Chapter 28: The Emperor’s Love


Mo Qi Qi is surprised.  She foolishly laughs, “Hehe, Your Majesty, you must not think too much.  Chenqie has no interest in you.  The reward chenqie is talking about is material reward.”  She quickly pushes away his hand and gets up to create more distance between them.  Damn, everybody says that men are half-man and half-beast, but this jerk is a little too much.  He can spill his love on anyone just about anywhere.


Jun Qian Che gets unreasonably furious at what she says.  She has no interest in him?  Then who is she interested on?  That man from the viewing tower?


Mo Qi Qi studies his expression that didn’t look to good.  Must be because his needs aren’t being fulfilled.  She quickly flatters him with good intention, “Your Majesty, if you need anything from that aspect, chenqie can ask those concubines to come back to fulfill your needs.


Hearing that, Jun Qian Che outstretch his long hands and grabs Mo Qi Qi by the wrist before forcefully pulling her towards him.  Mo Qi Qi falls right into his embrace.  In her heart, she secretly curse him: Damn it, this again.  Can he change his method?


She wants to push him away and gets up but Jun Qian Che forces her to stay within the entrapment of his arms.  One of his hands is holding her wrist as he looks at her.


Mo Qi Qi’s little heart races, she forces herself to smile, “Your Majesty, it is early in the morning.  It will not be good if others see.  It will not befit your image as the ruler.”  This trash deserves to die.  If you dares to touch even a single hair on this granny’s body, I will cripple you.


Jun Qian Che scorns at her before saying, “Don’t worry, zhen will not touch you.”


Hearing him, Mo Qi Qi heaves in relief.  “Then can Your Majesty let go of chenqie?”


“Didn’t empress wish for a reward from zhenZhen will fulfill your desire.”  He takes off the white jade bracelet on her wrist and then replace it with a glowing and transparent jade bracelet.


Seeing that bracelet, Mo Qi Qi is so shocked that she is tongue-tied.  This is a high-grade emerald jade ah!  The color is upright, thick, yang and uniform.  The moisture and transparency is good, there is not a single impurities.  The most precious part is the decoration on the bracelet, it is curved upwards, and is carved in the form of a pair of vivid dragon and phoenix.


It heals you and invokes the deepest sighs of appreciation from you: this is a god-level of workmanship ah!  Who in the world is capable of making such an exquisite bracelet?  She has been working as an archeologist for so many years, this is the first time she sees such a fine piece of jade like this.


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She originally thought that the bracelet given by Prince Qi Xian is already unparalleled, she never thought there will be a bracelet a hundred times more exquisite than that.


Jun Qian Che looks at the bracelet on her wrist, his lips slowly curving to form a smile, “The empress is the mother of the kingdom.  Only this kind of thing is worthy of your identity.”


Mo Qi Qi sits up and hesitantly looks at Jun Qian Che, “Your Majesty, this jade bracelet—— are you giving them to chenqie?”


Jun Qian Che does not answer her question, “Which one do you like better?  This Long Feng bracelet or that peony bracelet?”


Mo Qi Qi answers without even thinking, “Of course I like this Long Feng bracelet!  This is an excellent piece of work ah!”


“Since the empress likes it that much, then zhen will give it to you.”  Jun Qian Che generously says.  Hearing how much she likes the bracelet, his heart too feels very pleased.


Mo Qi Qi feels a little flattered over that doting act, she finds it a little hard to believe.  “Your Majesty, you’re really giving this to chenqie?”


“Isn’t this what you have always wanted?  Wear it with care.”  Jun Qian Che simply says.


Mo Qi Qi cannot be any happier.  She forgets her place, forgets that she is now sitting on his laps.  Hearing what he said, she happily hugs his neck, “Your Majesty, you are too good!  I love you to death!”


Jun Qian Che is taken aback, he looks at her as he murmurs, “This piece of bracelet is enough to win you over?”


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Mo Qi Qi laughs foolishly, “Your Majesty, chenqie has no resistance when it comes to this kind of things!”  This can also be considered materialism.  Everytime she excavates out jade pieces from excavation site, her heart will race really quickly.


Seeing her so happy, Jun Qian Che’s mood improves considerably.


Mo Qi Qi stands up and pulls up her hands.  As her sleeves roll down, her fair and supple hand is revealed.  When the sunlight hits the bracelet on her hand, she smiles happily from ear to ear.


When Prince Qi Xian gave her the other bracelet earlier on, she was a little embarrassed.  After all, she had done nothing to deserve it.  Even though she likes it, accepting other people’s things like that is a little embarrassing.


But the bracelet Jun Qian Che gifted her today can be accepted with a peaceful heart.  No matter what, they are still husband and wife in name.  It is normal for a husband to give his wife a present.  Besides, she has to help him take care of the back palace everyday and comforts those concubines.  She has to work hard even though it didn’t give her any benefit, it is fitting that she receives this bracelet with a peaceful heart.


Jun Qian Che glances at the peony bracelet that is left on the throne.  His eyes flashes cunningly.  Seeing the Long Feng bracelet being loved so much by Mo Qi Qi, his lips curves up to form an intangible smile, “Since you like it, wear it properly from now on.  Do not simply take it off.”


Mo Qi Qi quickly turns around and sits next to him.  She pats his shoulder, “Don’t worry, Your Majesty.  Chenqie like this bracelet very much!  I will wear it every single day and protect it like it’s my life!  Your Majesty, you gave chenqie such a precious gift, chenqie really has no idea how to repay you.  Hmm—- why don’t I cook you some delicious meals?”


“No need.  Zhen is not hungry.  Zhen has another thing to speak with you.”


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