Volume 1, Chapter 27: Growth


Yu Jian immediately understand her and takes out the tiger seal from his chest before handing it over to Hua Man Xi, “Brother Man Xi, this is a gift for you.”


Hua Man Xi looks at the scalding hot tiger seal and quickly regrets not immediately leaving after eating.  Why was he lingering around in another person’s house on the first place?  Trouble has come!  Accepting will not do; not accepting will not do either.


Yu Jian’s big eyes are hopeful and lonely at the same time.  This is the first time he sees this kind of Yu Jian.


When he was five, the crown prince and princess were assassinated on the way to the imperial temple.  The crown prince was his maternal uncle and was also his paternal aunt’s husband.  Yu Jian grew up under his imperial grandfather’s careful nurture; Hua Man Xi personally saw the trials and tribulations they faced these past few years.  Yu Jian didn’t have that happy and worry-free childhood other children have.  Since he grew up under such heavy environment, he always looked like an old soul in the body of a young boy.  The situation in court grows more and more hostile for Yu Jian and the emperor as time passes.  Duke Rong’s manor didn’t want to put on the ‘drift with the wind’ appearance either, but after so many years of getting pressured by Rui Qinwang’s factions, they can only protect themselves and preserve their power; hoping to be able to be of help for the emperor and Yu Jian during the most crucial time.


But he must not accept this tiger seal.  His grandfather personally warned him and his father to not assume any military power.  For a hundred years, the people from Duke Rong’s manor remains as literary officials; that is their road to survival.  Besides, this is not the correct time for Duke Rong’s manor to be in the limelight.  They naturally wants to help Yu Jian, but he didn’t get to investigate Rui Qinwang’s secrets properly before this Yun Qian Yu girl stirred up everything yesterday.  He is starting to get the general gist now.


“Yu Jian, Brother Man Xi cannot accept this gift.” Hua Man Xi said that in a firm manner; contrasting his usual casualness.


A look of lost and sadness layers Yu Jian’s eyes at Hua Man Xi’s refusal.  He didn’t retrieve his hand, he only look down and stares at the tiger seal.  He didn’t say anything for a long time.

Gong Sang Mo looks at Yun Qian Yu as he continues to leisurely drink his tea.


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Yun Qian Yu knows that Yu Jian must be wanting to cry now; he is just trying to hide away his fragility.  Seeing his little silhouette suddenly reminds her of her brother from the past life; he was clearly broken hearted, yet he tried his best to appear strong.


“Yu Jian, come here!”


Hearing her, Yu Jian quickly turns around and run towards her.  His head hangs low, he didn’t look up.


Yun Qian Yu gets up and gently embraces him.  Yu Jian wrap his arms around her waist and buries his face on her chest.


Yun Qian Yu can feel faintly feel him trembling; her chest is moist from his tears.


“Men’s tears must not simply flow.  Yu Jian, just this once.”


Hua Man Xi froze as he stares at the two embracing people; his heart in a knot.  That kind of comfort should have come from him who have blood relations with him, and yet Yu Jian obtains it over there, from a woman who does not have the slightest blood relation with him.


This scene is a sight that pierces his eyes.


For the first time, he wonders if his grandfather’s decision was right.


At this moment, Yu Jian who is in Yun Qian Yu’s embrace suddenly appears as a sight for the sore eyes for Gong Sang Mo.  But, seeing the affection inside Yun Qian Yu’s eyes, he forces himself to endure and gives up the impulse to pull that brat away from her.


She said it herself; just this once.  Since it is so, he will just endure this one time!


After a while, Yu Jian’s hand relaxed as he looks up; his eyes red.  “Imperial sister, did Yu Jian disappoint you?”


Yun Qian Yu shakes her head, gently smiling as she says, “No.  Yu Jian is still a child.  The burden you are carrying is just too heavy.”


Yu Jian shakes his head, “When he was my age, Brother Sang Mo already followed Grandfather Gong to war.  I want to be a hero like Brother Sang Mo so from now on, I will no longer cry!  Crying is a sign of weakness!”


Yu Jian’s eyes turns more and more resolute.  Seeing him, Yun Qian Yu laughs pleasantly; reality is the best lesson for people.


His parents were assassinated when he was five.  By the time he is ten, he faces the fact that his beloved grandfather could leave him any moment; all the while being the most probable target of an assassination by Rui Qinwang.


Since Yu Jian has experienced the most decapitating injury, not a lot of things will be able to hurt him from now on.  Heartbreaks and victory are a must in the road to become a great ruler.


“Imperial sister once told me that dignity, responsibility, courage and wisdom are things that real men must possess.  Yu Jian wants to be the real man in imperial sister’s heart.”  This is something that Yu Jian is sure of in his heart.

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Yun Qian Yu nods appreciatively; Yu Jian must have truly grown up to be saying this kind of thing.


“Correct.  To have that kind of mentality means that Yu Jian will be able to become a competent emperor.” Yun Qian Yu teases him, showcasing a truly rare smile on her face.


The heavy atmosphere immediately lightens at Yun Qian Yu’s words and smile.


Hua Man Xi look at Yun Qian Yu in surprise, her smile resembles a blooming flower.  She looks very different than the impression of cold beauty that she usually gives others.  She looks beautifully warm at the moment; her smile appears motherly.


Is this the so-called motherly love that is embedded in women?


Gong Sang Mo’s phoenix eyes are overflowing with lights; with her smile, everything turns warm.  Such a pity that smile isn’t directed to him.


Now that Yu Jian has recovered, Yun Qian Yu fixes the creases on his robe; reminding everyone of a mother taking care of her child.


Hua Man Xi’s eyebrows are raised while Gong Sang Mo’s eyes darkens.


“In order to be a competent emperor, being a real man itself isn’t enough.  There is only one emperor; while there are a lot of real men.  There are already three just in front of us.”  Yun Qian Yu points at the three people.


(TN: I am not sure who the other one is….  Feng Ran?  Yun Shan?  LOL.)


Yu Jian who has only relaxed frowns once again.  He looks at Hua Man Xi and Gong Sang Mo: Nevermind Brother Sang Mo, but even Brother Man Xi is a real man in imperial sister’s heart?


He remembers what Yun Qian Yu told him the other day: To be an emperor, becoming a real man itself isn’t enough.  You need to have a wealth of experience, careful thoughts and broad mind.


Yu Jian suddenly understands what Yun Qian Yu means.  He looks up at her in admiration.


Seeing the look in his eyes, Yun Qian Yu asks him, “Do you understand?”


Yu Jian nods.


“Then why don’t Yu Jian tell us why your Brother Man Xi rejected your gift.”


Yu Jian turns around to look at Hua Man Xi.  He too is watching the pair with interested eyes.  He really wants to know how much Yu Jian has progressed under Yun Qian Yu’s teachings.


Yu Jian retrieves his eyes and look at the tiger seal in his hand.  He straighten his back and tips his chin; as though he has been injected with energy and power.  He looks like he can hold up the entire Nan Lou Kingdom.


He looks back at Hua Man Xi with brand new eyes.



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