bracelet on her wrist.  Touching it, her heart feels so happy.  Since you gave this lady such a precious gift, this lady will give you a face.


Ban Xiang steps inside.  Seeing her mistress so happy, she can’t help but ask, “Your Ladyship, why are you so happy?  What did His Majesty said to you?


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Mo Qi Qi quickly shows Ban Xiang the bracelet in her hand, “What do you think of this bracelet?”


Ban Xiang stares at the bracelet in shock: “The Long Feng bracelet!”


Mo Qi Qi praises her, “Ban Xiang, I really didn’t think you will be this well-versed in arts.  Correct!  There is a dragon and phoenix engraved on top!  You have seen this bracelet before?”


Ban Xiang looks at Mo Qi Qi in fear before she bursts out in tears, “Your Ladyship, why did you steal this again?  It isn’t easy for you and His Majesty to stop fighting.  Why did you do something that will anger the emperor?  Your Ladyship, you better return it before His Majesty finds out.  If the emperor finds out, he will punish you again.  Your Ladyship is the empress now, is having this bracelet really that important?”


Mo Qi Qi is confused upon hearing her.  “Ban Xiang, what are you talking about?  The emperor gave this bracelet to me just now, why should I return it?  I helped him manage the back palace, it is only fitting that he reward me with this.”


Ban Xiang appear delighted, “Your Ladyship, did the emperor really gave this to you?  You didn’t steal it?”


Mo Qi Qi immediately glares at her unhappily, “What do you mean by this, Ban Xiang?  Do you think bengong is the kind to steal stuff?  Even though this bracelet is rare and exquisite, but no matter how precious it is, a person’s integrity is worth more!”


Ban Xiang blinks at her with her big, bright eyes, “Did Your Ladyship forgot even this bracelet?”

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Mo Qi Qi cannot understand what she is trying to say, “There is a story behind this bracelet?”



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