Volume 1, Chapter 28: Advantage


Gong Sang Mo has never doubted Yun Qian Yu’s abilities before, but even he did not expect that Yu Jian will have this much progress within such a short time.


Yu Jian calmly answers Yun Qian Yu’s question, “First of all, I am not strong enough for people to depend on me.  Second of all, Duke Rong’s ancestral teachings.”


Hua Man Xi look at Yu Jian in surprise.  A ten year old child is actually that alert?  Is he a genius or is it because of her teaching?


“Tell us why you think so.” Yun Qian Yu is clearly satisfied at Yu Jian’s answer.


“If I am as powerful and imposing as imperial grandfather, Brother Man Xi wouldn’t have hesitated.  He wouldn’t have dared to reject me.  If I am capable enough to make him believe in me, any ancestral teachings would have count as invalid.”


In order to grow, one would need an opportunity.  Yu Jian happened to meet his very early in his life.  His eyes looked determined; he wants to grow strong!  He must become an emperor that is even stronger than his imperial grandfather!


“Yu Jian is right; those are indeed the reasons why your Brother Man Xi rejected your offer.  But Yu Jian missed the most important reason of them all; the methods and the correct timing.” Yun Qian Yu’s voice is light and gentle.


Yu Jian listens to her in full concentration; he is not willing to miss even a word.  He knows, his imperial sister will not speak useless words.  Everything she says have reasons behind them.


“Your Brother Man Xi rejected your gift wasn’t because he wasn’t willing to help you.  Put aside your blood relationship; your mother came from Duke Rong’s manor and Duke Rong himself is the only prince consort of the current era.  Those two facts in itself connects your fates together.  You fly and he shall rise, you stumble and he will fall.”


Yu Jian is naturally aware of this.  His imperial grandfather had told him these long ago.  He turns around to look at Hua Man Xi.  Hua Man Xi smiles at him, somewhat acknowledging Yun Qian Yu’s words.


“The reason he rejected your gift was because he thought the timing wasn’t right.  Do you know Rui Qinwang’s real strength?  Do you know why he fears nothing as he chase after the emperor’s seat?  Do you know the capabilities of his five sons and three daughters?  Do you know if you have other enemies after Rui Qinwang?”


The more he listens to her, the more Yu Jian frowns.  He slowly fists his hands.


Even though Hua Man Xi shows no reaction on the outside, he is actually acknowledging her on the inside.  No wonder his grandfather thinks so highly of her, she is a downright demoness!  Speaking about demoness, his eyes travel to Gong Sang Mo.  There you go, another demon!  Those two are so compatible together.  Thinking of that, his heart receives a great blow.  The first person he, the firstborn of Duke Rong, has taken a liking to is actually compatible with the smiling fox!


Yun Qian Yu gets up, her blue dress billowing as she steps closer to Yu Jian.  She lowers her head to look at him.


“That is our reality.  But Yu Jian, you originally is capable enough to send over the gift; only, the method you used was wrong.  You did not utilize your advantage.”


Yu Jian is confused, wrong method?  He has an advantage?


Yun Qian Yu’s fragile and delicate hand picks up the tiger seal from Yu Jian’s hand.  “You didn’t know what your biggest advantage is?”


Yu Jian honestly nods.  No matter how he look at it, the only things he have right now are disadvantages.  He couldn’t see any merits.


“In this Nan Lou Kingdom, other than the imperial grandfather, you have the highest and the most unparalleled position.  Nobody have the right to reject you!  This is the advantage that you were born with.”


Yu Jian finally understands her.  Hua Man Xi suddenly feels uneasy.


Seeing the loosened expression on Yu Jian’s face, Yun Qian Yu knows that he understood her.


“You should have been like this from the very beginning.” The tiger seal in Yun Qian Yu’s palm suddenly floats and fly towards Hua Man Xi.  He catches it out of instinct.


Yun Qian Yu speaks as she walks towards the door, “Hua Man Xi, this is the glory the imperial grandson has bestowed upon you.


So simple?  Yu Jian stares at the frozen Hua Man Xi and then towards his indifferent imperial sister.  He is suddenly enlightened.  He looks at that blue silhouette with star-like eyes.

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Gong Sang Mo pursed his lips and laughs, indeed direct and haughty.


“Yu Jian, come with me.  Jiejie still haven’t given you the gift I prepared for you.” Yun Qian Yu’s voice travels from outside.


Hearing the word ‘gift’, Yu Jian happily runs towards her.  Before he even reaches the door, he suddenly have a realization.  He stands upright with his chin tipped up and his hands on his back before he steadily walks out of the door.


Seeing the arrogant departure of the two siblings, Hua Man Xi’s eyes travels to the tiger seal on his palm.  And then, it falls on the smiling fox.


Gong Sang Mo also stands up, his long slender fingers fixing the creases of his pale blue robe.  “What you are worrying about is true; so you must accept this tiger seal.”


Hua Man Xi frowns, clutching the tiger seal tightly.  He knew Gong Sang Mo wasn’t wandering for fun these past three years.


“The time isn’t much, five months at most.”


“What do you mean?  Don’t tell me……” Hua Man Xi is shocked.


Gong Sang Mo nods.


Hua Man Xi’s heart suddenly sinks.  He jumps up and faces Gong Sang Mo, “Isn’t Yun Qian Yu the master of Yun Valley?  Can’t she do anything to help?”


“It was too late by the time we discovered it.  Even when we joined forces, the two of us could only lengthen His Majesty’s life by three years.”


Hua Man Xi’s heart sinks even further.


After saying that, Gong Sang Mo no longer says anything and walks out of the door.  Looking at the nice bright sky outside, he can already foresee the rain of blood coming their way.


The unruly Hua Man Xi currently has a cold expression on his face.  Seems like he cannot wait any longer!  He quickly leaves Xian Wang’s manor to head back to Duke Rong’s manor.  Just as he steps out of the Xian Wang’s manor’s main entrance, the dandy Hua Man Xi is back for everyone to see.


Yun Shan the housekeeper quietly stands by Gong Sang Mo, his face solemn.


“Uncle Yun, which courtyard did you assigned Yu Jian to?”


“Answering wangye, I assigned him to Tao Hua Wu.”


“En.” Gong Sang Mo heads to the direction of Tao Hua Wu.


Yun Shan follows him from behind.  After pondering for a while, he speaks, “Wangye, the people from Yun Clan are now on the way to the capital.”


Gong Sang Mo pauses for a moment before resuming his steps.  “They contacted you?”




“Keep watching over them.”


Yun Shan’s eyes gently look at the direction of Tao Hua Wu.  To be able to receive the wangye’s heartfelt care, that girl is truly lucky.


“Uncle Yun, you may do your things.  I want to go to Tao Hua Wu to take a look.”  Right after he said that, Gong Sang Mo’s silhouette disappears.  Within a couple of breaths worth of time, his pale blue silhouette can already be seen outside the wall of Tao Hua Wu.


Just as he got there, he hears Yu Jian’s pleased voice.

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“Imperial sister, are these really for me?”

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