Volume 1, Chapter 26: Treatment


Once she step foot into the flower hall, she realize that the old wangye and Hua Man Xi are playing chess.


Seeing Yun Qian Yu, Yu Jian gets up and happily runs towards her.  “Imperial sister, you are finally here!  Brother Man Xi’s chess skill is really bad, I couldn’t bear it anymore!”


“What do you mean by bad?  I am the winner of the annual chess tournament in the capital!” Hua Man Xi tries to bring his name to justice.


Yu Jian heartlessly stares at him in disdain, “Only because imperial sister and Brother Sang Mo aren’t here.”


Hua Man Xi chokes speechlessly.


He naturally knows that Gong Sang Mo is a better player than him.  Everytime he caught Gong Sang Mo, they would always compete with each other in chess and he would always lose.  Don’t tell him this Qian Yu girl is good in chess as well.  He was originally suspicious, but upon remembering how she came up with ways to subdue Rui Qinwang yesterday, he doesn’t dare to be suspicious.


He steals a look at Yun Qian Yu and is immediately startled.


Yun Qian Yu no longer carries the frailness she carried yesterday.  Her face is fair and rosy.  She has a full forehead, a twinkling pair of gem-like eyes and a completely beautiful facial features.  Her nose is high above that little lips that determined the fate of a lot of people yesterday.  Her lips is moist and red; the kind that make people want to have a taste.  She is wearing a blue dress as her soft hair frames that indifferent face; the more you look at her, the more beautiful she seems.


She doesn’t have that urge to indulge herself in gold or silver accessories; she looks like a pristine lotus that has just emerged from a pond.   She looks luxurious and graceful, like a full-bloom peony.


Hua Man Xi cannot stop himself from swallowing heavily, forgetting to look away.


Gong Sang Mo frowns unhappily as he steps forward and block Hua Man Xi’s vision.  Once he can no longer sees the beauty, Hua Man Xi regains his senses.  He uneasily look away, his ears turning pink.


Hua Man Xi and Gong Sang Mo’s actions are crystal clear in the old wangye’s eyes.  His eyes twinkles; that girl is too likeable!  It is good that that Hua brat is getting involved; perhaps he can help him have his great grandchildren even sooner.  He isn’t worried that Yun Qian Yu will be stolen away by Hua Man Xi because he has full trust on his grandson.


“Yun yatou, why don’t we play a set?”


Gong Sang Mo gives Hua Man Xi a dirty look.  He turns to his grandfather before speaking bluntly, “Grandfather, go and win over the emperor first before you go against Qian Yu.”


The old wangye isn’t offended at all, in fact, he seems to sparkle even more, “Yun yatou, even the old Cang isn’t your competition!  Good!  Good!”


Yun Qian Yu is confused but others know very well why the old wangye said that.  Such a capable girl is his granddaughter in law, he is very proud ah!


Hua Man Xi naturally understands what the old wangye is implying.  Thinking about Yun Qian Yu getting together with that Gong fox, his heart suddenly feels a little stifled.  But seeing the confused expression on Yun Qian Yu’s face, his heart calms down.


Even though that Yun Qian Yu girl is smart, she is very slow when it comes to matters between men and women.  One needs to depend on their own abilities to get her heart!  Thinking of that, all the feelings that suppressed his heart disappears without a trace.


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Yu Jian’s eyes turns before he pulls at the old Gong wangye, “Grandfather Gong, weren’t we just waiting for imperial sister and Brother Sang Mo before heading to lunch?  I am really hungry.”


As expected, the old wangye immediately agrees, “Right, everyone must be hungry now.  Let’s go to lunch!”


Actually, what the old wangye is worried about the most is he must not leave his granddaughter-in-law in hunger.  Her body is so frail at the moment, she must eat on time!


They head towards the lunch table in the flower hall.  Hua Man Xi follows Yun Qian Yu closely, planning to sit next to her and piss off the smiling fox to death.


Gong Sang Mo glance at Hua Man Xi icily, “Don’t tell me you plan to wear this to lunch?  Are you sure you can eat while dressed like that?”


Hua Man Xi froze and give Gong Sang Mo a big eyeroll.  He went to Grandfather Gong without changing clothes to incite pity.  This cannot be!  He looks too sloppy next to Gong Sang Mo who radiates celestial-like air!    He turns to an attendant waiting outside the flower hall, “Bring a new set of clothes.”


Yun Shan the housekeeper then instructs a maid to lead Hua Man Xi to a place to change.


Once Hua Man Xi finish changing into another set of red robes, he comes back only to find both sides of Yun Qian Yu occupied by Yu Jian and Gong Sang Mo.


Just like that, his plan to anger Gong Sang Mo to death ends.




Gong Sang Mo smiles lightly; did he think it was possible to make a move on Yun Qian Yu while he is there?


Hua Man Xi harrumphs and sits next to Yu Jian.  He froze when he sees the assortment of dishes on the table; “Grandfather, why are it all nutritious meals?”


The old wangye stroke his beard and laugh, “Yun yatou is weak; she needs to recharge.”


“But you can’t give it all to her in one go.”  Hua Man Xi is rendered speechless.


What the old wangye said next made him even more speechless.  “We don’t know what Yun yatou likes to eat.  The ones she likes to eat today will be made again tomorrow.”


Hua Man Xi suddenly feels a little sense of crisis on the inside; will his Hua Clan be able to give Yun Qian Yu this treatment?  He feels defeated before even losing ah.


Should he go back to their family’s manor first and inform his parents?


Yun Qian Yu who was originally indifferent didn’t even dare to lower her chopstick upon hearing that.  The servants behind them are watching her chopstick with great concentration.  She knows the moment she lowers her chopstick, the first dish she picked will be jotted down carefully and will appear again on the dining table tomorrow.


Yun Qian Yu quietly retrieve her hand.


Gong Sang Mo helplessly glance at his own grandfather before picking Yun Qian Yu’s favorite dish with his slender, jade-like fingers and placing it on her bowl.  He leans closer to her, warmly saying, “Grandfather is just fond of you but didn’t know how to express it.  Just play along.  Once time passes, you will understand.”

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When he leans over to say that, his fresh breath mixes with Yun Qian Yu’s; it’s warmth making her ears itch before turning red.  Her heart races.


Yun Qian Yu really wants to know what this sensation in her heart means.


She turns her head to look at Gong Sang Mo and incidentally lock eyes with his doting pair of eyes.  His eyes appears so warm and gentle.  Yun Qian Yu’s pupils shrinks; why can’t she look at him with her usual indifference.  Why is her heart beating so fast?


This time, Gong Sang Mo didn’t recedes.  He stares back at her deep eyes, wishing she will see the care and affection he has for her.


But, he is disappointed once again.  Yun Qian Yu quickly looks away, simply saying, “Thank you.”


She picks up the dish Gong Sang Mo gave her and elegantly eats them.


Gong Sang Mo is silent; she still couldn’t understand?


The old wangye is even more anxious on the sideline.  This granddaughter-in-law of his is really slow-witted when it comes to love.  He is really worried for his grandson!  No!  Seems like he needs to interfere.  Or else don’t speak about great grandchildren; even this granddaughter in law he may not necessarily gets.


Gong Sang Mo is not discouraged.  He has been at this for three years.  Right now, the person is already right in front of his eyes, she cannot run from him!


He picks up a piece of fish meat and carefully picks out it’s bones.  After that, he place the fish meat into Yun Qian Yu’s bowl.


Yun Qian Yu didn’t notice anything off with Gong Sang Mo picking up food for her.  She got distracted because everything he picked are the meals that she likes; she didn’t even ponder about how he knows what she likes.


The two people are in tandem, like a pair of husband and wife that have been married for years.  The old wangye continuously stroke his beard while nodding as he watches them.


Hua Man Xi and Yu Jian feels depressed at the sight.  They want to pick food for Yun Qian Yu too!  They just didn’t know what to pick for her from the table.


Lunch ends under that atmosphere.


After drinking tea, the old wangye retreats to rest.  Hua Man Xi continues to stay.


Yun Qian Yu look at Yu Jian, “Yu Jian, didn’t you have a gift for Xi shizi?”


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